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Fishing Team

Curious about what it takes to be on the team?

DSG Ambassador

Nicole Stone


Nicole grew up on a farm in Central Minnesota where her life revolved around the outdoors. She was fishing by the age of 6 and has been hooked ever since.

After high school, she received her B.S. in Atmospheric Science and continued with master coursework in Natural Resource Management, where she found her true passion lies - in her love for the outdoors. She has since made a living influencing for companies, mastering digital media, and running her websites and

Her favorite fish to target is the walleye but spends plenty of time chasing panfish, bass, and pike across the midwest and Canada.

Ana Leschishin


Picture and biography coming soon!

DSG Pro Staff

Amelia Farrar


Picture and biography coming soon 

Andrea Nivolo


Picture and biography coming soon!

Brittany Peeters


My name is Brittany Peeters. I was born and raised in Northern Manitoba and currently reside in Northern Saskatchewan. Summer fishing is the epitome of adventure! I love spending summer days hauling my kayak into small lakes or using an ATV to pull a compact boat in search of an isolated lake with no angling pressure. Finding a hot bite on a lake that doesn't see normal angling activity fuels my open water fishing addiction. As an avid photographer, capturing photos of the stunning landscapes and skylines enhances my fishing adventures.  Although weather can be a challenge, DSG clothing ensures that I never miss a fishing opportunity.   The proper clothing for in the boat and out exploring is essential. Features including UPF protection and incorporating pieces from DSG colder weather clothing are the key. DSG clothing is fashionable, comfortable and offers great protection against the elements. I look forward to sharing my fishing strategies and tips with my fellow female anglers.

Chelsea Lynn


Hey! My names Chelsea. I grew up in North Bay, Ontario but my boyfriend and I recently moved into our country home in Thorne Ontario, where we are surrounded by Lakes and Rivers. I work full time for a Mining Company but dedicate every weekend to fishing and pretty well every night after work. I’m always looking for the next place to adventure and the next big fish to catch. I’ve only been fishing for the last 5 years so I still have a lot to learn but its what’s I’m most passionate about. I look forward to a life time of fishing and the memories along the way! 

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: I am obsessed with the summer collection but if I had to pick my favourite it would be the DSG fishing Realtree camo 1/4 zip and the DSG fishing wave shirt. 

Christina (Tina) Lundin


My name is Tina and I'm from northern Michigan. I currently work with the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a biological science technician. So I pretty much spend my day in my waders wading creeks/rivers doing stream surveys for invasive sea lamprey. I would definitely say its dream job since I get to enjoy my passion in fisheries conservation in and out of the "office". I think my experience in the conservation side of fisheries has really made me appreciate every little bit of time I get on the water doing what I love. It has made me realize how much more goes into keeping our great lakes well… great!  You know you're addicted when you spend a full day working on the river and as soon as the day is over you go straight back to the river but with your pole! 

I was raised by a single father for my entire life so I learned everything I know from my old man. He was stuck with me on every fishing trip whether he wanted to or not since I could walk! He truly was the driving force in my passion for the great outdoors and I am so thankful for everything he has taught me on and off the water, and for always including me in all of his passions. 

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: I can’t live without any of the UPF shirts and ball cap! I am so prone to burning, and even having a scare due to heat stroke, I know how powerful and dangerous the sun is. UPF shirts are so important for us ladies out in the sun all day

Christina Robinson


My name is Christina Robinson! Born and raised in the great state of Michigan! My husband & favorite fishing partner got me hooked on fishing about 10 years ago! My favorite bodies of water to wet a line include Lake St Clair, Detroit River, St Clair River, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Saginaw River. Our top targeted species include largemouth/smallmouth bass and walleye, however, we love to also chase big northerns and panfish. Fishing isn’t just a way of life for me, it’s about having fun & making unforgettable memories to look back on with people you love. Fishing has taught me patience, perseverance and the utmost respect for nature. 

DSG fishing gear you can’t live without: I highly recommend all of DSG Fishing’s UPF shirts but I absolutely love their Fishing Wave Shirt with the addition of their ball cap! Perfect for cooler early morning temps or hot summer days trying to prevent a sunburn! 

Christine Kessler


Christine is an active outdoorswoman from Northwest Wisconsin. Her dad, a wildlife bioloigst, introduced her to everything outdoors at a young age. She began hunting and fishing early on, and continues those activities today. Her favorite fish to target is smallmouth bass, though she's certainly a multi-species fisherman and will target anything that looks like a good time. Christine also enjoys taking young people fishing and being able to be a role model for young people, especially girls, who are interested in an outdoor lifestyle. She also enjoys attending and assisting with local bass tournament weigh-ins to support her long-time boyfriend, Justin, who enjoys fishing tournaments. 

