Hunting Team

Curious about what it takes to be on our hunting influencers team? Learn all about DSG's Hunting Brand Ambassador Team below.


Melissa Bachman



Melissa Bachman is an accomplished hunter with a unique ability to share her love for the great outdoors and all things wild with her passionate fans and viewers.
Growing up in a region known to sportsman for its unique blend of hunting and fishing opportunities, Bachman immersed herself in a central Minnesota lifestyle filled with options. Decisions regarding which tree stand to hunt before school or if she’d have better luck on snow geese were just some of the decisions a young woman had to make.
Surrounded by a family filled with love and mentors galore, Bachman pursued her academic life with the very same tenacity she approached her passion for hunting. After graduating with honors and armed with a degree in television broadcasting, and another in Spanish, from St Cloud State University, Melissa set her sights on a career in outdoor television.
She began as a TV intern, and within months was offered a position as a full time producer where she traveled the country filming, producing and writing shows with a variety of incredible hunters on some fantastic adventures. 
Although close to her dream job, Bachman truly longed to be the one outwitting her prey, and squeezing the trigger. So she spent every spare moment of her free time arduously filming and editing her own hunts. Finally, with time, patience and persistence, Melissa got some solid shows into the right hands and her wish became reality.
Now she spends over 300 days a year in the field hunting the globe and producing her series Winchester Deadly Passion, a top-notch, adrenaline-pumping hunting show now in its ninth season on Sportsman Channel airing every Sunday morning at 11:30am ET.


Adriana Armstrong


With her passion for hunting and her fun-loving spirit, sixteen year old Adriana Armstrong of Elizabethtown, Illinois is already making quite a name for herself in the outdoor world.  Adriana currently holds the record for the youngest girl to complete a turkey grand slam in one season at barely 7 years old. Adriana has been the subject of several magazine and online articles. She has appeared on 7 nationally aired shows and most recently, Adriana and her sister, Alli, began their own TV series called Grace Camo and Lace. Their show airs on the Sportsman Channel during the first and second quarters of the year. 

Adriana started hunting at the age of 5. At the age of 6 she took her first whitetail deer and turkey. Since then, Adriana has traveled around North America hunting turkey, whitetail deer, elk, mountain lion, bobcat, and black bear. Adriana also shoots competitive archery in the S3DA and ASA organizations. In 2017, Adriana won the Outdoor 3D Illinois State Championship and the Outdoor 3D National Championship in S3DA. In 2018, she won the Indoor and Outdoor 3D Illinois State Championship and placed 4th in the Outdoor 3D National Championship in S3DA.  Adriana has already been recruited as a guest shooter at Southeastern Illinois College, where she is currently taking online courses to get a head-start on her college education.  

Aleah Wozniak


11 year old Aleah Wozniak has literally grown up in the outdoors. Before she was old enough to walk, she was tagging along with her Dad, David, as he would check trail cameras or look for shed antlers.  Soon they were sharing ground blinds and tree stands together.   She started hunting when she was 5 years old, and harvested her first deer when she was 6.  By the time she was 10, she had taken almost 20 whitetails, including 5 bucks from her home state of Ohio scoring over 145”, an Alaskan black bear by bow, and a beautiful New Mexico bull elk.

Filming all their hunts together over the years, Aleah and her dad have shared incredible memories that will last a lifetime.  As Aleah puts it, “I have been so lucky to share all these experiences with my dad.  He’s more than just my hunting buddy, he’s also my best friend.”

Filming for so many years has given Aleah valuable experience both in front of, as well as behind, the camera lens.  In 2019, she started her own digital project, “My Story, With Aleah”, hoping to inspire others, especially kids, to become involved with hunting and the outdoors. “Hunting is more than   something I do, it’s part of me, it’s who I am, especially bowhunting.  I love sharing my passion for the outdoors with others, especially kids, and want to do my part to help grow the hunting and outdoor lifestyle I’ve been so blessed to grow up with”.

To help with her project, Aleah has teamed with some wonderful partners, including DSG Outerwear, Realtree, Hoyt Archery, Apex Gear, Easton Archery, Backwoods Attraction, and Browning Trail Cameras. Shooting her bow, scouting and hunting take up most of Aleah’s free time, but she also enjoys camping with her family, playing basketball and hanging out with her friends!

