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Jenny Anderson


Jenny Anderson is an outdoor and travel creative based in the Twin Cities. She comes with a hodgepodge of titles including blogger, author, storyteller, videographer/photographer... but ultimately, her passion is to create to inspire women, families and people of all backgrounds, abilities and skill levels to get outside.

As someone who didn't grow up doing anything "outdoorsy," she believes it's never too late to find your passion and get on the water.

Jenny's go-to fish species include lake trout, walleye, smallmouth, crappie and bluegill; she loves them all! As for how she got into fishing, she used to cover the outdoor beat as a news reporter in western Wisconsin. That's also where she met her husband who took her ice fishing on their third date. She pulled up a 28-inch walleye on a tip-up and you could say she was instantly "hooked!" As a wife and mama of two toddlers, fishing has become the perfect outdoor activity for her family. It's an accessible sport – one that can be enjoyed from the shore, a dock, a canoe/kayak or boat.

Jenny is looking forward to another open water season with DSG, an organization that promotes women in the fishing industry while creating gear that serves a purpose. She is all for style meets comfort meets function. A few of her favorite products for this season include the Reversible Midi Top, 3-in-1 Cargo Pants and the Reversible Bucket Hat. Happy fishing!

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Krysten Potega


Born and raised in Northern Illinois, Krysten spent all her free-time both hunting and fishing. Realizing those passions she moved to Central Wisconsin to attend UWSP where she graduated with he Bachelors in Biogeoscience and minor in Adventure Education, Geology, and Earth Materials. While at school she met her husband and decided to make the great state of Wisconsin home. She now spends all her free time outdoors enjoying all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer!


Instagram: @Krystenpotega

Facebook: Krysten Potega

TikTok: Krysten Potega


Nicole Stone


My name is Nicole Stone and I live in Northern Minnesota with my husband and 7 month old daughter. I grew up on a small family farm where the outdoors was literally our an entire life. I started fishing the local river around the age of 6 and that passion has kept on growing into adulthood. I went to school for Atmospheric Science and after a few years in the field decided I wanted to transition back to the outdoors, where I currently make a living as a fishing influencer and working on tech.

I currently drive a Polar Kraft Kodiak 200, and I love taking it throughout northern Minnesota and Manitoba targeting trophy walleye and panfish.

My favorite part of DSG is that they offer such a diverse set of gear, they have me covered when it's 90 degrees AND when it's windy, cool and rainy. Best of all I can be layered for the days on the water when I have to prepared for all of those things. I'm typically outfitted in the Journey suit or Malea Jacket in the morning, then I layer down to the Victoria (or razorback) and boat leggings midday, with my Harlow rain suit (and even ice suit) always packed in my boat and ready to go.


Instagram: @nicolestoneoutdoors

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TikTok: @nicolestoneoutdoors

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 Sarah Kozlowski20230521-003417000-ios-sarah-kozlowski.jpg

Sarah Kozlowski has been a member of the DSG Fish Team since 2020 and this year was selected as Team Lead. She is from Hayward, Wisconsin where she was raised by a family very passionate about the outdoors. She grew up on a lake fishing from her family's dock for panfish and largemouth bass. Her mother, who unfortunately passed in 2017, taught her much of what she knows and started her skill bank, the importance of conservation and how to be a provider.

After Sarah earned her Bachelor's Degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology from St. Cloud State University, she moved home shortly after, and now works for Indian Health Services. Sarah spends most of her time fishing with her husband, Jay. She also enjoys hunting, foraging, traveling, gardening, kayaking or spending time with her two dogs, Rudy and Daisy.

Sarah's favorite fish to target during the open water season is smallmouth bass. She says there is nothing like the fight smallies put up, especially on top water. When the smallmouth aren't biting, you can usually find her and her husband chasing walleyes.


Instagram: @skozlowskiii

TikTok: @skozlowskiii

Facebook: @skozlowskiii

YouTube: @skozlowskiii


Susie Busta


Susie is a born and raised Minnesotan. She, her husband and son reside in Northern Minnesota and spend most of their free time doing some type of outdoor activity.
Fishing has been a passion of Susie’s since she was young, specifically open water fishing. Her Mom was an avid fisher-woman and she recalls watching her bring home fish, playing with her tackle box and fishing pole. Ice fishing came later in life, but has grown into just as much of an obsession as open water fishing. “I am always learning and wanting to try something new, it drives me.”
Her and her husband love to take their son out fishing with them, and they have done so since he was around seven months old. You can often find them on ice or in the boat trying to reel in the big one!
Susie hopes to inspire other new mothers who are unsure about taking their kids fishing and women who have never ice fished before. “You are never too late to learn and you are more capable than you think. Don’t let your mind restrict you to what you “think” you can do.”

Instagram: @susie.busta

TikTok: @susiebusta

Facebook: Susie Busta 


 Devon Mullenbach


Devon Mullenbach was born and raised in southern Minnesota. She currently resides in north central Iowa with her boyfriend, Derrick, and their two dogs. Ever since she can remember, she’s been in the outdoors with her father, grandfather and step-father where they fished and mostly deer hunted. In high school, her love for fishing and bird hunting flourished.

Devon has been on the team since the original Arctic Appeal ice suit made its debut in 2019. She has a strong passion for the outdoors. Bird hunting is her ultimate favorite-from ducks, geese, doves, pheasants and turkeys. Fishing comes in at a strong second. She’s a multi-species angler that loves to fish all year round. Crappies are at the top of her list but she also loves walleyes, catfish, bluegills and trout on the fly rod. Devon doesn’t limit her time to only those species. Muskies, bass, lake trout, sturgeon…the list goes on! If it swims, she wants to target it!

You can find Devon in the outdoors any time of the year. Outside of fishing and hunting, she loves to camp, hike, kayak, and forage.

Instagram: @outdoor_dev

Facebook: Outdoor Dev


Ashley Dawson


Ashley is from Hudson, Florida. She loves the wide variety of fishing that Florida has to offer, but her all time favorite is jumping massive Tarpon off the flats and catching Peacock Bass in the canals of Miami.


