Snow Team

DSG Backcountry and Trail Sponsored Riders

Carole Fisher


I have been riding a snowmobile since I was holding onto the handlebars with my dad driving in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. I sled with 3 generations of my family on trips all over Nova Scotia. I trail ride anywhere I can in Atlantic Canada, Eastern USA, Quebec etc. I am a Coordinator of NSYS- Nova Scotia Youth Snowmobilers group enjoying the passion and love of snowmobiling with the next generation and I have been fortunate to be a DSG Ambassador & Sponsor Rider for 5 Winters.

I have attended the International Snowmobile Festival for two years riding over 800 miles in 3 days each year!  I backpacked on my sled for 7 days travelling over 2200 km in Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick.  My husband Adam and I were the first couple to receive “Couple of the Year” award from the Snowmobile Association of Nova Scotia- SANS for our volunteering efforts at snowmobile clubs, races, events, committee, trail building and maintenance etc. I was chosen to be on a Women Expert Panel on International Women’s Day representing women in snowmobiling at the Outdoor Show. I have been recognized as a member of the Captains Club for Ride for Dad Silver level fundraising for the fight against Prostate Cancer, I have snowmobiled 4 years supporting this cause.  I usually put on over 2500 miles each year on my snowmobile. I attended a backcountry DSG Clinic with Stephanie Schwartz in Cooper Harbour, Michigan USA where I got to meet the rest of the rad DSG Ambassadors. I also sledded in Wisconsin for 7 days. I recently attended the 50th Anniversary of the International Snowmobile Congress here in Halifax Nova Scotia where NSYS got to do a presentation with KAOS from Wisconsin, USA to encourage youth in snowmobiling.

I currently ride a 2018 Skidoo Renegade Backcountry 146 with a 1.6 Ice Cobra track.  When I can’t play in the white powder I am enjoying my Harley, classic cars, 4 wheeler or boating in the summertime at our cottage on the lake in Westchester Mountain. My husband and I own an excavation company and manufacture an excavator attachment call Ditch Doctor. I grew up in the forestry, wild blueberry farming and construction industry, my family enjoys all four seasons spending time together outside.  I have 7 nieces I have taught to snowmobile, downhill ski and skate so we can enjoy winter together while staying warm in our favorite DSG Outerwear!

What's your favorite DSG gear? My favorite item is the DSG Trail Mittens! They keep me warm and dry on any trail riding adventures I enjoy!

Cass Mercer


My name is Cass Mercer. I am backcountry mountain rider from a little town in Northwestern Colorado where we get about 9 months of winter. I started riding in 2003 when I got my first sled as my graduation present, it was a 1995 Polaris Indy 600.I pretty much stuck to the trails back then it wasn’t until I upgrade to 1998 Skidoo 670 Summit X I started to fall in love with the sport and now I’m currently on a 2017 Polaris Axys an riding is now what I live for there is no other feeling like it, it’s so hard to explain. Each year that I’ve been riding I have progressed and I always chose one thing to work on with the hopes of mastering it by the end of the season. This season my goal is to master the elevator.

 I’m the manager for a Structural Steel, Fabrication & Recycling Company, Where I sell steel, read structural plans, make shop drawings and coordinate trucking for scrap recycling. I have worked in the steel industry for 13yrs.

 Over the years I gained self-confidence with some encouragement from Stephanie Schwartz and my good friend Jessica Carter, I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone  and show other ladies that they can do it just like me, So I started Braapchicks4Life Ladies Rides which is now on its  6th year this season. I also started to travel to support other ladies rides & Clinics. This Last season was one of my most rewarding season, myself and 3 amazing Friends took a week-long trip together Attending DSG –ladies Clinic in Togwotee Wyoming then continued onto Backcountry Ladies Ride in Cooke City Montana.

 I am also Partners in a Facebook group called Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions; it’s where we post the current snow depths, weather reports, avalanche conditions, also work with clubs and rescues teams. Last season we helped with the rescue efforts of four lost men over Christmas and raise over $8k dollars for the clubs & rescue teams that aided in that rescue effort.