Alli Armstrong


At 21 years old, Alli Armstrong of southern Illinois is already a seasoned hunter and a two-time 3D National Champion.  Alli has hunted various species of turkey, whitetail deer, bear, antelope, mule deer and elk. Most recently, Alli has taken a Boone & Crockett mule deer with her bow.

Alli is currently working on her television show called Grace Camo and Lace which airs on the Sportsman Channel. She also writes for various hunting magazines and blogs such as North American Whitetail and Alli has co-authored a book with Brenda Potts called Hunting Dream Jobs. Alli also received the 2017 Safari Club International Young Hunter Award.

While in college, Alli won the title of National 3D Archery Champion in Women's Bow Hunter while representing Southeastern IL College in the 2015 US Intercollegiate Archery Championships (USIAC) at Sahara Woods State Fish and Wildlife Area. She also won All-American honors for being in the top ten in nationals and Academic All-American honors. Alli did this again in 2016.

Since she has graduated college, she has been made the head archery coach at Southeastern Illinois College where her team won the gold medal count at the USA Archery collegiate nationals. 


Rachelle Hedrick - Lead Ambassador/Team Manager


Growing up, Rachelle Hedrick was an outdoor-loving, farm-living, little tomboy. Her father was an avid outdoorsman, who sadly lost his battle with cancer when Rachelle was very young. It wasn’t until she met her husband, Josh, in 2007 that she realized hunting and fishing were in her blood and came very natural to her. She always tells everyone that when she met Josh, he put a bow in her one hand and a fly rod in the other, and they’ve been adventuring together ever since.

Rachelle owns her own Graphic Design business, and also works part time for DSG Outerwear, a women’s hunting and outdoor apparel line. She manages the partnerships and pro team, runs social media, and helps with design projects.

Rachelle and Josh also own Smoke Hole Outfitters, located at their family owned log cabin business called Smoke Hole Resort, nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of “Almost Heaven” West Virginia. ( Here they spawn and raise their own trout, offering a Catch ‘n Keep Trout Pond and their private Catch ‘n Release Trophy Trout Stream, as well as fly fishing lessons for beginners. Josh and Rachelle also take pride in raising, training and hunting some of the best bloodlines of bear hounds in the Appalachians. When they’re not elbow deep in trout or managing the resort, you can find them hosting long range shooting schools, manicuring food plots, checking trail cameras, or planning their next adventure.

Some of Rachelle’s most memorable trips have been her “Huntingmoon” to New Zealand in March of 2010. They had planned on spending lots of time fly fishing, but instead ended up bringing home a white fallow deer, along with 2 Gold Plus Medal archery Red Stags. At the time, Rachelle’s 416” Red Stag ranked #14 in the world with Safari Club International. She also held the record for the #1 largest archery Red Stag harvested by a woman. Aside from being avid turkey, whitetail and black bear hunters, they’ve both harvested Dall sheep from the Yukon, Barbary sheep from New Mexico, Mt. Lions from Colorado.

Rachelle is focused on the things she enjoys most about being an advocate for conservation. She is dedicated to making it a natural way of life, livelihood, and sharing it with others as well as educating our youth. Guiding youth on their first turkey or bear hunt has brought more tears of joy to her eyes than she has ever experienced harvesting an animal for herself. Sharing in moments like these are what fuels her passion.

Rachelle Hedrick
Smoke Hole Outfitters

Alyssa Hall


Hey y’all, I’m Alyssa Hall. I’m twenty-four years old and I live in South Alabama where I hunt whitetail, turkey, hogs, and predators throughout the year. When I am not in the woods, you can catch me on the water either fishing, noodling, or bowfishing! 

My love for the outdoors does not stem from tradition or habit, as I was not raised by this lifestyle. In fact, I wasn’t introduced to this way of life until I was twenty years old... and I have my (now) husband to thank for that introduction. If it weren’t for him and his tremendous amount of patience, I would not have made any of the incredible memories that I have experienced over the last four years.

Over these past few years I have learned that the best way to become self-aware is to try new things, and this lifestyle provides me with the perfect opportunity to do just that — as each season brings on new adventures, new challenges, and new memories that will last me a lifetime.

Beka Garris


I was born and raised in a small town in Northern NJ and grew up hunting and fishing. 

I became obsessed with the outdoors at a young age and went along in my first hunt with my dad at the age of 7. I was immediately hooked. 

I became an avid bowhunter in my teenage years and since then I have become a self taught traditional bowhunter and love to bowfish.