Instagram: @AshleyDawson_Outdoors

TikTok: @AshleyDawson_Outdoors


Roxane Dupuis


Roxane is from the central region of Quebec. She has been fishing for 10 years and hunting for 6. Her and her husband own an ice fishing outfitter on the Saint-Laurent river. Roxane is a bricklayer/mason construction contractor. She has been a part of the DSG team for 5 years ago, and believes that being outdoors is a way of living! Roxane loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with family and friends. While she doesn't have a particular favorite, she admits that she loves walleye in winter and bass in summer. She mainly fishes out of a kayak because she loves being close to nature. 



Facebook: Roxane Dupuis

TikTok: @roxanedupuis


Nicole King


From northwestern Wisconsin, Nicole is a registered nurse with a strong passion for fishing. That love for fishing started at a young age thanks to her dad. She grew up on a small creek, where he taught Nicole how to target species that included smallmouth bass, walleye, and pike. These days, she especially enjoys exploring and fishing from a fishing kayak, but you can find her on the water year-round chasing anything she can! Above all, her favorite species to target are muskies. She says, "I think it's the name, 'the fish of 10,000 casts', and the amount of time that goes into chasing muskies that makes it much more rewarding when one finally hits the net.


Instagram: @nincolelynn_outdoors

Facebook: Nicole Lynn Outdoors

TikTok: @nicolelynn_outdoors


Ricca Retzloff


Ricca is from western Wisconsin. She enjoys the outdoor lifestyle and loves to hunt and fish. She has been able to represent DSG for the last 4 years and is excited to continue to represent the brand.
Her passion for the outdoors started at an early age. Ricca grew up spending my weekends out on the ice fishing with the family. Growing up on a dairy farm in the winter, her dad had a little down time to enjoy what he loved and brought the family along on the ice.
As Ricca gets older my passion for fishing only increases year by year. She now enjoys ice fishing, open water, trout fishing, and kayak fishing. She would say she is a multi-species angler and that she enjoy fishing with others and alone. There’s something about going out on the water by yourself and having a successful day, that is so rewarding. It is also enjoyable to go with friends and seeing their success that is just as rewarding if not more.
Ricca's goal is to get out with more women and kids and get them into fishing. She aims to represent women in the fishing world in a positive and professional way; showing what she enjoys and love about the sport and hopefully passing it on.
She loves being apart of DSG team and what they stand for and support. Being an all women’s brand and being right here in my home state of Wisconsin is something to be proud of!
Her favorite summer go to gear is the Chloe hooded sun shirt, with the midi layered underneath, with the boat leggings. Talk about comfort and sun protection all in one!


Instagram: @rretzloff

Facebook: Ricca Retzloff

TikTok: @rretzlof


 Christine Rowe


Christine is from northwestern Wisconsin. She is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, but you can find her outdoors during the majority of her free time. She has been fishing since she was a kid, starting with her dad who is a wildlife biologist. Today, she enjoys fishing for a wide range of species mainly including bass, trout, and panfish. You can follow along on her outdoor adventures on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook.


Instagram: @christine.l.rowe

Facebook: Christine Kessler

YouTube: @christine.l.rowe13


Andrea Nivolo


Andrea is from a small town in Connecticut she started saltwater fishing with her parents at three years old (maybe even younger). Her family had a saltwater boat that was docked in Westerly, Rhode Island. She would tag along with her parents while they competitively fished for Tuna and Sharks. Being exposed to the ocean and being on a boat at such a young age inspired her to keep up her passion for fishing into adulthood. Now, she shares her passion with her two young children. She also volunteers her time with the Connecticut DEEP Youth Fisheries Division encouraging families and children of all ages to become involved with outdoor and fishing-related activities such as state wide trout stocking. She also plans on implementing "MOM and ME" and "WOMEN ONLY" fishing classes and seminars in the upcoming months.


Instagram: @theblondeangler

Facebook: Andrea Nivolo Outdoors

TikTok: @theblondeangler


Stephanie Ray



Stephanie resides in southern Michigan on an all sports lake, working full-time managing a Physical Therapy clinic. She began fishing at a young age with her Dad, and her passion has always been panfish. She loves being outside year round on the water fishing, bowfishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, or in the woods hunting for whatever is in season!


Instagram: @The_gazelle_16

Facebook: Gazelle Outdoors

TikTok: Gazelle Outdoors

YouTube: @the_gazelle_16


Christina Robinson


Christina Robinson is a native to the great northern state of Michigan where the water is fresh and the fish are abundant. She has always considered herself an enthusiast of the great outdoors, enjoying all of the gifts that nature has to offer. Fishing became the one thing that truly encompassed everything she loves about escaping to the outdoors. As the years pass she is constantly looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and continue to be successful in the pursuit of the sport.
Christina is continuously evolving as an angler and is blessed to live in such a beautiful state that has no shortage of freshwater fisheries. More recently she has been exploring larger bodies of water which has expanded her horizons and has also provided a greater opportunity to pursue multiple species. She mostly enjoys dropping a line into Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay and the St. Clair River. Her favorite species to target are walleye but also include large and smallmouth bass, northern pike, and panfish. Whether it be open water or hard water season you will find Christina chasing after her personal best year round. Fishing is not just a recreational sport that she loves to participate in. It has taught her to be patient, to continuously evolve, and to create unforgettable memories.


Instagram: @cahenry12

Facebook: @christina.henry.31


Kayla Frome


Kayla Frome is a passionate Angler and is apart of the DSG Elite Fishing Team. She loves to spend most of her time out on the open water chasing Muskies, or Ice Fishing during the winter for Basin Crappies.

Kayla grew up near a very small town in Northwest Wisconsin on a large farm. Harvesting deer and fishing for panfish for a fish fry were a part of her life growing up in the country. She now resides in Bloomer, WI with her husband Luke, daughter Leah, and their three dogs.

Kayla’s husband Luke got her hooked on Muskie fishing, he would take her to his family cabin on LCO to fish for them. That's where her passion for the sport sparked.

She also enjoys fishing for other species of fish and just started trout fishing this year.
Goes to show you it’s never to late to learn something new!

Her goal is to spread joy and show other women and young girls that they can have fun fishing too!


