With years of experience in making female-specific outdoor apparel specifically in hunting and snowmobiling, it is only natural to launch a female-specific line of ice fishing clothes! Women's ice fishing apparel is a passion that fits right into DSG’s Wisconsin based business where ice fishing is a popular past time in the winter. Read more.

DSG owners, designers and team members all enjoy getting out on the ice and know there are specific needs within the clothing line to make a comfortable and successful fishing trip.

DSG Outerwear makes ice fishing clothes for petite to plus size women with a size range of XS-5XL, and women's ice fishing boots sized 6- 11. The design and development team at DSG has refined the fit for all by bringing in fit models, measuring multiple customers at consumer shows, and taking customer feedback into consideration. Our ice fishing apparel features helpful details like adjustable bib inseams (32.5” to 28.5”), waistbands, loops, and jacket pull cords that allow one to cinch the jacket in as needed.   

Second, women want to wear an attractive ice fishing coat or suit that doesn't have too much bulk. DSG works hard to balance fashion and function, bringing us to our third point.  Function is very important to staying warm and dry. Nothing ruins an ice fishing trip more quickly than being cold and wet!   DSG’s ice fishing equipment is 100% waterproof and insulated with name-brand materials so that you stay very warm and dry when on the ice. DSG stands for Doing Something Great and is taken to heart with our female clothing! It is believed that we are doing something great by not using the typical “shrink it and pink it” mentality that is often used for women’s gear in male dominated sports. DSG Outerwear only makes female ice fishing clothes that are warm, comfortable, fashionable, and functional!

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