Ice Team

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DSG Ice Fishing Pro Staff

Abigail Dupay


My name is Abbi I have been ice fishing since I was able to walk and hold a pole without dropping it into the lake ( so around 3 years old). My dad is an avid angler and he had me out on the water and ice since before I can even remember. Fishing has been in my bones and is one of my favorite things to do, whether it's ice fishing or open water fishing I try and get out every chance I get. My dad is my all-time favorite and go-to fishing buddy. When I think of fishing I think of my dad and he's the first person I call to ask to go. He's taught me everything I know in the world of fishing. My absolute all-time favorite place to fish is Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. I have been out fishing on that lake since I was 2 weeks old. It has the best bass and walleye bite all day and night. 

For the past couple of years, it's been a tradition for my parents, my husband and I to go up to Mille Lacs Lake on the 4th of July and go fishing all day. Then at night we walleye fish while we watch the fireworks over the lake. You absolutely can't beat it. The bite is great and it's catch and release all day. Size doesn't matter, it's the thrill of when the fish first bites and you get an adrenaline rush when you set the hook and feel the fish there. 

My most memorable catch was when I was out with my dad and grandpas on Clearwater Lake. I wasn't going to go out with them but my dad called me and told me to join and I'm very glad I did. I caught my record smallmouth bass that day, he was a whomping 5 pounds and for me, that was a personal record. It took a minute for me to reel him in but when I did I was not disappointed! Looking back the best thing about that day was going out with my dad and grandpas because one of them is no longer here and we were able to get one last fishing photo together and it will always stay with me. 

The one that got away... I will remember that like it's a dream I keep dreaming about. I was up in Canada with my dad and my mom. I was about 12 years old and we were bass fishing. It was a beautiful sunny day and I caught a bass. I was reeling him in and I could feel him there, I was just about to lean over the boat to grab him and my dad told me to stop and right below the surface of the water following my bass was a muskie! Then the muskie grabbed my bass! My dad told me to reel him in but not too fast, well that's what I did. I was on my final few reels and the muskie got what he wanted and took off. I was SUPER upset. It would have been my first muskie but after that trip, I was left with half a bass on my hook. 

Ice fishing is so therapeutic, calming but thrilling. No trip, no spot, no day is the same. You go out with high hopes and every time that hook is set, your heart races, your adrenaline rushes up and you wonder just for a second what's on the other end of your line. Is it big? Is it small? Is my bait still there? Will my line break? A million things running through your mind. When your hand touches the slime and thumb goes in the lip or gills, you feel accomplished. That's the reason you went out, that's the reason you came. For that fish in your hand. You throw it back and try again and again and you just never get sick of it. I especially feel that way when I tip-up fish, I am ALWAYS nearby a tip-up when I go out ice fishing.

My absolute hands-down favorite DSG gear I can't live without is the Arctic Appeal Ice Fishing Drop Set Bib. It is the warmest, driest, comfortable piece of ice fishing gear I have ever worn and now own. I will NEVER go ice fishing without it. It's super dependable, flexible and made for you. Plus your knees don't hurt when you kneel by an ice hole.  

Andrea Nivolo


My name is Andrea Nivolo, I am an avid female angler that spends most of my time on the water fishing and on the road traveling. I’ve been fishing with my family since I was a little girl. My passion has continued into adulthood. 

I’m married to my Husband and we have a beautiful daughter together that we also bring with on our fishing and outdoor adventures.

My intention as a female angler is to enhance and encourage participation by Women in fishing, hunting and outdoor activities. Fishing is primarily a male dominated sport and I would love to make a statement and be a role model and influencer in the fishing community as a Woman. I also volunteer a lot of my time throughout the year at Connecticut Fish and Wildlife outreach events and do a lot with children in the community including engaging them in trout stocking events, teaching them the importance of preserving and caring for our fisheries and safety around water. Also, throughout the year, I attend events at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s demonstrating gear, participating in Ladies Outdoor events and conducting fishing seminars.

I also made the cover of our Connecticut Angler’s guide in 2014 and 2019 in addition to the cover of Fisherman’s Magazine in the summer of 2019 as well.