Instagram: @kastingwithkayla

Facebook: Kasting with Kayla

TikTok: @KaylaFrome

YouTube: Kayla Frome





Brianne Leys


Brianne grew up on a small acreage in Manitoba, Canada. She grew up loving the outdoors, but didn’t start fishing until she was an adult. She started open water fishing and when Ice season hit, not being able to fish for five months seemed impossible, and her fishing addiction began.

Brianne is a multi species angler, but her favorite species to target are Brown Trout and Blue Gill. She loves the places and adventures that fishing takes her and being able to experience the great outdoors is something she deeply cherishes.

When she's not fishing, you can find her camping with her husband and their dog Nova. She's expecting in October 2023 and looks forward to sharing her love for fishing and the outdoors with her child.


Instagram: @queenbee.9

Facebook: Brianne Leys


 Brittany Bassett


Brittany is from a small town in Southern California called Menifee. She is an all around angler who loves to target largemouth bass, striped bass, smallmouth, crappie and catfish. She doesn't just keep it fresh, she also loves to get salty and go chase after bluefin tuna and yellowtail. But out of all those largemouth will always have her heart. Fishing doesn't run in her family but somehow, family trips to the river and lakes growing up always pushed her curiosity to catch fish and over the years it got stronger and became a passion.


Instagram: @brittanybassett

Facebook: Brittany Bassett

TikTok: @Brittanybassett3614


Dori Sell


Kind of like the explorer…kind of like the fish…. Dori enjoys all things outdoors! Dori currently resides in Omro, WI after living in a camper for 5 years, while her husband traveled for work.  Dori has been involved in the outdoors for as long as she can remember. Growing up, her summers were spent walleye or pan fishing on the boat with the whole family.  She will never pass on a good panfish bite or a snack in the boat.

Her favorite fishing memory is catching crappies in her front yard after moving into her house in 2020. Little did she know she would have one of her favorite fish in her front yard, when she moved in.

Dori is excited to be welcomed back to the team as pro staff for a second year! She thinks representing women being authentic in the outdoor industry is huge. She is happy to play a part in that vital role for the younger generation. 


Instagram: @dorii_sell

Facebook: @dorii_sell



Karine Belanger


Karine Belanger is from Vaudreuil (Quebec, Canada). She has been fishing since 2015 and fishes all year round! Whether it's in a boat with her dad, alone in a kayak or on the ice, as long as she is fishing she is happy! The main species she fishes for are Pike, Walleye, Bass, Musky, Perch and Catfish. She doesn't have a favorite because she likes to change up what she targets, but the one that gives her the biggest adrenaline rush is the Northern Pike. She finds that fishing is a true passion that takes you through a variety of emotions, takes you on great adventures and allows you to develop great friendships. But what she appreciate the most is the time she gets to spend fishing with her dad.


Instagram: @ka_belanger

Facebook: Karine Belanger

TikTok: @karine_hoodini



Pamela Godin


Pamela is 26 years old and lives in Quebec City, Canada . She started fishing at the age of 4 with her little princess fishing rod. Through the years, her passion grew become bigger and bigger. She love fishing for pike. Every fight they put on, big or small, is impressive. Their veracity and strength makes them her favorite species. For several years, she has traveled across Quebec and Canada to see more visit more areas to fish and make memories. Fishing has become a way of life for her. Learning that she was going to be part of the DSG Family earlier this spring made her feverish, she says. "To see a company encouraging women in the sport of fishing is important. Each product is designed with quality, genius, but above all designed for each of us." Her favorites from DSG are the long-sleeve, breathable UPF shirts. Her days in the sun are now more than pleasant, and she hope to be able to encourage even more women to show their colors with her passion for fishing.


Instagram: @Pamgodin1997


Kaitlin Stallard


Kaitlin is from Bemidji, Minnesota and loves to explore the lakes in her area. She grew up fishing with her dad at their lake cabin on Rainy Lake, as well as ice fishing in the winter. Kaitlin grew up fishing for walleye but now she loves chasing panfish and bass as well! When she’s not fishing, she’s spending time with her fiancé and their fur baby, Mac.


Instagram: @Kaitlin17marie

Facebook: Kaitlin Stallard


Sami Jo Comiskey


Sami Jo is originally from Chicago IL and now lives in Green Bay WI with fiance Alex she'll marry in July 2023. She is a Registered Nurse by trade and loves to fish whenever the weather cooperates!
She grew up fishing with her Dad and Uncle in the harbors in Chicago for perch and on the Wolf River for walleyes and white bass! She joined her college/s fishing team to learn more about fishing and took her dads boat out in the river for walleyes, white bass and whatever would bite. When she met her fiancé, he introduced her to the crazy world of muskie fishing and she was instantly hooked. They are actually taking their honeymoon to the northwoods to chase muskies this summer!
This is Sami Jo's second year with DSG and she is so excited to be the team for another season. She cannot live with out her Harlow and Journey rain gear, and uses them to stay warm and keep the bugs off while night fishing. She also adores the sunshirts, as they keep her protected from sunburn.


Instagram: @Samijo6195


Glorianne Boyd


Glorianne lives in North Central Florida with her husband, Ryan and triplet 2 year old boys Austin, Caden, and Dawson. Glorianne’s love for fishing started at a young age fishing with her dad and family friends in lakes and ponds for mostly catfish and bass. She always surprised everyone with how hands on she wanted to be and never afraid to get dirty! Now that she lives in Florida and blessed to have access to both salt and freshwater fishing spots to go to with her husband her passion has grown even more and they look forward to traveling around and targeting a variety of species of fish!
Glorianne and her husband own a wildlife removal company and hunting preserve in Northeast Florida so these days she seems to be in the woods more than fishing, but she will still tell you although she loves hunting if she had to choose she’d rather be on the water fishing any day!

Glorianne is very excited to be apart of both DSG hunt and fish team again this year and hopes to encourage other women to start learning about the natural world around them and get hands on with the outdoors!


Instagram: @wildtech_girl


 Hope Jackson


Hope Jackson lives in Tampa Bay, Florida. She is an assistant manager for Tarpon Fishing Outfitters, continuing her passion for fishing within the fishing industry itself. She has gotten the opportunity to be a DSG Pro Staff member.