 I’m a sponsored rider for DSG outerwear-snow, Extreme Realities, TKI CNC, More Freaking Power, Backcountry United, NEKKR & Guide for Savage Sisters Guided Snow Adventures.

 What's your favorite DSG gear? I have more than one favorite DSG item but my absolute favorite would have to my Prizm Technical Jacket because it fits my chest area extremely well without being bulky and it has stood up to my crashes and riding threw trees with no marks, tears or scuffs!!

Darian Campbell


Hi there I'm Darian. I am 20 years old and live in beautiful British Columbia Canada. I started my mountain sledding adventures with my dad when I was 13 years old. In march 2016 I attended my first ladies clinic where we all had some good stucks, laughs and learned a lot. We inspired each other practice, keep pushing and to get better, that's what snowmobiling is all about! That summer I became a part of the DSG brand ambassador team for the following winter and have been with DSG ever since. I am very excited to be on the DSG elite team this season! Getting out riding has allowed me to meet so many amazing friends and women who love snowmobiling just as much as I do. This season I am looking forward to getting out on the mountain, having a ton of fun, learning new things, and exploring new areas. When I am not out snowmobiling I am working to pay for all my hobbies. I am a Certified Dental Assistant, and on the weekends once winter is over you can find me outside fishing, hunting or hiking! You can follow my adventures on instagram @ darian_campbell

What's your favourite DSG gear? I can't ride without my D-Tech Base Layer Neckwarmer! I use it to keep nose warm and help prevent snow from going down my jacket. I also LOVE the warm trail gloves because even though I'm sweating from riding, I need them to keep my fingers warm on those -25° C (-15° F) days! 

Heather Tupper


I grew up snowmobiling in the Snowy Range in southeast Wyoming.  We’d head to a big field and my dad would let me drive.  I’d put the throttle down (he fell off the back more than once) and I’d go full speed toward the trees (my husband might say that some things never change).  Sometime in my Jr. High days I decided I didn’t like snowmobiling because it wasn’t “cool” and I stopped going.  Boy, if I knew then what I know now…

Fast forward to 2010.  Hubby and I decide to get a couple of 90s model Arctic Cats to make the 2 mile trek to our cabin in the winter; everything snowballed from there (ha, ha) and by the end of that season we were both on Gen 2 Polaris RMKs.  We started riding with some friends that taught us basic skills, encouraged us to take avalanche safety, and carried us further into this sport and industry. We have upgraded our machines once or twice, figured out our favorite must-have aftermarket parts, and stayed up-to-date on the best safety gear to make sure we get back to the truck after a day of riding. While there have been a few trips to other areas to ride, it is hard to leave our own nearby playground.  We have taken clinics together and completed our AIARE 1 Avalanche course. My husband is my main riding partner, he pushes me, cheers me on, and digs me out.  Most weekends you will find us in the backcountry of southeast Wyoming or northern Colorado playing in the snow.

Over the past several years of being a part of the DSG family I have been fortunate to “meet” so many amazing ladies in the sport and I hope to meet more in person as the years go on.    Being a part of this movement of women that are taking charge in an industry has been so fulfilling. I enjoy visiting with fellow female riders and learning about how they got into the sport and what they love about it.  I’m excited for the upcoming season with opportunities to meet new friends, visit new places, and spend as much time on the mountain as possible. 

What's your favorite DSG gear? I have several, but one of my favorites are the DSG socks. I have been through A LOT of socks!  It drives me crazy when they slouch down, or even worse, bunch up in my boots! I have never had a problem with these socks doing either of those things.  They are warm but don't make my feet sweat.

Jessica Carter


Hello Snow friends, my name is Jessica Carter, I call the Northern corner of Wyoming home and I am so excited to be sharing my bio with you! I currently ride a 2017 Ski Doo 850 154 track; she is a powerful and squirrely little beast and I love every moment I get to spend in the backcountry with her.

