Your Complete Snowmobiling Checklist

Posted by Travis Mayne on Aug 1st 2017


Are you new to the sport and need a guide for essential snowmobiling gear to bring along on your first snowmobile ride? Or maybe you’ve traveled for hours, unloaded your snowmobile and only then noticed you forgot a crucial piece of gear.

Don’t feel too bad—we’ve all done it. But you’re in luck. The DSG Outerwear staff has several years of combined experience riding in all kinds of conditions and geographical areas. We’ve compiled the ultimate snowmobile checklist of what we feel will contribute to an enjoyable outing, whether novice or expert, male or female.

Snowmobile Checklists

Obviously, the most important piece of equipment to go riding is a snowmobile itself! If you’re riding a vintage machine or a modern Ski-Doo, Polaris, Yamaha, or Arctic Cat, the snowmobile essentials are the same. The first step is to visit your local power sports dealership to make sure the machine is in great working order.

Things the dealership should check on your snow machine include:

  • Track wear and adjustment (including bogie wheels)
  • Slides or Hyfax (a proprietary name of a company that makes sliders, but is commonly referenced)
  • Skis and wear bars (or carbides), which keep your skis from wearing when crossing pavement or other hard surfaces
  • Drive chain gear oil
  • Engine oil level for a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine
  • Spark plugs
  • Brake and headlights
  • Brake function and wear
  • Throttle function
  • Drive belt wear and adjustment.

Be sure to store these items in your sled:

  • Extra oil
  • Spare drive belt
  • Spare spark plugs
  • Critical tools for basic trail maintenance (these tools usually come with the machine)
  • Trail or riding area registration sticker
  • Snowmobile safety class certification card for those underage, which can vary by state and country
  • Snowmobile registration through local governing body
  • Tow rope

Travel Checklist

You’ll need a variety of supplies to haul your snowmobile to a riding area if you don’t live close to a trail or mountain. Lodging is also crucial to get the most enjoyment out of your trip.

Trailer and cabin essentials include:

  • Snowmobile trailer or ramp
  • Fuel can
  • Heater for enclosed trailer to warm while changing, or to melt snow and ice off your machine
  • Tool box and tools
  • Tie downs
  • Funnel
  • Tub or cabinets to store spare parts and spare oils
  • WD-40 and duct tape are always necessary!
  • Electrical tape
  • Snowmobile cover
  • Dolly set to move sled
  • Boot and glove dryer
  • Weather tool to check radar, such as a smartphone

Snowmobile Clothing Checklist


Deciding what to wear snowmobiling is the most important factor to ensure a comfortable ride. DSG has a detailed article on how to properly choose your clothing . Here at DSG, we focus on how snowmobile clothing fits a woman specifically, and we also offer a full range of sizes, including plus-size clothing. For the guys, check out FLY Racing and HMK USA, two of DSG’s partners with extensive clothing selections for men.


  • Women's snowmobile coat; men’s snowmobile coat

  • Women's snowmobile pants or bibs; men’s snowmobile pants or bibs

  • One-piece snowmobile suit if you prefer over jackets and pants
  • Women's snowmobile mitts or gloves; men’s snowmobile mitts or gloves

  • Base layer shirt and pants
  • Mid-layer shirt and pants
  • Helmet
  • Heated helmet shield
  • Goggles with multiple lenses for different weather conditions, and replacements
  • Quality snowmobile socks
  • Ladies snowmobile boots; men’s snowmobile boots
  • Balaclava or face mask

Gear and Safety Checklist

  • Large rolling gear bag to carry all of your gear
  • Emergency bivvy (temporary shelter or blanket)
  • Medical kit
  • Fire starter
  • Flashlight
  • Saw
  • Avalanche probe
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Communication radios or two-way radios
  • Backcountry backpack or avalanche airbag backpack (known as “Avy Pack”)
  • High decibel whistle
  • Snowmobile specific shovel
  • Snow bungee
  • Water and quick snacks for quick energy

Ready to check some items off these lists? Check out DSG Outerwear’s full line of women’s snowmobile clothing and accessories .