She has been passionate about fishing for as long as she can remember. Growing up, there was a lake right in her backyard and she spent countless hours fishing with her neighborhood friends, catching largemouth bass and other freshwater species. Being only a few miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, she has many opportunities to catch different saltwater species. This includes Tarpon, her favorite, also known as the “Silver Kings”; whether it was from land, on a boat, or even on a kayak. She’s fished in lakes, rivers, and oceans so each experience has been unique and unforgettable.

She is honored to have the opportunity to be apart of the DSG Pro Staff Team and continue to promote women in the fishing industry. DSG Outerwear is the brand that all women angler need to have in their clothing selection. For her, fishing is about more than just catching fish. It's about being in tune with nature, learning about different species and their habitats, and experiencing the beauty of the world around us.


Instagram: @_hopieee_


Lilianne Plouffe


Lilianne is from Sainte-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac(Quebec/Canada).
She’s been working in cardiology for almost 10 years now and she’s also very passionate for fishing. She's hooked and now she can't get enough.
Lilianne fishes a lot of species: Walleye, trout, musky, pan fish, pike, bass, striped bass and landlocked salmon. What she likes the most about fishing is to spend time in nature and the fact that she’s always learning about this amazing passion!


Instagram: @lili_fishing

Facebook: Lilianne Plouffe


April Williams


April, also known as "that Michigan gal”. lives in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

She works for the Michigan DNR at Palms Book State Park, also known as “Kitchitikipi”. When she's not working, she's out fishing!

This is April's second year with the DSG fish team and she is beyond excited for what’s next to catch and the new friends she'll meet!

Her passion for fishing started young fishing along side of her brother. She never had any interest in learning about rods, reels, baits or any of it… she just wanted to catch the fish! As she grew older, so did her appreciation for fishing. She's obtained so much knowledge and still learning to this day! April loves fishing from her kayak on local inland lakes, and she mostly targets bass and pike. She encourages everyone to get out on the water and do something great!


Instagram: @that_michigan_gal

TikTok: @that_michigan_gal


 Sarah Adler


Sarah currently lives in Gladwin, Michigan but grew up just minutes from Lake St. Clair in southeast Michigan. Sarah lives with her husband Evan, beagle Abbie, and cat Dottie. Evan is a charter captain and the one that really supported her in her love of fishing. She is a Utility Designer for Consumers Energy and enjoys working from home. Her favorite species to target are sturgeon and walleye.... but does enjoy reeling in a dipsie fish while salmon fishing every once in a while! Sarah enjoys teaching new ladies all about fishing and hosts events in Michigan to get more ladies involved. Lastly she enjoys tournament fishing in her spare time with friends and family. Sarah is always looking for the next adventure whether it be out on the water, on the ice, or in the woods!


Instagram: @hellosarahsueee

Facebook: Southeast Michigan Fishing Charters LLC


 Rene Coatta


Rene is from a small coastal town in British Columbia Canada called Powell River. Although she never grew up fishing, a local fishing store put on a program so kids could learn to fish 8 years ago that Rene’s kids attended. When her son fell in love with fishing so did Rene. She says “his passion quickly became my passion and I have been fishing ever since!”

Rene is blessed to live right on the ocean and loves that she has the opportunity to go fishing right at her doorstep. She loves to fish both saltwater and freshwater with her favourite species being the flounder. She is truly her happiest when she is out on the water!

This is Rene's second year with DSG and she couldn’t be more thrilled to be on the team again. She loves being able to represent such an amazing brand in the outdoor industry! Her favourite gear is the sun shirts as they protect her from getting sunburnt out on the water.


Instagram: @rene.nicole

Facebook: Rene Coatta


Roxanne Lebeuf


Roxanne grew up and lives in Northern Quebec (Canada) and she is literally fueled by nature. You can find her outdoors during the majority of her free time. Her addiction for fishing just came since 2021, where she bought her first boat with her husband.

Today, she enjoys fishing for a wide range of species mainly including walleye, pike and sturgeon. She also love to hardwater fishing on the majestic Fjord du Saguenay and target that red bubbly fish and some cod.

Although open water fishing is her favorite thing in the world, she also loves hunting, trapping, hiking, foraging, paddleboarding, chasing sunset and northern lights.

You can follow along on her outdoor adventures on her Instagram and TikTok.


Instagram: @rxnnl

TikTok: @roxannelebeuf


 Kim Runge


Kim Runge is from the small town of Freedom, WI. She grew up fishing with her parents and grandparents on central and northern Wisconsin lakes. Although she started out by targeting mainly panfish, walleye and northern pike, she has since expanded to target a wider variety of fish species all year round including musky and trout.
Kim's favorite fish species to target is walleyes - specifically in spring walleye run which is what always kicks off her open water fishing season.
Fishing has always been something that Kim has enjoyed. She enjoys sharing her passion for the outdoors and her fishing adventures with those around her and encourages others to do the same. It is great to be a part of a community with others who have similar interests and passions. Being on the DSG team has opened up a lot of doors and has been the start of many friendships for Kim. She is excited to continue repping a brand that she believes in!


Instagram: @trigger_kimmer

Facebook: Kim Runge


Renee Flatland


Renee Flatland lives in Northwestern Wisconsin. She is an avid outdoors woman who loves to hunt and fish.

Her two favorite species to target are bass and trout. Renee's love for fishing has grown more and more over the years; she started fishing with her grandfather when she was young and has continued into adulthood. She and her grandpa still go out in the canoe and catch crappies and bluegill when they can sneak away.

Renee loves to be outdoors and to enjoy nature. Fishing is one of her favorite ways to do that.


Instagram: @renflatland

Facebook: Renee Flatland

TikTok: @renflatland


Vana Korhonen


Vana is from Northern WI, and enjoys everything to do with the outdoors! She started fishing with her Dad when she was very young, and has continued to grow that passion her entire life! When she is not on the water with her boyfriend Josh or her friends, she enjoys all types of photography!