I enjoy all things outdoors and also love cooking what I hunt, gather and grow. I currently live on a small homestead in Ohio with my husband and daughter.

Brittany Jill


I started hunting 8 years ago and fell in love after i got my first turkey! Since then I've hunted whitetail deer, turkeys, elk, alligators, ducks, geese, pheasants, and hogs.  I even bought a duck dog so I didn't need to wait on the guys to go out waterfowl hunting.  Kip and I love to out out and hunt by ourselves!

I grew up fishing and ice fishing, and just love doing anything outdoors.    For work, I manage the social media pages for GSM Outdoors (Stealth Cam, Walkers, Muddy, NAP, Hawk, and many more) 

My favorite DSG piece is the Ava set.  I am used to hunting and ice fishing in Illinois and Wisconsin where it gets pretty cold.  I love having this set because it fits me perfectly and actually keeps me warm!

Jennifer Danella


Jenn Danella is a sportswoman from Pennsylvania. She is an enthusiast for all things outdoors. She was introduced to the outdoors through fishing at a young age from her father. When she was in high school, she asked him if he’d take her hunting with him. The two of them went pheasant hunting with their dog and never flushed a pheasant, but it was a day she’d never forget. Since then, she knew she really enjoyed spending her time like that. Hunting and fishing now take up her entire life but she also enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, and of course, spending time with her pups! I guess you could say she aims to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the outdoors. She will try any type of hunting, but turkey hunting is her absolute favorite! A major part of hunting for her is getting to watch her dogs work. She has beagles that hunt rabbits and a lab that fetches ducks and works pheasants. Her bond with her hunting dogs is so strong. They are family to her!

Today, she tries to use her social media pages to be a role model for young women by showing that women can be an asset to the hunting community through skill and knowledge without flaunting themselves. To her it’s all about keeping it real.

Kayla Nevius 


Kayla Nevius is from a small town in California. Surrounded by mountains with a lake and river just a few minutes from home her passion for the outdoors was embedded in her from a young age. As soon as she could walk, she started fishing. When she was old enough to legally hunt, she stopped begging at the door and was finally able to join in.
Kayla enjoys pretty much everything outdoors but spends most of her free time hunting and fishing. 

She grew up fishing for trout, crappie, bass and the occasional catfish, crawfishing, frog gigging, and bowfishing carp. Catching tuna, yellowtail, and dorado in the ocean quickly became a favorite of hers as well. Fishing turned from a hobby to an obsession when she started throwing large trout swimbaits targeting big largemouth bass. 

Kayla grew up hunting local public California land for rabbits, dove, quail, ducks, and deer. Hunting was always about spending time in the beautiful outdoors and being able to put food on the table. Coming home to clean the animals from that days harvest and prepare them for dinner always intrigued her. Every meal provided from a hunt brought up story telling memories that gave so much more meaning and appreciation to the food nourishing her families bodies.  Kayla was raised a rifle hunter but picked up archery as an adult. Although Ca public land deer hunting was challenging enough, she enjoyed the extra challenge of archery. 

Shooting a bow forced Kayla to learn more and become an even better hunter, just like swimbait fishing for big bass. It’s like there was a switch flipped that ignited the desire to take what she loved doing to the next level. She enjoyed the challenges and went all in. She didn’t have anyone to teach her about archery or swimbait fishing, but she was eager to learn. From that year on, her free time has mostly been spent bass fishing and deer hunting. Although she still enjoys the other types of fishing and hunting on occasion, her obsession is bass and deer. Although she learned the basics of fishing and hunting at a young age she never really learned enough to be as successful as she wanted to be. Nobody who sees her successes truly understands how much time, effort, energy, and struggle has been spent for that success to happen. Fishing every single day before work, after work, and on weekends. That time on the water has been her biggest teacher and that’s what’s brought her the big bass she’s caught. Hunting every day of the deer season and spending countless days scouting before hand. The amount of miles hiked in preparation and day after day during the season without taking days off because “that could be the day”. Her perseverance has given her success. 

Aside from her love for the outdoors, one of Kayla’s other passions is helping others. She graduated from college with a BA in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. She has been a youth counselor, juvenile corrections officer, intervention teacher, and is currently a recovery coordinator. When a youth is struggling with challenges academic, behavioral, emotional, social, etc. they always hold a special place in her heart.

Kayla hopes that by sharing her life through social media she can inspire people to live the life they want to life. To spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time letting life pass them by! 

