Riding the Perimeter of the Gaspe Peninsula - My Bucket List Trip!

Posted by Tonnya Sayah - DSG Outerwear Ambassador on Jul 17th 2018

My Bucket List TripAs snowmobilers we all have those trips that we know we have to do! There are a few on my list, Yellowstone, The UP, and of course as with many east coasters The Gaspe! This ye … read more

Preparing Properly for Rider Fatigue while Riding Snowmobiles

Posted by Kim Black - DSG Alaska Snow Ambassador on Jun 27th 2018

Traversing through trees, climbing hills and jumping ravines on a snow machine all require energy. While a solid understanding of throttle control and experience behind the handlebars is necessary, … read more

One for Diddy by Realtree

Posted by DSG Outerwear on Jun 26th 2018

Every now and then a story just grabs you and pulls you in.  This is one of those stories that Realtree put together and we were lucky enough to have our new Bexley Ripstop apparel featured in … read more

Snowmobiling Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick for Seven Days!

Posted by Carole Fisher - DSG Ambassador on Apr 16th 2018

If you are looking for an incredible snowmobile riding trip, read the following story highlighting each day of Carole Fishers trip,and start planning because it doesn't get any better!  Day … read more