Her favorite species to target is a toss-up between Lake Trout and Muskies, as both offer such a hard and exhilarating fight! Out of all of the places she has fished, Lake Superior will always be number one because of the incredible sunrises, bright blue water, and breathtaking views!

She hopes that by continuing to share her passion for the outdoors, it will encourage other women to get outside and start making some great lifelong memories!


Instagram: @vana.leslee


Jessica Hill


Jessica Hill is an avid saltwater angler in Corpus Christi, Texas. She first started fishing after moving there with her husband in 2016 and has never looked back! Jessica grew up doing ballet and wearing tutus, so learning how to fish was a completely new experience for her! As she’s grown as an angler, she’s found joy and a new confidence in herself that she hopes to help other women find as they, too, explore more of the outdoors. She can usually be found on a boat in the flats of the Laguna Madre seeking speckled trout and red drum.

Jessica is very excited to be a part of the DSGFish Pro Team this year! She loves that they offer gear for women that actually fits and has so many practical features (POCKETS!). She hopes that other women see her success as an angler and think, “If she can do it, then so can I!” Her DSG favorites are the Boat Leggings and Sun Shirts; they’re ultra lightweight and UPF 50+, so they’re ideal for sun and heat protection on the Gulf!


Instagram: @jessica_hill_2017

Facebook: Jess in the Outdoors


Taylor Cunningham


Taylor is an Orthopedic Physician Assistant located in Eau Claire, WI and she loves everything outdoors and adventure related. Her love for fishing began when she went to Canada with her family at a very young age, and caught a northern pike on her own (reeled it in and even held it). She thought it was the biggest fish in the world, and has been chasing that feeling ever since.

Taylor has been a part of the DSG Team for two ice seasons, and this will be her third open water season. She recently began participating in more competitive bass tournaments, and will begin fishing kayak tournaments this year. Her favorite species to target are inland trout, early spring panfish, and all things smallmouth bass.

Taylor began wearing DSG Outerwear after a really terrible sunburn one spring, and thought it was time to look into some UPF gear. She found one shirt at her local Scheels and was hooked ever since - pun intended. Her favorite gear from this open water season includes the Reversible Midi Top, the Charli UPF Sunshirt, and the High-Waisted UPF Boat Leggings. The perfect, complete outfit to spend a day comfortable on the water, without the worry of getting too much sun.

I look forward to working with DSG Outerwear for another season, and promoting women in the outdoors. This company strives to make comfortable, functional, and fashionable outerwear for the active outdoorswoman, with a team of strong, independent females leading the way. Tight Lines!


Instagram: @Taylortello

Facebook: Taylortello

Tik Tok: @Taylortello

YouTube: @Taylortello5


Tawney Clum


Tawney Clum AKA Mrs.Clumdog is from eastern Washington, residing in Elk and loves all things outdoors. She has always been in a male driven industry starting as a mechanic, working her way up to running shops and is now Client relations and Arbitration manager for an Auto auction. She always loved fishing but never really understood the biology behind it. Her husband took her on their first date(Ice fishing) and she was hooked. They now own a fishing charter and fishing has become a way of life for her, her husband and their two daughters. Their favorite species to catch is definitely Lake trout, they even named their pup LAKER, but they guide for multiple species and share their knowledge and tack ticks on their you tube channel.

Tawney spends her free time taking ladies and youth out with her, showing them the ropes and helping them gain the confidence to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. She is more than excited to be a part of the DSG fishing team with some amazing fellow lady anglers who strive to empower other woman all while being protected, comfortable, cute and confident in DSGs amazing gear!!


Instagram: @MrsClumdog

Facebook: Clumdog Outdoors

TikTok: @MrsClumdog

YouTube: Clumdog Outdoors


Jessica Kroke


Captain Jessica Kroke, a die hard fisherman, has over 25 years of fishing and boating experience. From the fresh water lakes of Minnesota, to the gin clear waters of the Florida keys. Jessica has the experience and know how to insure you a great day on the water. She runs REEL BLONDE CHARTERS out of the South Tampa Bay area. Don't miss a chance to have tight line with this Captain!


Instagram: @reelblonde.capt

Facebook: Reel Blonde Charters


Haley England


Haley, also known as HDEfarmpondjunkie, is a kayak bass angler. Haley grew up in the great state of Missouri running trot lines with her grandfather. Late evenings were worth the anticipation of finding out what they would pull up the next morning. The catfish would range anywhere from 5lb to 50lb. From there, he taught her a little bit about crappie fishing and then she decided to take on the challenge of bass fishing. Although she's fished for many species, she find bass to be her favorite and is always trying to find new ways to catch that next monster bass.

Instagram: @Hdefarmpondjunkie

Facebook: Hde Farmpondjunkie


Anne-Catherine Vezina


Anne-Catherine is from Levis, Québec. She considers herself a nature lover in constant wonder. It was her grandfather who passed on a passion for the outdoors to her.

She is always ready for a fishing trip. Catching or not, the important thing is to have a good time! Nothing is better than being in the outdoors.

She is a jeweler and her creations are of course inspired by the beauty of nature. Anne-Catherine's jewelry craft specializes in pieces made from rifle shells.

One of her other passions is cooking, her friends nicknamed her ''la foodie''. She loves to cook, but above all... to eat!


Instagram: @creationanne4therine

TikTok: @anne4therine


Chelsea Lynn


Chelsea is from Thorne Ontario, a small town along the Ottawa River. She met her boyfriend back in 2015 and that's who introduced her to fishing. It started with back lake adventures in the canoe in and within the same year she picked up a bait cast and caught her first musky. After that it didn't take long for the passion to take over. Chelsea has always loved the outdoors but had only fished a handful of times prior to 2015. Chelsea is a multi species angler but dedicates a majority of her open water season to musky fishing. When she isn't fishing you will find her hiking in the woods or out in her kayak, Chelsea lives for the outdoors.