I spend multiple days a week and over 200+ days on the water a year which also includes media days, reviewing of products and filming. My heart and soul goes into every aspect of this sport. I hope that I can fuel the fire and inspire others along the way.

Brianne Leys


My Name is Brianne Leys, and I grew up on a small acreage in Manitoba, Canada.  I grew up loving the outdoors, but I didn’t start fishing until I was an adult.  I started fishing open water and when Ice season hit, not being able to fish for five months seemed impossible, therefore my fishing addicted began.  I’d consider myself a multi species angler, but my favorite species to target are Brown Trout and Blue Gill.  I love the places and adventures that fishing as taken me and being able to experience the great outdoors is something I cherish deeply.

When I’m not fishing, you can find me camping with my husband and our fur babies.  I also love to garden and always have some type of craft on the go.  

The DSG fishing gear I can't live without is hands down the Malea Jacket.  I have two!

I’m excited to be apart of this team and look forward to what the future brings with this wonderful group of ladies. 

Brittany Jill


Brittany Jill is very passionate about hunting and fishing. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and has been fishing her entire life and has been ice fishing for as long as she can remember. Her father is the one who got her into fishing. Her favorite fish to catch through the ice are trout and northern pike! 

For work, she manages all of GSM Outdoors social media accounts- some including Muddy, Stealth Cam, NAP, Walkers and many more. 

She is partners with Browning Firearms, Browning Ammo, DSG Hunt, and Realtree. 

Brittany Peeters


My name is Brittany Peeters. I was born and raised in Northern Manitoba and am currently residing in Northern Saskatchewan. I am extremely fortunate to live in the North. The area is surrounded by countless beautiful lakes with a variety of fish species.

I began fishing when I was four years old, when our family purchased a remote lakefront wilderness cabin where my father began teaching me the foundations of ice fishing for Walleye, Perch, and Northern Pike. My passion for fishing has continued into adulthood.  I was instantly addicted to the rush of adrenaline when a Lake Trout is almost in to the ice hole and suddenly tears off on a mad dash back to the bottom of the lake.

Fishing is such a huge part of my life that I continually set goals for myself and strive to learn as much about the sport as possible and share my knowledge. On my adventures, I also enjoy taking photos of the stunning landscapes I am surrounded by as I am fishing.  My passion for ice fishing makes our long Canadian winter season at -30 degrees Celsius and below my favorite time of year!

Courtney Barbour


Hello there, my name is Courtney Barbour I’m from northeastern Ontario and I LOVE FISHING.

My love for the outdoors started as a child, my dad would take me to pet cows and look for frogs to get me out of the house. Twenty years later we added my brother to create a trio and our hobbies developed into hunting and fishing together. My dad used be a fishing guide and still remains to be a local biologist, he is my sounding board and personal search engine when it comes to anything outdoors. Thanks to him I’ve successfully targeted numerous species including; lakers, brookies, rainbows, splake, walleye, perch, and pike. I have a great passion for catch and release fishing, nothing is more satisfying then watching that big fish swim away.

I also enjoying volunteering for the MNRF to help stock lakes with trout that provide local anglers with the opportunity for year round trout fishing. I’ve got a long fishing bucketlist and the adventures are only beginning! 

Devon Mullenbach


Devon has been in the outdoors ever since she can remember. From hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing. She grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota where she learned most of her outdoors skills from her father, step father and grandfather. Currently residing in North Central Minnesota with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

There is not a time during the year that you won’t find her outdoors doing what she loves. Being a sportwoman is something that she is truly passionate about. From helping and teaching women in the outdoors to uplifting, encouraging and empowering them as well.

Devon's favorite fishing buddy is a hard choice between her boyfriend, Derrick, and best friend, Katie.

Her favorite place to fish would be Mille Lacs in central Minnesota. Some of her personal best records have come from that lake and she holds that very dear to her heart.

Favorite fishing memory would be when she caught her first musky, finally! It took her 3 season and she got it done this summer of 2019. Tears may have shed when the musky hit the bag of the net. It was a relief for her and the monkey was off her back.