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: The hooded Wave Shirt is a great tool for staying cool and covered on sunny days. 

Courtney Barbour


Courtney Barbour, a registered nurse from northern Ontario, fills her free time in the wilderness. Although she loves to do anything outdoors her true passion is fishing. 

Her love for the outdoors started as a child. Her family would partake in many outdoor activities, her favourite being frog hunting, mushroom picking, moose hunting and of course, fishing! She has  successfully targeted numerous species including; lakers, brookies, rainbows, splake, walleye, perch, and pike. She has a great passion for catch and release fishing and conservation. 

Courtney has reported back amazing reviews about the DSG summer line. She is 5’9” with a curvy feminine shape wears a size Lg/Xl and loves the relaxed, comfortable fit. Her favourite piece is the solid long sleeve shirt. She is very excited to bring DSG along to work towards her fishing bucket list. 

Devon Mullenbach


Devon has been in the outdoors ever since she can remember. From hunting, camping, hiking, and fishing. She grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota where she learned most of her outdoors skills from her father, step father and grandfather. Currently residing in Iowa with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

There is not a time during the year that you won’t find her outdoors doing what she loves. Being a sportwoman is something that she is truly passionate about. From helping and teaching women in the outdoors to uplifting, encouraging and empowering them as well.

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: My favorite DSG piece would be the Realtree wave shirts! Love the feel, breathability, UPF, and the colors!

Instagram: outdoor_dev

Kari Hart


From being born in a small town in Manitoba where you wouldn't find it on most maps, the outdoors has been a way of life for my family and I. From farming, hunting, fishing and everything in between, that was my upbringing. Growing up on an exotic animal farm including elk and buffalo, we always knew the importance of where our meals came from. Spending the days seeing what fish I was able to pull out of the rivers in my backyard is what first got me intrigued into fishing. My family moving to Ontario gave me the opportunity to explore and fish different bodies of water. From fishing bass to pike, I then made the jump into fighting the monsters also know as King Salmon (Chinook) on Lake Ontario, and opened up a whole new addiction for me. Although I do consider myself a multi-species angler, I target Salmon primarily while being part of all tournaments and derbies on the north shore and actively involved in the salmon world. Volunteering at our local hatchery raising Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Atlantic Salmon and Chinook has been eye opening. Its an important resource for all anglers to appreciate as to know where our great fishery comes from and enables us to continue to do what we love.

My work life is running a home for special care, looking after mentally disabled men and is a live in, 24 hour a day job for me. So when I'm able to escape my work life, the water is my second home and gives me the opportunity to regroup and appreciate all the little things we take for granted on a day to day basis.

Being on this team of a strong group of female anglers is something I'm proud to be apart of. Representing a brand that cares and understands female anglers needs and necessities to the finest detail is second to none.

I look forward to what the future brings with this amazing group of ladies and am delighted to be part of team.

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: Whenever someone asks me what my favorite product is, I would have to say the Real Tree Camo 1/4 Zip Shirt in Aqua. That being said, from the fishing to hunting to the snow,  I have tried it all and couldn't be happier with all products.

Tails up

Kayla Nevius


Picture and biography coming soon!

Keri Asher


Picture and biography coming soon!

Lauren Preston


My name is Lauren and I grew up fishing with my father around my hometown of Valders, Wisconsin. As an avid outdoorsman, I found myself constantly going on adventures with him and some of my best memories as a child were outdoors on the lake or in the woods. I am very grateful to him for passing on his love of the outdoors to me. 

I am lucky enough to live next to Lake Michigan and get to fish this outstanding lake often. I have always loved to fish but in the past few years I have found myself exploring and trying new things such as fishing new areas, targeting new species of fish, and overall trying to improve my skills as a fisherman. In the last year or two I have picked up fly fishing, musky fishing, walleye fishing, and more. I love new challenges and so it has been a very fun adventure for me and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. My favorite thing about the outdoors is being able to share my passion with friends and family. When I am not outdoors, I am busy being a full-time dental student working towards my DDS degree. 

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: I absolutely love the hooded wave shirt! It is the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn. The hood and the UPF 50 are a game changer for being out on the lake all day as well! No more getting fried in the sun. 

Instagram @lauren.marie.preston

Michaela Goulbourne


Picture and biography coming soon!

Find me Doing Something Great on Instagram @fishergirl_

Nicole King


My name is Nicole, I live in Northwest Wisconsin, and I’m a Register Nurse with a strong passion for fishing. I was a part of the DSG ice team and I’m very excited to continue on the DSG open water team this year!