Instagram: @chelseaalynn

Facebook: Chelsea Alexandra Lynn


Kaylee Russell


Kaylee is located in Gladwin, MI originally from Sanford, MI. She currently works full time at worldwide company called Saint Gobain as a material handler. Kaylee also work part time for her family's wedding barn during the summer time. Her dad got me into fishing at a very young age and her passion grew from there. Kaylee got lucky to find her husband Keegan who is also an outdoor addict like herself! Her favorite species to target is king salmon trolling on Lake Michigan, and she also enjoys walleye fishing on the Saginaw Bay. Kaylee loves supporting and encouraging women to become involved in fishing, it is truly amazing to watch their confidence blossom.


Instagram: @kaylee_russell22


Courtney Bouwens


Courtney Bouwens is from Comstock Park, Michigan and when she isn’t enjoying the outdoors she is an ICU registered nurse. Her dad started taking her out at just 2 months old and ever since Courtney has been an outdoors fanatic with hunting,fishing, and just simply exploring the great outdoors. She always has something to target all year long. Her passion for fishing has expanded significantly since she was young and is trying different fishing techniques and to learn more. Two years ago she started a goal to travel to a different state other than Michigan once a year to fish or hunt. Her favorite fish to target are trout but specifically brown trout because they are smart, beautiful and all look completely different. She also loves to target crappie. Courtney loves that she can represent such a great company like DSG that is for women specifically. She hopes to inspire other women to enjoy the outdoors. You can follow her adventures on her socials below.


Instagram: @Courtneybouwens_

TikTok: @Courtneybouwens_


Cari Lipple


 Cari Lipple lives in small town called Cedarville in the Easter Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Cari is a special education teacher and currently getting her Masters in Learning Disabilities. She loves to spend her summers fishing on Lake Huron. She enjoys being on the water any chance she gets, anytime of the year. Her favorite fish to target are Pike and Salmon.
Her love for fishing started when she started dating her husband Greg in College at Northern Michigan University. Cari and her husband Greg own a charter fishing business where they target Lake Trout, Salmon, Pike and Bass.
This is Cari’s second year on the DSG team! She says she can’t live without the Harlow rain gear. On warm sunny days you can find Cari in the DSG Solid Sun Shirt.
When Cari isn’t on the water you can find her hunting, working out or just hanging out with her chickens.


Instagram: @cari.lipple

Facebook: Cari Lipple


Tristen Harms


Tristen Harms was raised on a small farm in southern Manitoba. After moving away to pursue a career as a Chef she has moved home. She is currently taking her Early Childhood Education Diploma, and has taken on a job as a director in a daycare.

Tristen began fishing at a young age with her dad and grandpa but didn’t fish much until after she moved back home. It rekindled her interest in fishing and that is when the real addiction began.

Tristen is a multi-species angler but loves to fish for panfish, walleye and lake trout. It doesn’t matter if it is open water or hard water, you will find Tristen and her fur baby Rogue chasing that next catch any time they can!


Instagram: @tristenharms

Facebook: Tristen Harms


Katelyn Beaver


Katelyn Beaver lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the waters of Little Bay De Noc. Katelyn's Dad and Papa started to take her fishing as soon as her mom would allow it. Some of Katelyn's earliest memories are showing off their catches at the boat launch. Fish fry's were her go to for birthday dinners. Life got busy as Katelyn grew older, but she started to hit the water again during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time she also started to make fishing lures. Now, this hobby has become a business called Beavers Lures!

Katelyn's favorite species to target is Phat Walleye through the ice. Little Bay has prime spawning grounds for trophy Walleye. Katelyn says, "There's just something about them once they hit that 30" mark." One thing Katelyn will be trying this spring is Walleye spearing. Spearfishing game fish just recently became legal in the Great Lakes! She considers herself to be a bit of an adrenaline junky. You can follow Katelyn's adventures on Instagram and Facebook!

It can be intimidating trying something new, especially in the outdoors. Katelyn hopes that by sharing her passion it will inspire other women to get outside and find something they love. She believes that the harder something is, the more rewarding it is. Katelyn thinks that's why she likes fishing and hunting so much.

DSG has been an amazing company to promote. Finally a company that specializes in women's outdoor gear. If you enjoy winter activities you need the 1200g insulated boots! Another one of Katelyn's favorites is the Victoria Snap-Up shirt. Its breathable, has UPF 50+ protection, and is super cute!


Instagram: @Katelyn.Beaver

Facebook: Katelyn Beaver


Morgan Blood


Morgan Blood is from Central Minnesota where she is a Forensic Technician during the week and an avid outdoors woman on the weekend. Morgan was introduced to hunting and fishing by her parents and it has now become a lifestyle rather than just a hobby for her.
She shares this passion with her boyfriend Tre and their German Shorthaired Pointer Onyx, when it comes to hunting and fishing they do it ALL.
Morgan’s favorite species to target is crappie and walleye but is always up for catching anything that will bite!
Morgan is very passionate about sharing her love for the outdoors and encourages everyone to get out on the water to make memories that will last a lifetime!


Instagram: @morganblood7

Facebook: Morgan Blood

TikTok: @morganblood


Amy Diekevers


Amy Diekevers was born and raised in the Great Lakes State and lives in Byron Center MI. She is a nationwide commercial building permit expeditor that secures building permits for tenant build outs & has been doing that for nearly 20 years.

Growing up, Amy didn’t fish much. It wasn't until she met her husband Greg, who was already an avid fisherman, that fishing became a big part of her life. Now you will almost always find the two of them fishing together during their free time.

Her favorite fish to target is walleye. She jigs the Detroit River in April and fishes Saginaw Bay from early May into late fall/early winter. She also does some salmon fishing on Lake Michigan and enjoys pan fishing on local inland lakes.

When Amy isn’t fishing you will likely find her and Greg spending time with their 6 married/adult kids and 7 grandkids! However, much of their family time together is revolved around fishing. Whether it’s on their boat, casting from shore or just hanging out at the campground. Fun Fact! The first gift each grandchild receives from grandma and grandpa when they’re just a day or two old, is a brand new fishing pole! Now that’s starting them young! Family, fishing and making memories.

Amy’s goals as a female angler are to continue to learn and grow in the sport. To lift up and encourage other female anglers and most importantly to always have fun!


Instagram: @amydiek_

Facebook: Amy Diekevers


Taylor Whitman


Taylor Whitman lives in northwestern Wisconsin and drives a quad axle dump truck by trade.