Although my dad introduced me to sledding when I was younger I was scared to death of the machines so I didn’t spend any time on them as a kid. In college I was reintroduced by a few friends that liked to sled the backcountry of Togwotee near Jackson Hole WY. After joining them for few years I knew I was no longer afraid of the machines and that I was addicted to riding. Fast forward a few years to where I am now married and starting a new life with my husband. We were sitting down talking about what hobbies our family should get into and I immediately yelled “Sledding”. We haven’t looked back since that night!

2012 I bought my first new sled and that is when my riding passion hit full force. I followed my heart to become more of an independent rider and I took my first 15-hour journey to Halfway OR to ride with over 60 amazing women at my first ever ladies ride. This journey pushed me out of my comfort zone with many first time ever experiences. I pulled a trailer for the first time ever, drove the furthest I have ever drove by myself ever, and showed up to an event where I knew absolutely no one! It was the best thing I could have ever done! If you are ever thinking of doing something like this DO IT! Get out of your comfort zone you will grow so much as a women rider!

Each season I make goals for myself to achieve in my riding ability. What I love about this sport is you are really are never perfect. The self-challenge of this sport constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone forcing you to grow both mentally and physically. Break those comfort zones ladies!

I have been super grateful to have been with DSG Outerwear since 2015 and am so excited to be representing them another season on the snow as an elite sponsored rider. I can’t wait to share my snow adventures with you all this season!

What's your favorite DSG gear? I do love everything so its hard to narrow it down to one item, but if I had to pick one it would be my Prizm Jacket! As a backcountry rider I love the light weight feel of the jacket, the way it moves while riding, how it cuts the cold wind, the bright color, and how warm I stay while out riding and pushing.

Kendall Steinhoff


Welcome to my bio, I’m Kendall! I’m a trail rider from Madison, Wisconsin. I got into snowmobiling through family friends and my first trip riding was in Three Lakes, WI during the Vintage Ride at Bonnie’s Lakeside. After that I was hooked, and now ride anywhere in Northern Wisconsin and the UP – with a few out West trips with DSG here and there. My favorite place to ride is the Mercer area and the Flambeau Flowage. As Ricky Bobby would say, “I wanna go fast!” To me, the best thing about snowmobiling is the tranquility and the reward. Nothing beats mastering a new skill or doing something for the first time. I love this sport and want to inspire other women (of all ages) to get into it!

What's your favorite DSG gear? My favorite DSG gear are any of the bibs. The adjustable snap inseam is genius, and the 32.5” unsnapped inseam is just perfect for us tall girls!

Kim Black


As a lifelong Alaskan, snow is part of my DNA. Whether it be snowshoeing, sledding, skiing or snowmobiling I love exploring the great outdoors in winter. I was exposed to snowmobiling when I was young, mostly riding around the cabin or being towed behind in a sled, but my passion for the sport began about 18 years ago.

I purchased my first snowmobile and trailer and began riding with a group of guys. The suspensions weren’t what they are now and being small framed I got thrown around quite a bit. My now husband and I spent many hours each weekend honing our riding skills. After a few years, I was able to keep up with the guys, but was sometimes bored with their conversations at the end of the day. I began searching for more female riders that were passionate about the sport and am happy to have found some lifelong friends in the process.

My playground in Alaska is vast and doesn’t have the same restricted access as other parts of the United States. This allows us to explore varied terrain, such as mountain riding, trail riding and boondocking in a single day without running into any other riders. Each year I try to pick a few skills that I would like to work on and focus on them through the season. Last year was picking lines through trees and there really is something therapeutic about this exercise. Of course, I climbed a few trees and broke a few hand guards in the process but that is all part of the learning curve. I think it’s important to push past your fears and work on areas each season that will help you become a better rider.