Keri Asher


I’m 26, my name is Keri Asher and I’m a proud Oklahoman born and raised. I’m a big time whitetail and waterfowl hunter, I also share a passion for fishing from bow-fishing to snagging to bass fishing- I love it all! If I’m not out hunting or fishing I like spending my free time in the gym. I try to always have fun and appreciate the opportunities I’ve been blessed with to enjoy what I love and constantly remember we wouldn’t be here to enjoy them if wasn’t for the man above!

Stephanie Ray


My name is Stephanie Ray and I reside in southern Michigan on an all sports lake. My Dad got me into fishing as soon as I could hold a fishing pole, and I was introduced to bowhunting by a friend in 2009. I bought a used bow, practiced until I felt confident, and 1 week later on my first hunt I arrowed the first Michigan whitetail that came into range. I didn’t realize how much I still had to learn, nor how enthralled I would be with the hunting and outdoors lifestyle. That season I also bought my first shotgun, and since then, there has been no turning back. I hunt geese, ducks, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, hogs, and coyotes; typically whatever is in season. I also enjoy bowfishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, working out, ice fishing, and riding my jet ski and snowmobile. I ran mid-distance on a track scholarship in college, have my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy, and manage a very successful outpatient PT clinic. 

I have been called a positive role model for women who hunt and enjoy the outdoors, and for that, I am honored. I enjoy sharing my experiences and learning from others via Instagram, and am so excited to join the team of amazing women at DSG! 

Instagram @the_gazelle_16 

Pro Staff Members

Allison Voges


Allison Hunter Voges grew up in the outdoors.  Some of her favorite memories are tagging along on a quail or squirrel hunt with her father, or fishing with her grandparents and cousins out on the pond.  Any other opportunities were spent walking the creek banks or exploring the land on horseback.  After college she took up archery and found a real passion for the sport.  Shortly after picking up her bow she asked a friend to take her on her first whitetail hunt which fueled her enthusiasm for the outdoors.  Now a day, you can find her out hunting and fishing every chance she gets; whether it’s in her home state of Indiana or somewhere else in the US.  Some of her favorite hunts have taken place out on her own, exploring the wild and learning about the amazing animals she pursues.  While she loves the quiet and peace that hunting and fishing brings, she’s even more passionate about sharing her love and enthusiasm for the outdoors with anyone she meets.  Some of Allison’s fondest memories have taken place around the campfire with friends, telling stories about past hunts and dreaming of future adventures.  Her real goal in life is to inspire and encourage other women to step out of their comfort zones and into the great outdoors. 

Amelia Farrar


The outdoors have always been and always will be a part of my life. Growing up I spent my weekends fishing Lake Martin or hunting in Lowndes County, Alabama. I now primarily hunt and fish on public land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and waterfowl hunt the eastern shore of Maryland but I’m eager to venture westward. Most weekends you can find me chasing native brook trout in the Shenandoah or the George Washington National Forest. This coming season, my goal is to harvest a black bear with my bow on public land. I am fully committed to preserving our public lands and waters by serving on the board for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Capital Region Chapter. I dedicate a lot of time to protecting public land so that my son and future generations can access them and enjoy the same irreplaceable opportunities that we have had. 

My love for the outdoors had a profound effect on my education and led me to receive a B.S. in Organismal Biology and Integrative Biology from Auburn University with a senior focus on the effects of crayfish on stream ecology. I’m currently living in a town nestled against the muddy James River in central Virginia with my husband and our son while working as a Histology Supervisor for Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Ashlea Neill


The outdoors have always been a special place for Ashlea Neill. Ever since she could walk, she would join her dad while he was hunting. At age 6, she harvested her first deer and turkey, and this started a lifelong passion. At 8 she received her first bow, went to many bow shoots, and killed her first archery deer at age 9. When she was 12, she drew a Colorado rifle elk tag and was able to harvest her first elk opening day. This started a new love for the mountains and chasing bull elk. Every year she spends the majority of the fall in a tree stand or duck blind. 

Hunting is not just a hobby for Ashlea. She spends all year preparing and hunting many different species. Her dream is to go on different hunting adventures, and create lifelong memories. She enjoys chasing every species, from ducks to elk. This year she married her best friend, and they are able to share a passion for hunting. Ashlea loves to introduce new people to hunting or the outdoors in general. Whether it be hunting, fishing, farming, or hiking, you will always find Ashlea in the outdoors. 