She enjoys fishing from her kayak and her favorite species to fish for on open water is largemouth bass.

Her favorite thing about the DSG community is the friendships and bonds she’s made with the many women she’s met while being a part of it.

She hopes to continue bringing you quality and well thought out content for you to enjoy.

Taylor’s favorite pieces from the 2023 Open Water collection are the Reversible Midi Tank and the Chloe Hooded Sun Shirt.


Instagram: @dieselqueen

TikTok: @dieselqueen855


Megan Dornbusch


Megan Dornbusch is an avid outdoor enthusiast from eastern North Dakota. She spends a lot of her free time fishing the Minnesota central lakes area or venturing up to Lake of the Woods or Devils Lake with her husband, toddler, and German Wirehaired pointer. Walleye, crappies, and trophy pike are at the top of her list of favorite species to target.

Megan grew up in central Minnesota and has been fishing as long as she can remember. Her passion for it was especially renewed when she met her husband Alex in 2014 who got her more involved in the sport than she had been as a kid. Since then, her independence as an angler has grown and so has her confidence.

On the weekends, you can find her and her husband taking their toddler out on the water, the ice, or into the field on a hunting adventure which they’ve been doing since he was just two months old. It doesn’t come without compromise and slowing things down or scaling back the adventures, but Megan hopes to inspire other mothers by sharing what is possible while making memories and enjoying the great outdoors with her family.


Instagram: @averagejaneoutdoors

Facebook: Average Jane Outdoors


Heather Iverson


Heather Iverson is a Michigan native. She grew up fishing for bass and bluegill on her grandpa's lake. As a teenager she enjoyed fly fishing the hex hatch for brown trout with her dad. Today she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and 2 kids, passing on the love of hunting, fishing, trapping, and foraging. 

Heather's favorite species to fish for are bass (both large and smallmouth) and crappie. Fly fishing for largemouth and bluegill are also a favorite. She enjoys an annual family walleye fishing trip with 22 of her extended family members up on Lake Kabetogema in northern Minnesota.

She has been a part of the DSG fish team since 2022 and her daughter, Kayden, has recently been excited that she can wear DSG as well. It is their hope that by sharing their outdoor experiences that other moms are inspired to get outdoors with their kids too!


Instagram: @heather_iverson_outdoors

Facebook: Heather Iverson Outdoorswoman


Brittany Peeters


Brittany Peeters was born and raised in Northern Manitoba and currently resides in Northern Saskatchewan. The area is surrounded by countless beautiful lakes with a variety of fish species. Her favorite summer species to target are Lake Trout and Northern Pike! Brittany loves fishing from the boat and kayak as well as taking photos of the beautiful Northern surroundings along the adventure.
She began fishing when she was four years old, when her family purchased a remote lakefront wilderness cabin where she began learning the foundations of fishing for Walleye, Perch, and Northern Pike. Brittany is now enjoying introducing her own young daughter to the outdoors lifestyle!


Instagram: @brittanypeeters


Kelsey Bell


Kelsey is a bird specialist with a fish infatuation! Meaning, in her professional life (and often spare time), she is watching and researching birds, but the rest of the time you’ll find her by the water fishing. Fishing did not become a real passion for Kelsey until her adult years, but for her, it’s the constant learning and challenge that draws her to back to the water every time. Kelsey considers herself a multi-species angler and loves the challenge of trying new target species. Although Kelsey enjoys all types of fishing, she is definitely partial to fly fishing. One of Kelsey’s favourite fish to target is channel catfish, but with a twist, because she does it all on the fly.

Kelsey grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), but met a boy from Wisconsin and ended up marrying him in 2021. She now splits her time between Wisconsin and Manitoba while the Visa applications are getting sorted. She enjoys fishing both sides of the border and learning the different styles and techniques that come with each location.

Kelsey loves to connect with other anglers and stays active with different organizations, including Manitoba Fly Fisher’s Association and Manitoba Wildlife Federation, to help promote women as anglers in her community. Kelsey hopes that by sharing her outdoor experiences she can encourage and empower other women to get out there!


Instagram: @kelsey.inthewild

Facebook: @kelsey.inthewild

TikTok: @kelsey.inthewild


Melissa Lindsay

Melissa Lindsay was born and raised in Nova Scotia, but currently resides in Manitoba. She spends her free time outdoors; exploring, hunting and of course fishing. All with her sidekick and adventure buddy, her Irish Setter – Little Ann.

When people ask her what her favorite species to target is, she has a tough time answering. She calls herself a multi species angler who really loves variety, getting out of her comfort zone, implementing different techniques, and exploring her beautiful province chasing a hot bite. You can find her on the ice, in the boat or kayak or on the riverbank. She loves it all and there’s always something in season so there is never a break from fishing. She also enjoys volunteering and helping teach and guide new anglers to become more confident while learning to fish.

Melissa has been a member of the DSG fish team since the beginning and what she loves most about the brand is the multitude of options available to women. DSG offers gear for every season and situation in a wide range of sizes. As a plus size woman with not a lot of options available on the market for her, this is invaluable. Being outfitted in proper gear keeps her comfortable and able to fish harder and longer which she says has been invaluable.


Instagram: @turkeygirl.mb


Rain Williams


Rain Williams is from South Carolina. She enjoys fishing for many species of fish but largemouth bass is her favorite. She started fishing at a young age and was taught by her mom and dad.


Instagram: @rain_outdoors

Facebook: Rain Outdoors

TikTok: Rain Outdoors

YouTube: Rain Outdoors


Lisa Tadgell


Lisa Tadgell was born and raised in Strathroy, Ontario Canada. She now lives in Port Franks, Ontario right on Lake Huron with her husband of 38 years. Her love for the outdoors began when she was very young with the encouragement from her grandpas and  Dad.  Fishing and hunting has been passed down to her 3 children and now enjoys teaching and taking out her granddaughters. Living close to the Great Lakes gives her ample opportunity to get out and catch a variety of fish.
She enjoys mentoring and taking other women to experience the outdoors. She has 25 years volunteering for Ducks Unlimited with the last 4 years as a Chairwomen for her own chapter in Strathroy. You can also find her up at Horwood Lake Lodge in Timmins  which she is Pro Staff for the lodge.
Lisa has been part of DSG for 3 years now which she started in 2020 as field staff for the hunting team, she is proud to say she is on all  5 DSG Teams now! She loves to represent DSG as being an older outdoor women she finally found outdoor clothing that actually fits her. She can remember when she first started fishing n hunting no one made ladies outdoor apparel.
“Take the time for pictures those are the  memories” and “Live life to the fullest”  are her mottos . And if you see her on social media platforms you can definitely see she has a passion for the outdoors.