Her most memorable catch would be when she went trout fishing one day and thought they were going to be jigging. But instead, sight fishing and hand lining the fish! The trout were cruising 2 feet below the ice in 15 feet of water. Seeing them zoom past your hole was nothing that she had saw before! There was a big trout that day but something happened that every fisherman dreads. This was definitely the “one that got away”. While reeling it in, it was fighting hard and eventually swam right towards her. Reeling as fast as she could, the fish bumped the bottom of the hole and popped off the hook. It was a sad moment but she was just happy to be out fishing.

Her favorite part about ice fishing would be the fact that you can be out there all day. From grilling on the ice while catching fish. She loves to hole hope and chase after flags. Being around friends and family is the best part of it all.

One DSG item that she can’t live without would be the bibs because it’s adjustable to her. She loves the adjustable inseam, waist belt and shoulder straps. The knee pads and all the pockets are the cherry on top and she is most comfortable in these than anything else! 

Instagram: outdoor_dev

Jenny Anderson


Jenny Anderson didn’t discover her love for the hardwater until her 20s. The moment she pulled up her first walleye on a tip up, she was hooked. She now shares her passion for outdoor adventure on her blog and social media platform Girl of 10,000 Lakes. 

Anderson lives in the Twin Cities with her husband Nick, baby Harlan, and yorkie Kiwi. She says ice fishing is the perfect outdoor activity for families. It’s also a great gateway to getting people interested in other outdoor activities. This winter, you’ll likely find the Andersons fishing in their vintage fish house, the Lil Hotdish. 

Her go-to lakes include Mille Lacs, Lake of the Woods, Chequamegon Bay, and lakes along the Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota. Anderson’s favorite fish on ice are trout, walleye, and crappies. 

As a former news anchor and reporter, Anderson prides in her knack for digital storytelling. She brings together her curiosity for all things outdoors and willingness to open her experiences with others to create a space where novices and pros alike can find inspiration to travel and get outdoors. 

As someone who appreciates style and function, Anderson is looking forward to this ice fishing season with DSG and their new ice fishing line for women. 

Jess Wagner


Jess Wagner is from a small town nestled in south central Wisconsin. This location opens up many metro and rural fishing and hunting opportunities. Jess grew up on a hobby farm which sparked her interest for all things outdoors. Agriculture was such a huge part of her youth that she decided to pursue a BS in Animal Science and Agribusiness. While her degree may not currently be a large part of her everyday life, she has made it her mission to advocate through her social media channels about the connections between agriculture and conservation.

She is often on the road being a weekend warrior traveling the Midwest to find the best fishing spots. Ice fishing is her absolute favorite fishing activity and thoroughly enjoys hole hopping for panfish. Her go-to rod is a hand-me-down she found in her family's storage so if you're fishing with her, don't pay any mind to the broken shaft or missing eyelets. That pole has brought in every jigging PB fish she's ever caught, and she is refusing to give it up. The other aspect of ice fishing that she thoroughly enjoys is the social aspect and camaraderie. 

DSG gear you can't live without: Heated socks and vest, any of the bibs, and the 1200g boots.

Follow her adventures on Instagram @outdoorgirljess

Kaylee Bremer


My name is Kaylee Bremer, I am born and raised in mid Michigan. Where I live, I am blessed with the amazing Great Lakes and thousands of other smaller lakes around me to venture on. I have been into the outdoors ever since I can remember. Fishing has always been a passion of mine. I remember going out fishing with my dad and him teaching me everything I needed to know at a young age.

Since then, my passion grew more and more. I am now a licensed charter captain and love teaching others about all kinds of fishing. During the summer time I target king salmon, steelhead, lake trout, brown trout, blue gills, crappie, and walleye. Lastly, during my most favorite time of the year which would be winter, I love ice fishing for walleye, crappie, blue gill, and northern pike!

When I’m not fishing, I am usually in college (I am in my last semester yay!) or am doing some kind of hunting for deer, turkey, or ducks, or I’m hanging out with my boyfriend and family!  I guess you could say I am addicted to the outdoors, but I wouldn’t want it any other way! I hope to encourage other women to get out and give the outdoors a try and possibly fall in love with it like I did! 