Brianne Becker


The beginning of my hunting addiction first began at 16 years old after my boyfriend introduced me to duck hunting and in that instant I was hooked! I grew up in a small California town but after graduating high school I wanted to be somewhere that I could enjoy the wilderness and be able to hunt to my hearts content. That’s when the big move to Alaska happened and I will never forget the feeling of harvesting my first caribou this season and feeling the pride that I was filling my freezer full of true free range meat. Being able to harvest my own meat and know where it came from became so important to me, for peace of mind, and also the health benefits of knowing what was in my meat. If I’m not butchering out our harvest I am either back out hunting caribou, moose, and black bear or when hunting season is over we are filling the freezer with fish! Being an outdoors women and having this life style is something I will never get tired of or give up! And having a brand like DSG helping me achieve my great dreams of keeping this life style alive is something I will be forever grateful for! I can’t wait to hopefully teach our children some day of the pride we feel in harvesting the food we bring to our table and continue the tradition for generations to come.  

Brooke Saunders



Growing up, horses were a passion that ran deep in my family. From the moment I could walk, my mom had me at the barn on a horse’s back. I competed my whole life and had a very accomplished junior career. But something in me still felt missing and I never felt like I fit completely in. At 19, I began getting involved in the outdoors and started bow hunting. It gave me an entirely new respect for animals, conservation, and the woods. A new passion grew in me and with each season that passed my heart became more full. I couldn’t believe I had gone my entire life without knowing what a strong love I have for the outdoors. There is nothing more powerful and humbling than connecting with nature and outsmarting wild game. I am extremely blessed that my job as a registered nurse makes it possible to travel and pursue my passions. At 25 years old I am still learning every day and always welcoming new adventures to come my way. My hope for the future is to encourage other women to take part in the outdoors and its empowering experiences!

Desiree' Turner


Hey there! My name is Desiree’.  I was born and raised in Southern Utah where I currently reside. My love & passion for everything outdoors knows no bounds, and it is what truly sets my soul on fire! I’ve been hunting & fishing as long as I can remember and was fortunate enough to have been born into it. I grew up on the southwest desert of Utah chasing Chukars with my dad & younger brother, however I didn’t fully understand or even appreciate ALL that hunting stands for and represents until I reached my late 20’s. I have truly been saved by the great outdoors and over the past five years have submerged myself in all it has to offer. I received my first compound bow in 2016 as a college graduation gift from my dad and that is when my passion for archery began. I was fortunate enough to be able to harvest my very first big game animal with it in 2018, a Utah record book pronghorn. I look forward to continuing to make memories hunting with my dad & brother as well as passing along my passion for the outdoors to my children. I feel blessed beyond measure to be a part of DSG. It is so much more than a women’s hunting clothing brand. It is a community of amazing, strong, dedicated, passionate, inspiring, and humble women AND girls who are truly “Doing Something Great.” A community which continues to shape me into a better hunter, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, mother, and most importantly - a better version of my truest self. 

Emily Schaad


My name is Emily Schaad, and I grew up in a hunting household in Ohio. My dad was a big game guide in Idaho for many years so hunting and wildlife was about the only thing I knew. I hunted my first time at age 12 and harvested my very first buck, which was a nice one at that! From that point on I was hooked. I started bow hunting with a compound at age 13 and never picked up a gun ever again for whitetails. I have now been bow hunting for 15 years! Hunting and wildlife was such a lifestyle for me that I even graduated college with a degree in Wildlife Sciences, have taught myself photography, and enjoy doing hunting/wildlife photography and content creating as much as I do bow hunting. I have travelled out west hunting several times, harvested bear, turkey, and several good whitetails with the bow, including a buck I named “The Freak” that grossed 190 2/8. Bow hunting is such a lifestyle for me, and I continue to push myself to do more, constantly challenge myself to do the impossible, and hope to show other women that it is possible to be independent, self-sufficient, and if you have a dream to not let anyone hold you back! 

Kaylee Bremer


My name is Kaylee Bremer and I was born and raised in Michigan. Growing up I was around hunting and fishing all the time because of my dad being a huge outdoorsman! The more I went with him, the more love and respect I gained for the outdoors. He taught me so much from a young age all the way up until now! I am also super lucky to have my soon to be husband Keegan, who is also an avid outdoorsman that’s taught me a lot too. As soon as I was old enough to be on my own in the woods, that’s where you would find me most of the time! About 5 years ago, when I became confident enough to pull enough poundage to harvest a deer I switched from my crossbow to my compound bow! Bow hunting for whitetail deer is my absolute favorite time of the year, I really love the challenge it brings. I also enjoy turkey hunting and waterfowl hunting! When I’m not hunting you can find me with a fishing pole in my hand! I enjoy salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, walleye fishing on Lake Huron and panfishing on the inland lakes around where I live! I hope to encourage other women to get out in the outdoors and most importantly of all have fun!!