Instagram: @lisatadgell
Facebook: Lisa Tadgell
TikTok: @lisatadgell 


Payton Hanssen


Payton Hanssen is a Western New York native with a strong passion for fishing and the outdoors. When she's not out fishing for fun she is working for the US Fish and Wildlife service as a fisheries technician, working to restore trout habitat.
She is stoked to be part of the DSG Fish Open Water Team and is excited to help promote women in the fishing industry!
Her favorite species to fish for are steelhead on the fly but being a true multi species angler, just about any fish make her happy! Her favorite thing to do is try and catch new species in new areas whether that be Tarpon in Puerto Rico or Brook Trout in mountain lakes in Utah! She hopes that sharing her adventures in the outdoors will inspire other ladies to join in on the sport and to share their own fishing adventures!


Instagram: @paytonh31

Facebook: Payton Hanssen

TikTok: @paytonhanssen


Ashley West


Meet Ashley West. She lives in Southern Minnesota and is a Surgical Technician for a local hospital near her hometown. In her time not spent at work, you can find her fishing with her 2 kids, who love the outdoors just as much as she does!

Ashley’s passion for fishing was brought into her life at a young age. She spent her teenage years fishing with her grandpa on the Mississippi River. Catching Walleyes was what they were after! Ashley is a multi species angler. She loves targeting Walleyes, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Muskies and Trout.

Ashley is super excited to be apart of DSG Open Water Fishing team this 2023 season! “It is my honor to support a woman for woman brand! Being a woman in the fishing industry is something to be proud of! My kids often tell me how often they get told they are so lucky to have a mom take them fishing! I hope to inspire my children that you can do anything you set your mind & heart too! I love how my passion for fishing has become there’s as well and all the amazing memories we share makes it even better!”


Instagram: @adventurous.ash22

Facebook: Ashley West


Hannah Hayes


Hannah is a full time dog trainer in Turtle Lake, North Dakota. When she’s not on her boat fishing the great waters of central North Dakota, you can find her wandering the prairie behind her spaniels and vizslas in pursuit of upland game birds. Hannah’s love for fishing was instilled at a young age by her father in small town Indiana. She grew up with a small pond in her backyard and fished for largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill either from the shore or as co-captain on her dad’s little john boat named the “Stump Jumper.”

When Hannah moved to North Dakota, she had her dad’s 29-year-old Stump Jumper in tow and started her journey to independence on the water. She fished for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, and perch for two years until she realized she needed more boat under her in order to get the most out of the North Dakota open water fishing. This year, she purchased her first boat; a ‘97 Lund Angler named the “Red Slider” and has brought many fish to boat already; some even personal bests!

Hannah’s favorite species to target is walleye. Figuring out what lure they’re biting, what color, live bait or plastic, what depth, etc. is a puzzle she never grows tired of solving. Not to mention they are good eating and one of her favorite things to do with the filets is gift them to her friends, family, and neighbors.

The ladies that are a part of DSG Outdoors ProStaff team have been an inspiration to Hannah for years. Those girls are some of the most talented, driven, kind, and motivated anglers she knows. Hannah is excited to be a part of the team and has no trouble putting her DSG gear to heavy use!


Instagram: @hunnunuhh


Krystal Lee


Krystal Lee was born and raised in Illinois. She was fortunate to travel up north frequently to camp, fish and explore the outdoors with family and friends. Krystal works as an ecologist aiding in native prairie, wetland, and woodland restoration and stewardship. She spends a majority of her time outdoors for both work and pleasure. Krystal’s father introduced her to fishing as soon as she could walk. Not only did Krystal fish open water she also participated in ice fishing derbies as a young child. During high school, Krystal’s passion for fishing deepened and continues to blossom as she evolves and develops new skills. She enjoys fishing for a multitude of species from saltwater to freshwater with the goals to catch different species across the globe. However, she mainly targets largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, panfish, salmon, and northern pike. She has fished for musky only a handful of times and intends to spend more time targeting the fish of 10,000 casts.

You can follow Krystal’s outdoor adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!

Instagram: @misskrys_wilderness
Facebook: @Miss Krys Wilderness
TikTok: @misskryswilderness


Melissa H-Pelletier


Melissa lives in Lac-St-Jean, Quebec and has been fishing for about 5 years. She really likes to catch different species of fish. Trout and chinook salmon are my favorite fish to catch. What Melissa enjoys most about fishing is spending quality time with friends or her partner and enjoying the wonderful outdoor locations nearby. When she fishes, her head rests and she no longer thinks of anything, it's a real passion.


Instagram: @___hpelletierm

Facebook: Melissa H-Pelletier




If open applications for the team are open, there will be a link on this page - DSG is Growing Our Fishing Team. In general, when and if we add women to the team, it’s after careful consideration of how they would fit into our current team environment. If you’re curious, here’s some of the important questions we consider when choosing our team:

  • Is the applicant truly into fishing?
  • Does the applicant post to social media frequently while fishing?
  • Does the applicant have a public and personal Instagram account?
  • Is the applicant involved in fishing related events or activities?
  • Are the applicant’s social media posts clean; refraining from alcohol/drug use, nudity or profanity?
  • Does the applicant have a positive social media presence or one that supports other women?
  • Does the applicant support DSG Outerwear?
Want to spark our attention? Social media posts are one way to do that. Please tag us when sporting your DSG Outerwear apparel posts by using @dsgfish on Instagram and DSG Outerwear-Women's Fishing Apparel on Facebook and you can use the hashtags #DSGFish and #DoingSomethingGreat