Krystal Lee


Krystal Lee from the Northern Illinois region has been immersed in the outdoors and spends most of her time beneath the trees and on different bodies of water! She began fishing as soon as she could walk as her dad is a tournament angler. Her sense of wanderlust influences explorations all over the nation and the world with fishing as her passion and a main activity during her travels! As active outdoor enthusiast, avid angler, environmental scientist, entrepreneur and explorer she inspires others to follow their dreams, get active in fishing and the outdoors while connecting and thriving with those with similar passions. Krystal is a multi-species angler and is always adventuring to tackle new species, new personal best catches and checking them off her bucket-list while sharing with fellow enthusiasts! Krystal grew up fishing for bass, panfish, pike, walleye and has begun new fishing ventures as an adult such as targeting muskie, trout, salmon, salt-water species, and more! As she lives in an area where winter is long, she takes advantage of the ice fishing season and enjoy the elements with friends and family. Another fun fact about Krystal is that she participated in the Big Bass Bash tournament in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri among other smaller scale ice fishing derbies and tournaments on Whitewater, Wisconsin and more! Not only does Krystal fish but also enjoy other outdoor activities such as backpacking trips, hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, boating, camping, and more! 

As an outdoor lover and entrepreneur, Krystal’s full-time career resides in the outdoors, improving the conditions of our environment for other outdoor lovers, all organisms and the planet as a whole! She graduated from Roosevelt University with a Bachelors in Biology and a minor in Sustainability Studies. She is the founder of Global Greenovation, an ecological restoration business and she works hard to restore our natural areas such as lakes, ponds, wetlands, woodlands, and prairies with non-profits and other agencies. Furthermore, she is the co-founder of another women owned entity, Team Talent LLC, which is an outdoor industry marketing agency specializing in the staffing of trade shows, experiential & digital marketing, social media management and more by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes.  

Krystal hopes to be seen as an inspiration to others, especially women, influencing all to immerse themselves in their passions such as fishing and enjoying all activities outdoors while following their dreams at every angle!  

Instagram: @misskrys_wilderness 

Facebook Page: Miss Krys Wilderness

Lauren Morman


Hey there! My name is Lauren and I am a from Eastern Wisconsin.  I have been open water fishing since I was young with my dad and sister in Illinois, however I didn’t have the joy of participating in ice fishing until I was older.

With that being said, my true adoration for ice fishing and the outdoors was solidified when I met my boyfriend, Aaron. He taught me the ins and outs of ice fishing, from safety, jigs, rods, reel and of course the fish. Each day I strive to gain a deeper knowledge of fishing techniques and fish behavior.  Fishing is a passion for me and whether it’s hard or open water I’ll do whatever I can to be outdoors. 

During the off seasons, my time is filled with hunting whitetail deer in Wisconsin and mule deer in Nebraska on public land. In conjunction with being Ice Pro Staff for DSG Outerwear,  I am part of the Iceberg Guide Service team where I assists on guided open + hard water fishing trips and I create all social media communications. Outside of the fishing world, I am a cosmetologist and Salon Manager for Ulta Beauty.

This ice fishing season you will be able to find me on the ice in Green Bay or Lake Winnebago, nine out of ten times I won’t be in a shack. Wherever the fish are, that’s where you’ll find me!

Follow me @lil_doe13

Lauren Preston


My name is Lauren Preston and I was born and raised around the outdoors. I am from Wisconsin and have been fishing and hunting since I was a little girl. I do a lot of open water and hard water fishing and love both.

I am lucky enough to live next to Lake Michigan and get to fish this outstanding fishery often. In recent years, I have begun to develop my fishing skills more and target a broader variety of fish including pike, musky, bass, walleye, trout, salmon, and pan fish.

My favorite fish to target would definitely be trout through the ice, as well as casting for muskies. I am always up for a challenge and love to try or learn new things when it comes to fishing.

My favorite thing about the outdoors is being able to share my passion with friends and family. When I am not outdoors, I am busy being a full-time dental student working towards my DDS degree.