I’ve been part of the DSG Outerwear Snow Team since 2015 and am proud to represent a company that is at the forefront of innovation for female riders. I believe that when women support each other incredible things can happen and look forward to another season of “Doing Something Great!” 

What's your favorite DSG gear? So hard to pick my favorite DSG item. I love them all. If I had to pick, I would go with the DSG base layer. I wear these year round and they keep me warm, comfortable and look great on.

Miranda Hamlin


My name is Miranda Hamlin. I am from southern Minnesota and ride anywhere there is snow – both the mountain and the trail. In the winter, I travel a lot with family and friends to the mountains, and I enjoy visiting new ranges and meeting up and making new friends to ride with. I have been riding since I was a toddler. My dad was a small engine repair man, so at a young age, I knew my way around a carburetor, how adjust a chain, and grease up a sled. As time has gone, the sleds have become more sophisticated (No complaining here J) and have newer technology, so exhaust valves and belt drives are my new friend. I have found it fun over the past five years getting my mountain sled set up for my height, weight, and stature to be fun and challenging – adjusting the shocks, track, ski stance, and handle bar width. I enjoy riding anywhere. There is no way to explain the quiet of the mountain, and the view of a good challenging line that I hope I can make it through (Ah Confidence Right!), or the rip down a smooth trail at sunset with trees tapering over laced with ice and snow. Riding clears my mind and sets me free. 

What's your favorite DSG gear? I have lots of favorites for the gear, but one of my absolute favorite items is the DSG Roller Bag - It fist absolutely everything!!! I can use it all year round, and it is insanely durable! Beyond crazy how well made this gear bag is!

Tanya Vogt


Hi!  My name is Tanya Vogt, and I live in Lloydminster Alberta Canada.  

I have been sledding my whole life.  I remember cruising around our farm on my grandpas old Rolo-Flex.  As a kid, my Mom, Dad, Brothers and I would spend entire winters out on our sleds.  My favorite memories are of our annual Christmas snowmobiling trip.  This cemented a life long passion for snowmobiling with me.

Now that I am grown, and have a family of my own, my husband and I have instilled this same passion on to our kids.  My riding crew regularly consists of my husband and our three kids (who all ride their own sleds as well).  We generally ride trail here in Alberta, and Saskatchewan, but try to get off the beaten path as often as we can.  I am constantly trying to push myself to improve my riding skills, and go out of my comfort zones.  Some of the biggest hurdles I have overcome are not being afraid of the throttle and learning that falling off isn't necessarily all bad. I still have a long way to go, but I am proud of how far I have come. 

My husband and I are currently working on getting a local club and trail system going in our area.  It is slow going, and a mountainous process, but we are certain that it will come to be with a little hard work. 

I came on board as a DSG ambassador three seasons ago, after I purchased my first set of craze gear, and absolutely fell in love with it.  I am so grateful for the opportunity DSG has given me, and I am so proud to join the elite crew and represent a company that is so supportive of women riders! 

I strongly believe that when women come together and support each other great things can happen!  Looking forward to another awesome season!  See you on the snow! 

What's your favorite DSG gear?  It's so hard to choose just one!  I think I would have to go with my Rime boots.  I have a notoriously cold right foot.  No matter what I do, it's always cold.  Until I got these boots!  Absolutely love them!

Tonya Brooks


I’ve been riding since 2010 and started on a Ski Doo Rev my boyfriend (now wonderful Husband) bought for me to see if I would like the sport.  I eventually traded up to an XP and later switched to a 13’ Polaris Pro 800 163 and I’m currently on a 16 Axys 800 163.

I’m from Lewiston, Idaho and I’ve been at the local pulp and paper mill for 26 years.  My current job is a heavy equipment operator working on a chip and sawdust pile in a Wagner dozer.  My husband also works at the mill and we enjoy a 4 on 4 off schedule of 12 hour shifts so we can spend a lot of our free time in the mountains of the McCall area, where we have a cabin. We ride a 2017 Turbo Rzr in the “off season.”