Katie Mincheski


My name is Katie and I’m a Wisconsin girl born & raised. I grew up hunting thanks to my dad who took me with him before I can remember. My most favorite memories are deer and turkey hunting with him. I’ve been gun hunting all of my life but it wasn’t until 2013 that I bought my first bow & started bow hunting. It ignited a new passion and I instantly fell in love with it and how close I am able to get to wildlife and nature. Turkey hunting is also something I am very passionate about. Each year I set goals for myself in hopes to exceed the previous years’ harvests. When I’m not hunting, I enjoy fishing, spending time with my boyfriend, family & friends. I also raise neonatal kittens. Someday I’d like to have my own kitten rescue. I love being apart of Team DSG because I can share my passion for the outdoors with so many amazing, inspiring women. The first time I tried on DSG gear, I knew it was the gear I would wear for all of my hunting adventures. 

Kelley Bettag



I began hunting when I was a little girl—I can remember going on field trips in elementary school and while the other girls were flipping through issues of Seventeen magazine, I was reading from my Field and Stream subscription. My parents made sure that I spent my youth in woods either on horseback, camping, or hunting. Since then my passions have really developed for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and gardening.  I find joy in many of the smaller aspects of nature; an intriguing bark pattern on the side of a tree or a leaf dancing in a couple of rays of sunshine can easily capture and hold my attention. For me, hunting provides a sustainable means of sourcing my own food, spending time in the outdoors, and honing a skill set that seems to be lost to so many these days. I hope to pass on my passion so the tradition of hunting can continue to spark joy for many generations to come.

Kimberly Rogers


The outdoors have always been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I remember sitting in a stand with my dad when I was 10 years old so that I could learn from him and spend time with him in the woods. From there, my passions for hunting started to grow, and as I got older and started hunting by myself, my passion only grew even more. I’ve gained a huge respect for the animals and conservation over the years and I believe that hunting has the opportunity to teach us about patience, hard work, and perseverance.

What I love most about hunting now is being able to share my passion with new hunters and watch their love for the outdoors grow as well. I hope to inspire more women, men and children to get involved with hunting and to show them the great things that can come out of it! 

Lauren Preston


My name is Lauren Preston. I was born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin. I continue to call Wisconsin home and am fortunate enough to be able to hunt and fish this beautiful state. I was raised around hunting and fishing and developed a love for the outdoors at a very young age from my father, who has been an avid outdoors-man his whole life. Inevitably, some of my favorite childhood memories involve him and a bow or gun. I have been shooting a bow since I was four years old, but recently picked up bow-hunting three years ago. It has been a very humbling journey, filled with learning experiences that have made me a better hunter and fueled my addiction for bow-hunting. When I am not busy chasing whitetails or being a full-time dental student, I also enjoy hunting turkeys, upland birds, fishing, or anything else that will get me outdoors. 

Megan Robinson


My name is Megan Robinson, I’m from west central Indiana. I did not grow up in a hunting family, and it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I truly started taking an interest. I have always loved fishing and anything outdoors, but the moment I picked up my first bow, everything changed. Over the past 10 years I have taught myself and absorbed all the information I could from fellow hunting friends.

Hunting is important to me for so many reasons, but one thing I love about it most, are the people I get to share it with. I am excited to share with others, especially younger generations, the respect I have for all creatures and the experiences I have gained over the years. 

Michaela Goulbourne


My name is Michaela, I'm 26 from Ontario, Canada.

After being introduced to the sport of salmon fishing on Lake Ontario at a very young age with my dad, I then spent the last 15 years and counting mastering the art of trolling for salmon while competing in tournaments and becoming a licensed salmon charter fishing guide captain. 

Salmon fishing and fishing in general may be my first love, but within the last 5 years I have found a different kind of love for hunting the wild game that Ontario has to offer. Whether it’s deer, moose, black bear, turkey, goose... Our main goal is always to have fun while putting food on our table! From the woods to the water; from hunting from a frozen tree-stand to trolling for salmon on a hot summer day, I am simply happiest getting outside any chance I can get and enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. The great Canadian outdoors is where I belong and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team that shares the same passions!