Instagram @lauren.marie.preston

Melissa Lindsay


Fishing and hunting are my passion, my obsession and my life and I feel thankful every day to be able to share this with family and friends, but it didn't start out that way.

I grew up in rural Nova Scotia and loved spending time outdoors, camping, canoeing, hiking. It wasn't until I moved to Manitoba that I decided to try my hand at hunting and I was immediately hooked. I had always felt a little bit lost, I didn’t have anything in my life that I was really passionate about, until then!

Hunting kept me busy and fulfilled for many years, but I guess I wasn’t busy enough because I decided I wanted to try fishing and I wanted to target rainbow trout. That very first master angler rainbow trout unleashed a monster because now every free moment revolves around fishing or preparing to go fishing. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 ½ years because I’ve caught a lot of fish and had a lot of amazing fishing experiences. Not to mention met some great people along the way!

Trout will always have a special place in my heart and they are what I enjoy fishing for the most, but I enjoy targeting different species and exploring new areas and waterbodies. I love all types of fishing, but I have to say ice fishing has to be one of my favorites. I also love taking pictures and documenting my adventures. If I can inspire someone to get out there and try something new and try fishing like I did, then I am happy!

Instagram: turkeygirl.mb

Nicole King


My name is Nicole and I was born and raised in Northwest Wisconsin. I started fishing at a very young age with my dad both on the ice and in the boat. My interest in targeting multiple species stemmed from growing up on a small creek that contained many fish including trout, smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, catfish, and muskie. As I got older my passion for fishing grew more and I started trying to find ways to get out and explore more bodies of water. I bought my first ice auger and sled and started learning lakes on my own during the winter. My drive for independence spread to open water and I bought my first fishing kayak. Kayak fishing for Muskie quickly became my passion and the adrenaline rush is addicting. Although muskie are my favorite fish to target, that season unfortunately closes and that is when I switch gears to ice fishing. I love ice fishing because you never really know what you’re going to hook into, and there’s something special about fighting fish on short rods. I enjoy sharing my passion for fishing via Instagram and hope to inspire others to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Instagram: Nicolelynn_outdoors

Nicole Rognstad


Hey! I’m Nikki Rognstad, I was born and raised in Northern Minnesota outside hunting and fishing with my dad but my passions really bloomed when I met my husband who is also big into the outdoors. I have many passions but just to name a few, I do a lot of hunting, trapping and usually all winter you can find me and my family on the ice in our ice castle. I have four beautiful children who are just as eager to get outside and explore. I consider myself a multi species angler, but my favorite fish to catch are walleye though the ice. I attend ice fishing tournaments/derby’s around Minnesota. I am really looking forward to ice fishing this year and being part of DSG’s ice fishing PRO staff team.

Instagram: nikkiray09


Ricca Retzloff


Hello Everyone!  My name is Ricca I am from Midwest part of Wisconsin.  I grew up on a Dairy farm and from the time I could walk I wanted to do everything my dad was doing.  This is where my passion for the outdoors came from. I’m fortunate enough that growing up both my parents hunted and fished so we were able to do a lot together as a family.   I enjoy everything from ice fishing, hunting, hiking, and a newer hobby I am beginning is photography. 

As I get older my passion for the outdoors grows as well. On my days off you can usually find me in the woods or on the water.  When it comes to fishing, I enjoy catching anything from panfish to walleye and northerns.  Anytime the pole bends or the tip-up goes up you’ll see a smile on my face. 

My goal is to help get more people involved in the outdoors. I am part of a group that puts on outdoor activities to introduce youth to outdoor sports and gives them a hand on experience to try different things.  I hope to keep doing more stuff like this in the future! 

Being able to be part of the DSG fish team excites me!  I love being a part of a company that makes products custom for women of the outdoors with high quality!  My favorite ice gear is the DSG drop bibs!  Hope to see you all out on the ice! 



Roxane Dupuis


Hello, my name is Roxane Dupuis. I am from Quebec, Canada. Hunting and fishing are more than a passion for me - it is a lifestyle.