My love for fishing started at a young age thanks to my dad. I grew up on a small creek where he taught me how target multiple species including smallmouth bass, walleye, and pike. As I got older my passion for fishing increased and I strived for more independence on the water. I bought my first fishing kayak and have been exploring and fishing as much as possible. You can find me on the water year round chasing multiple species, but my favorite species to target are Muskies. I think it’s the name, the fish of 10,000 casts, and the amount of time that goes in to chasing Muskies that makes it that much more rewarding when one finally hits the net! 

I am excited to represent DSG on the open water team and help promote women in the fishing industry. I hope by sharing my passion for the outdoors and fishing that it will help inspire other women to join in the sport and feel welcome in an otherwise male dominated industry. 

DSG fishing gear you can’t live without: I love the DSG wave shirt! The shirt is UPF 50 so it will protect you from the sun as the fabric is super soft. The shirt has mesh sides that make it breathable to help you stay cool and keep you on the water longer!

Instagram: Nicolelynn_outdoors

Nicole Rognstad


Picture and biography coming soon!

Instagram: nikkiray09 

Roxane Dupuis


Picture and biography coming soon!

Sara Clarke


Picture and biography coming soon!

Sarah Amy


Picture and biography coming soon! 

Sarah Delyea


Hello again, my name is Sarah Delyea, I was so fortunate to be a part of the DSG ice team last winter. I'm now beyond ecstatic to represent the 1st year of the DSG open water line. Who wouldn't want to rep UPF50 clothing that's soft, vibrant & stylish? I'm a 30 year old mother to a little outdoorsman, now 4.5 years old, who is well on his way to walking through his mother's shoes of living for the outdoor life. Our home base in Southern Ontario, Canada. 

My love for the outdoors began at a very young age on the many fishing adventures my father would bring me to. He introduced me to many different species throughout the year, and it was hard to pick just one I loved. I've resorted to being a multispecies angler, at which my favourites are to target Jumbo Perch, Black crappie and walleye in the spring. Bass, pike, splake in the summer, and lastly whitefish, lake trout, splake & jumbo perch through the ice. Not to mention, I'm always ready and willing to learn more about as many species as I can. 

I volunteer for two children charity fishing derbies every open water season and each year it just shows how much fishing and the outdoors does for one's mental and physical state, it's a beautiful thing to watch these children attending smile from ear to ear and have the time of their life. 

Being in the outdoors is truly my happy place, a place to unwind and relax after a long work week, to relive childhood memories, and to pass on my knowledge and experience to my son, and to many other anglers of all skill levels. My family of 4 head north almost every weekend chasing tails, sunrises, sunsets and all mother nature has to offer. Tight lines everyone!"

Instagram: msflipnrip0390

Sarah Kowalewski


Growing up in Michigan meant that Sarah was on the water at a young age. Though brought up in the hunting world, Sarah has expanded her knowledge and experience in fishing since high school with her boyfriend's help. At the age of 21, she Co-founded Southeast Michigan Fishing Charters LLC ( and is also a Field Staff member for FishUSA. She is involved in her local fishing community and is a member of the Lake St. Clair Walleye Association and Michigan Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

In the past, Sarah has written articles for FishUSA & Adventuress Magazine and enjoys educating others about the outdoors. She even appeared on the Winter 2019 cover of Adventuress Magazine. She loves sharing her adventures on social media and hopes to inspire and connect with other women by doing so. Sarah enjoys jigging, trolling, handlining, and whipping for walleye the most in the spring and fall on the Detroit & St. Clair Rives and Lake St. Clair. Although she can also be found fishing for sturgeon and bass in the summer months. Sarah loves partaking in local fishing tournaments, derbies, and weekly leagues. She recently graduated with a degree in biology and is hoping to attain her captains license soon. If you can't find her on the water, she's most likely in the woods or riding her horse Linus.

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: I am a HUGE fan of visors as they are comfy and cool during the summer months so the new visors and hats are awesome! But I also love the wave shirts because of the bright pattern and hood for when the sun and bugs are too much to handle!

Sarah Kozlowski


Sarah Kozlowski is from Hayward, Wisconsin - the Musky Capital of the World, so it’s not surprising that her favorite thing to do is fish or spend her time outdoors in any way possible.

Being raised by a family very passionate about the outdoor lifestyle, the same love was instilled in her at a young age. She grew up on a lake fishing from her family’s dock for largemouth bass with a worm and a bobber. Her mother Geri, who unfortunately passed away in 2017, specifically taught her much of what she knows and started her skill bank. Geri lived for the outdoors, hunting, and especially fishing. She taught her the importance of conservation and how to be a provider. Sarah leads a very active outdoor lifestyle to commemorate her mother’s passions and live on for her.