Nicole Stone


I'm Nicole and I'm from North Dakota.  Growing up I was a farm kid who loved hunting and fishing and I have continued that passion through adulthood.  I went to college for meteorology and soon after graduating, I took a job working in meteorological instrumentation, However, after realizing I wasn't spending enough time on my outdoor passions, I left to run my own media business.  
I currently spend way more time outdoors! I grew up whitetail hunting but have an intense passion for mule deer.  I also practically live on the water - both open water and hard water.  I love DSG because they have gear for ALL of the Midwestern seasons I love so much.

Rain Stewart


My name is Rain Stewart. I am from a small town in South Carolina. I began my outdoor adventures at a very young age fishing with my mom and dad. I can still remember the thrill and excitement I had once I felt that tug and knew it was time to spring into action!

My younger brother and I started off by hunting small game in our backyard. In my teenage years my dad introduced me to bowhunting, and it has been adventure after adventure from then on.

I have that chest thumping, heart beating out of my chest excitement every time I look down from my climbing stand and see a whitetail within range.

I now have a family of my own, 3 boys and a loving fiancé that I’ve had the pleasure of introducing to the outdoors as well! We are determined to make memories, pass on family traditions, while also keeping a healthy respect for the outdoors. It is important that our boys learn the balance of sport and respect for nature in hopes of raising productive young men for our future.

Enjoying every moment outdoors and being able to capture those moments and share it underneath our social platform Rain Outdoors has been a dream come true.

Tonya Wisener


My name is Tonya Wisener, I’m a 28-year-old Kentucky native transplanted in Iowa. My love and respect for the outdoors was instilled in me at a very young age. I was fortunate enough to grow up learning from both my Mom and Dad, as they both shared with me their love for the outdoors. At 6 years old, my Dad took me to kill my first deer, an 85-pound doe. I guess you could say the rest was history. Although I love hunting Whitetail, my passion is chasing longbeards. Back in 2013 I was fortunate enough to kill the best overall typical Eastern, taken by a female with a modern firearm, in my home state of Kentucky. That was a hunt that will forever replay in my mind and be one of the best memories hunting with my Dad. I hope to someday teach my children what my parents and experience have taught me and share with them the love being in the outdoors brings like my parents did with me. Aside from hunting I am a Surgical Technologist, wife and “dog mom”. My husband is also an avid hunter so we love to travel and hunt when we can as well as visit with our family and friends in our home states of Kentucky and Oklahoma.  

Jr. Team Members

Millie Kate Nails


Millie Kate(MK) Nails has grown up in the outdoors with her family and friends. While only about to be 13 years old, Millie Kate has already been blessed with an amazing hunting resume taking some very nice whitetail bucks including a Boone and Crockett whitetail and numerous turkeys including 2 grand slams with one of those being a single season grand slam.

Growing up in Mississippi where she enjoys bow fishing, dove, squirrel, turkey, and deer hunting MK also loves spending time in Iowa helping her dad with their outfitting business. When not chasing big Iowa bucks and gobblers she enjoys helping prepare for deer season, scouting, checking trail cameras, prepping deer stands, and managing food plots where she loves driving the tractor.

MK hopes to encourage more young girls like herself to be involved in hunting and thanks God for blessing her with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and to be a part of this amazing team of ladies that DSG has representing them

Instagram @huntingwith_mk 



Open applications for the hunting influencers team are currently closed, but when and if we add women to the team, it’s after careful consideration of how they would fit into our current team environment. If you’re curious, here’s some of the important questions we consider when choosing our team:

  • Is the applicant truly into multiple seasons of hunting?
  • Does the applicant post to social media frequently while hunting?
  • Does the applicant have a public and personal Instagram account?
  • Is the applicant involved in hunting related events or activities?
  • Are the applicant’s social media posts clean; refraining from alcohol/drug use, nudity or profanity?
  • Does the applicant have a positive social media presence or one that supports other women?
  • Does the applicant support DSG Outerwear?
Want to spark our attention? Social media posts are one way to initiate the process of becoming a hunting influencer. Please tag us when sporting your DSG Outerwear apparel posts by using @dsghunt on Instagram and DSG Outerwear-Women's Hunting Apparel on Facebook and you can use the hashtags #DSGHunt and #DoingSomethingGreat