Unlike many people, my love for hunting and fishing did not come to me by my family, nobody around me actually fished. I have always had an interest in these sports. One day I had the opportunity to go fishing with a friend, and thereafter with another, and so on. And this is how I gained experience and became more and more more addicted to this drug! It was like that for hunting too. 

A beautiful winter day I went fishing with friends on the St. Lawrence River. It was here that I met my boyfriend Jonathan. We were fishing and talked about our dreams and life goals. It was truly love at first sight, and since that day we have never been apart. One year later, and we are officially the owners of our ice fishing center where we offer great fishing experiences to people who have never fished or who want to fish on ice.

Subsequently, I joined "Pêcheuse du Québec" as administrator/member. This is a page devoted to encourage and promote fisherwoman. I'm never really competing with anyone because I like learning new things and meeting new people, but I'm extremely demanding of myself, always wanting to surpass myself and beat my own record. I have only been hunting for two years but I know it will be a new addiction because I am not afraid to get up in the morning and go beyond my personal limit.

Sarah Amy


Hi There! I am Sarah Amy from the land of 10,000 lakes AKA MN.

Being outdoors is everything to me, I love getting out there and adventuring and enjoying all of God’s creations. Along with hunting, riding horses and snowmobiling, fishing is something I am very passionate about. I grew up fishing with my parents either locally for panfish and pike or up at our cabin on Gunflint lake trolling for lake trout, of course when I was younger I became very involved with my horses and 4H and fishing was every once in a while but I still absolutely loved it and wanted to go just as much as I wanted to ride my horses.

It wasn’t until I met my now husband (who has taught me so much on how to succeed) that the passion truly ignited and I was set on becoming an avid angler and to help change the norms of women fishing. There’s just something about being out on the water feeling that tug on the line not knowing if the next fish is going to be the ONE, feeling the sunshine warm your skin, the fog rise from the water, the sunrise and set, or out on hard water watching the snow fall gracefully around you while you are waiting for that fish your jigging on your flasher to finally take a bite and seal the deal!.

I multi species fish so don’t particularly have a favorite, I love the head shakes of the walleye, the finicky bite of the giant bluegill, the fight of the smallmouth bass and the strike of the big pike or musky! Whether it’s hardwater or open water I want to get out as often as I can and make new memories and challenge myself to become an even better angler each time. Not only is fishing something that sets my soul on fire but I also enjoy encouraging other women to get outdoors and fish and empowering them to do so! Tight lines! 

Sarah Delyea


My name is Sarah Delyea, a Canadian woman born and raised in southern Ontario. I’m a mother of a little fisherman and a daughter of a seasoned fishing/hunting outdoorsman. I truly believe the love for fishing and the outdoors is in my blood. My passion for fishing started young, watching my dad while he ran for the tip ups dipping down. He had me warm and cozy inside a playpen in the back of his Chevy blazer. Skip a few years forward to when I became his side kick spooning out ice in the drilled holes, passing him the bait to re-rig, then to walking backwards pulling the fish out of the hole. To now, a diehard lady angler who looks to get out as often as I can whether it’s open or hard water season. My father has always been my mentor as I’ve progressed through the fishing industry. He taught me to adapt into a multi species angler. I love to target whitefish and laketrout in the winter and crappie, jumbo perch, walleyes, Muskie, northern pike, rainbow trout, splake, some brown trout and of course, small and largemouth bass in the summer. Residing in southern Ontario has allowed me to do just that.

Some of my fondest memories, are taking a yearly trip, 4 wheeling to the back lakes where we stayed in a local cabin in the woods looking to troll for trout. While everyone was sleeping, I’d get up early, I’d jump in the tinner with a couple rods, a few minnows and dad would wake up to the sound of me motoring back to the cabin for breakfast with a stringer full of trout excitedly telling him, “I found breakfast”. We used those back lakes during hard and soft water season and it was my favourite place to grow up. I never asked for the fancy birthday parties, these fishing trips were all I ever wanted.

Throughout my teenage years, my dad introduced me to the tournament circuits, where I picked up an entry level sponsor with Rapala. I fished a few events every year with my dad to which we would usually finish in the top 10. Our biggest achievement was a 2nd place finish in a two-day event. I then, became the youngest female pro angler in Ontario.