Nowadays, Sarah spends most of her time fishing with her husband Jay, who also shares a love and passion for the outdoors. She has learned new skills and techniques from him and continues to learn more with each outing. When they are not fishing together, they’re hunting, hiking, kayaking, or at home with their two dogs Rudy and Daisy.

Her favorite fish to target on open water is smallmouth bass, especially when the top water bite starts to heat up. Musky comes in second place because the time and patience she has put in has been a learning experience since beginning to target them in 2016. It may be frustrating, but to her the chase is addicting.

The outdoors has had a very big impact on her life, both in her relationships and personal growth. She is very excited to be representing a company designed for women, by women. Sarah believes that women are the future of the outdoors. Knowing that historically, the outdoor industry is male-dominated, Sarah’s hope is to inspire and influence more female anglers to get out and find their own passion on the water. 

DSG fishing gear you can't live without: The Wave shirt! The UPF 50 feature is a game changer for sunny days and the colors are stylish for on and off the water!

You can follow along on her adventures on her Instagram @skozlowskiii 

Shannon Lane


I grew up near the shores of Lake Simcoe in Georgina Ontario Canada and currently reside on Lake Couchiching in Severn Ontario. Since I was a little girl I have had a strong connection to the outdoors and more specifically the magic that water has to offer. My dad taught me how to fish with a spinnerbait when I was seven. I have continued to follow that passion into adulthood and love learning and growing in the sport that fuels me. I enjoy multi-species fishing and I am always eager to learn new techniques. Fishing allows me to feel a deeper connection to the earth around me. It gives me peace, confidence and continues to test my patience and adaptability. 

I recently graduated with a diploma in Ecosystems Management  and I am passionate about fisheries conservation and giving back. I enjoy volunteering at local fish hatcheries in my spare time, helping to raise and stock a variety of different species for both conservation and sport fishing. 

Whether it be on the lake, river, pond or the ocean my passion is where the fish are. In the summers you can find me looking for my next PB off the stand up paddle board or exploring new water on the kayak. In the Winters you can bet I'll be fishing hard water and chasing that next bite. 

I hope that I can help to inspire others to give fishing a chance, or pursue whatever it is that they are truly passionate about. Whatever makes you the happiest, do more of that. Never let doubt or fear get in the way- you are capable of extraordinary things!

Instagram: Seahorselife_canada 

Shelby Dean


My name is Shelby Dean and I grew up in Dowling Michigan. I am Pro staff on both the open water team and the ice team! Living only miles from one of the best small mouth bass lakes in Michigan, we lived on the water as a family. If I wasn’t in the boat fishing with my dad I was at the lake watching him weigh in after his tournament. I am a BAM ( Bass Anglers of Michigan) member and fish tournaments with my brother dad, and now my husband.

As far back as I can remember, I have been so in love and interested in everything fishing. From growing up and bonding with my dad on the boat, to going with friends after school and work, to fishing all summer long with my husband to this day. Bass fishing is my favorite by far and something I feel like I have become really knowledgeable about. However I enjoy salmon fishing, bow fishing, and pan fishing in the winter.

I find true happiness in helping others achieve on the water. As far as sharing tips and baits, taking friends to spots I have been successful at and seeing them enjoy it as much as I do. I love learning more about fishing in every season that passes and sharing my knowledge with others. I hope that I can help inspire other woman to get outdoors and enjoy everything it has to offer. I strive to be as idolizing as the girls on DSG fishing team have been to me. It is a privilege and a blessing to be apart of this amazing group of woman. I am so excited to see what adventures, fishing trips, and friendships the future holds.

Stephanie Ray


Picture and biography coming soon! 



Open applications for the team are currently closed, but when and if we add women to the team, it’s after careful consideration of how they would fit into our current team environment. If you’re curious, here’s some of the important questions we consider when choosing our team:

  • Is the applicant truly into fishing?
  • Does the applicant post to social media frequently while fishing?
  • Does the applicant have a public and personal Instagram account?
  • Is the applicant involved in fishing related events or activities?
  • Are the applicant’s social media posts clean; refraining from alcohol/drug use, nudity or profanity?
  • Does the applicant have a positive social media presence or one that supports other women?
  • Does the applicant support DSG Outerwear?
Want to spark our attention? Social media posts are one way to do that. Please tag us when sporting your DSG Outerwear apparel posts by using @dsgfish on Instagram and DSG Outerwear-Women's Fishing Apparel on Facebook and you can use the hashtags #DSGFish and #DoingSomethingGreat