My husband, Wayne, and I were married in Juneau, Alaska high atop the ice fields near Mendenhall glacier during a helicopter tour.  I wore a pink and black dress, ice cleat boots and my (original) DSG Divine jacket.  We were wed July 9, 2017 and during our summer ceremony during our vows, it snowed! (I’ve always thought it was a sign!)

I have a 17 year old son (Dalton Edgar) who’s been riding since he was 7 with an Indy 500. Dalton is on a Polaris Pro 800 and is a very skilled rider.  I strongly support family riding and weekend get away time with friends and family.  This sport has brought so many wonderful people into our lives.

The last two years I’ve branched out past my comfort zone and started to attend women’s rides.  The rides are such confidence boosters for everyone who attends!  I’ve also attended 4 women’s riding clinics.  I’ve traveled to (Houghton, Michigan), (Togwotee, Wyoming), (Sicamous, British Colombia) and (Alpine, Wyoming).  I believe women ride and learn to ride different than some of the men I ride with and clinics are a great opportunity to learn new skills.  Stephanie Schwartz is an amazing instructor and friend.

I help to moderate a women’s only Facebook group called “Throttle Chix.”  The group has dirt riders as well as all forms of snow riders.  The page is an open forum for women to ask questions, sell gear, get mechanical advise for their machines, bond with other riders and lastly to help organize rides and benefits.

I spend a lot of time behind the lens of my camera capturing my friends and family riding in the beautiful backcountry.  Photography is a hobby and I post A LOT of pictures on my Facebook and Instagram (tonya83501) if you’re interested in seeing the backcountry of Idaho, because we aren’t just potatoes, check out my posts and let me know what you like.

I’ve been and Ambassador, Legacy Ambassador, Sponsored rider, and member of the focus group for DSG over the course of the last 5 years.  I’ll be filling a role in the Elite Sponsored Rider group this season. I look forward to the expansion of new divisions and helping to make the snow line the best ever!

What's your favorite DSG gear? I'll list my endless supply of Versa Style gloves! I have almost every color and started wearing them when you sent me a pair before they were released. I use them about two seasons then "hand them down" to rzr riding and my "truck" gloves for loading/unloading and putting the sled deck ramp away, etc. I love that they are light weight and allow me to ride technical without a bulky palm. 

Yvonne Weston


My name is Yvonne Weston and I live in the beautiful small town of 100 Mile House, BC.

I am 41 and have been a backcountry/mountain rider for 10 years. I started out on a 1995 Polaris Ultra 680 and have slowly upgraded over the year. I currently ride a 2018 Arctic Cat M8000 162.

My incredibly patient husband has been my greatest supporter and teacher over the years. He is always there to teach me new tricks, cheer me on, dig me out or laugh at me. I wouldn’t be where I am without his support.

We have a 15-year-old son who loves the snow as much as we do. He’s a quick learner and figured out how to carve his sled when he was 9 years old on his 1978 ET250. It has been so much fun watching him progress over the years.

I love riding the BC backcountry and mountains. Sledding is by far the most fun, challenging and exhilarating sport I have ever participated in, and you will find me at the mountain every chance I get from October to late May. One of the things I love the most about this sport are the people I have met along the way. Sledders are incredibly supportive of one another and many life-long friendships have been formed while out riding. I love seeing more and more women get into this amazing sport!

I have been a huge fan and supporter of DSG Outerwear for many years and have been working with them as ambassador and sponsored rider for the past 5 years. This year I will part of the DSG Elite Backcountry Rider Team and am proud to represent such an amazing company. I was a huge fan of DSG Outerwear long before I became an ambassador. I am beyond happy with the performance of all my DSG gear.

I look forward to an amazing year of sledding adventures. See you on the snow!

What's your favorite DSG gear? That’s a tough one, I have many favorites, but if I had to chose one it would be the DSG Prizm Technical gear. It keeps me warm and dry; it is super comfortable, extremely durable and I just love the bright colors.