To date, I spend most of my fishing adventures with my boyfriend, son, father and friends. My boyfriend and I volunteer for events every spring/summer for children’s charity which usually involves a variety of different children’s organizations. I live for expanding my skills as well as sharing the knowledge that I have with growing anglers or those looking to enter the sport of fishing. Seeing the smiles on faces and excitement of new anglers reminds me of why our sport is truly amazing. I believe fishing is my “happy place” and I hope to inspire those who see the water and all that swims beneath us as astonishing as I do. I’m honored to be part of the DSG ice team. I’m looking forward to working with a wonderful company and other inspiring woman who share the same passion. I can’t wait to make new friends and be a role model for all young girls, women, or new anglers entering in the sport of fishing.

“Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to. They are often connected to your path, passion, and purpose in life. Have the courage to follow them”- Ruben Chavez..

Tight lines 

Instagram: msflipnrip0390

Sarah Kowalewski


Growing up in Michigan meant that Sarah was on the water at a young age. Though brought up in the hunting world, Sarah has expanded her knowledge and experience in fishing since high school with her boyfriend's help. At the age of 21, she Co-founded Southeast Michigan Fishing Charters LLC ( and is also a Field Staff member for FishUSA. She is involved in her local fishing community and is a member of the Lake St. Clair Walleye Association.  

In the past, Sarah has written articles for FishUSA & Adventuress Magazine and enjoys educating others about the outdoors. She even appeared on the Winter 2019 cover of Adventuress Magazine. She loves sharing her adventures on social media and hopes to inspire and connect with other women by doing so. Sarah enjoys pike spearing, lake trout jigging, and racing for tip-ups in the winter but loves walleye jigging and sturgeon fishing in the off season with her boyfriend! She is attending school with a goal to become a Wildlife Biologist. If you can't find her on the ice, she's most likely on a boat, in the woods, or riding her horse Linus.

Sarah Kozlowski


Sarah Kozlowski is from Hayward, Wisconsin - the Musky Capital of the World, so it’s not surprising that her favorite thing to do is fish or spend her time outdoors in any way possible.

Being raised by a family very passionate about the outdoor lifestyle, the same love was instilled in her at a young age. She grew up on a lake fishing from her family’s dock for largemouth bass with a worm and a bobber. Her mother Geri, who unfortunately passed away in 2017, specifically taught her much of what she knows and started her skill bank. Geri lived for the outdoors, hunting, and especially fishing. She taught her the importance of conservation and how to be a provider. Sarah leads a very active outdoor lifestyle to commemorate her mother’s passions and live on for her.

Nowadays, Sarah spends most of her time fishing with her husband Jay, who also shares a love and passion for the outdoors. She has learned new skills and techniques from him and continues to learn more with each outing. When they are not fishing together, they’re hunting, hiking, birding, kayaking, or at home with their two dogs Rudy and Daisy.

Ice fishing is Sarah’s absolute outdoor activity. Her favorite fish to target is crappies. She loves hole-hopping and especially using tip-downs. Walleye are her favorite to catch on tip-ups. 

The outdoors has had a very big impact on her life, both in her relationships and personal growth. She is very excited to be representing a company designed for women, by women. Sarah believes that women are the future of the outdoors. Knowing that historically, the outdoor industry is male-dominated, Sarah’s hope is to inspire and influence more female anglers to get out and find their own passion on the water, open or ice.

You can follow along on her adventures on her Instagram @skozlowskiii

Shannon Lane


Hi, my name is Shannon Lane. I grew up near the shores of Lake Simcoe in Georgina Ontario and currently reside on Lake Couchiching in Severn Ontario. Since I was a little girl I've had a strong connection to the outdoors and more specifically the magic that water has to offer. My dad taught me how to fish when I was just a young girl. I have continued to follow that passion into adulthood and love learning and growing in the sport that fuels me.

Although fish are my #1, I am also passionate about wildlife and nature. I am currently studying ecosystems management and will be branching onto aquaculture studies in the new year. I spend a great deal of my spare time volunteering at local fish hatcheries, where we help to raise and stock a variety of different species for both conservation and sport fishing. 

Whether it be on the river, pond, lake, or the ocean my passion is where the fish are. In the Summers you can find me looking for my next PB off my stand up paddle board or exploring new water on the kayak. In the Winters you can bet ill be fishing on the hard water chasing that next bite.

I hope that I can help to inspire others to pursue whatever it is that they are truly passionate about. Whatever makes you the happiest, do more of that. Never let doubt or fear get in the way- you are capable of extraordinary things!

Instagram: Seahorselife_canada 

Stacey Harper


Hey there! I'm Stacey Harper and am a hairstylist from the small town of Smiths Falls, Ontario. For as long as I can remember I've always loved fishing. I grew up going with my grandfather fishing for bass, pike and lake trout. 

I purchased my first kayak 3 years ago and my passion for fishing grew. My childhood best friend and I built an ice shack that summer as well, using my families old tent trailer. We have what is known as the "pretty" shack out on the lower rideau. It's a multi-species lake which is full of crappie, perch, pike, bass and everything in between. I've even managed to get a burbot mid-day which was a surprise! I get on the ice as much as possible, at least 3-4 days a week. People call me a die hard and I'm cool with that.

2 years ago I met the love of my life through fishing. I had a message on Instagram from a cute guy asking if I'd like to go out on his boat sometime. Our first date was going for lake trout on a lake close to home and I figured if nothing else I'd get some new spots. I fell off his boat releasing my first fish and the rest is his history. He's been an amazing teacher in all things trout fishing. We have a blast going to new lakes and I'm lucky to get Intel on some of his "secret" back lakes. 

I'm extremely honored to be a part of the DSG family. A company full of strong women designing products for all us thrill seeking, outdoors loving ladies!

Susie Busta


Hi! My name is Susie, and I currently reside in Northern Minnesota. I love hunting and I love fishing!
Fishing has been a part of my life since I was little in some form and has continued throughout. My mom used to take us fishing and I have fond memories of going through her tackle box and playing with her fishing pole (probably messing up everything she had organized). She was an avid fisherwoman and she passed down something that now is a staple in my life. I am also an avid bowhunter and split my Wintertime between chasing deer and chasing fish. I pretty much just love the outdoors in general!

My husband and I just had a son back in April, so it has been a little more challenging to get out fishing as much as we used to, but with that comes the opportunity to teach and introduce him to something we both love to do. We can’t wait to teach him the ins and outs of hardwater and open water fishing. I am so excited to be a part of the DSG team, truly an amazing company for outdoor women!  

Instagram: susie.busta 

Tanya Botrokoff


Tanya’s father taught her how to fish from the young age of 6 years old. Frequenting lakes and rivers during the summer, she had caught her fair share of rainbow trout. Tanya’s most memorable fishing trip was to Kitimat BC, with her husband, where she landed a 40lb Chinook Salmon. Although she's only been ice fishing for 8 years, she has caught numerous species of trout through the ice with her largest being a 4 lb Brook far. Tanya now lives in Kitimat, BC where she spends her free time fishing with her husband. 



If open applications for the team are open, there will be an application form on this page - DSG is Growing Our Ice Fishing Team. In general, when and if we add women to the team, it’s after careful consideration of how they would fit into our current team environment. If you’re curious, here’s some of the important questions we consider when choosing our team:

  • Is the applicant truly into ice fishing (or more into other types of fishing)?
  • Does the applicant post to social media frequently while ice fishing?
  • Does the applicant have a public and personal Instagram account?
  • Is the applicant involved in ice fishing related events or activities?
  • Are the applicant’s social media posts clean; refraining from alcohol/drug use, nudity or profanity?
  • Does the applicant have a positive social media presence or one that supports other women?
  • Does the applicant support DSG Outerwear?
Want to spark our attention? Social media posts are one way to do that. Please tag us when sporting your DSG Outerwear apparel posts by using @dsgfish on Instagram and DSG Outerwear-Women's Fishing Apparel on Facebook and you can use the hashtags #DSGFish and #DoingSomethingGreat

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