Snow Team

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DSG Ambassadors

Amanda Condie


Amanda is an extremely passionate woman, especially when snowmobiling. She was first introduced to the steep and deep in 2011 and has been chasing the snow-dream ever since. From the moment she fell in love with her sleds and the “pretty white stuff,” she has been riding, training, racing, and up-skilling in every way possible. 

In 2013, she began to race RMSHA (Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association) as a bucket list goal. After two fantastic seasons, she hung up her racing helmet to attain her Master/Graduate Degree. 

Amanda finds solace while riding and discovering the beautiful backcountry across the Western USA (primarily Utah & Montana) with the love of her life, as well as sharing her passion for the sport with others. As an experienced ambassador and sportswoman, she has travelled across North America riding, racing and participating in many snowmobile shows.

As a DSG Ambassador for many, many, many years, she is confident in sharing that her favorite DSG gear includes the perfectly fitting base layers beneath her hard working Spectrum Technical and the 2.0 Monosuits! 

When not snowmobiling, Amanda works extremely hard to play extremely hard as an HR Director for a large technology company. She was thrilled to become a first time Mom to a beautiful baby girl in 2021, and cannot wait to share her passion for snow (and sun) with her daughter. She adores travelling (anywhere, truly) with her husband and daughter, cooking, playing with her puppy Chloe, spending quality time with her family and friends, all while discovering and competing in a plethora of sports.

She cannot wait for the snow season and looks forward to giggling, loving, and bonding over the steep and deep! 

Amy Free


Hi everyone, I'm Amy Free and I live in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. I am a Montana native and wouldn't want to call anywhere else home. I'm a real estate broker in the Gallatin Valley and have been in the business for over 20 years. My husband is a builder and together our businesses compliment each other. We have two very active children, ages 12 and 14, who love the outdoors as much as we do. 

I've been on snowmobiles since I was 6 months old! My first trip was to Cooke City and I still enjoy riding in Cooke. I didn't really start riding in the backcountry until about 8 years ago when my husband retired from snowmobile hill climb racing. I've taken a few of the DSG Backcountry clinics and have really progressed with my skills. Now, my husband and I sneak out during the week for rides on good snow days and I've started doing girls riding trips, which I love. I love being able to load up my sled and head out with a great group of girls and rip it up in the backcountry. 

I've been with DSG for many years and absolutely love the product line they have built over the years. They started with mainly insulated trail gear and now have some amazing product lines! Some of my favorite items are the mittens, they always keep my hands nice and toasty on the coldest days. I'm also digging the new Spectrum Monosuit in the purple color. I layer up underneath and then strip layers once I get warm. Another favorite is the Malea Softshell Jacket, I wear this daily and the new accent colors are bright and fun. I can't choose favorite casual product, because there are so many cute and fun things to choose from. I'm usually in my DSG sweatshirt and sweatpants. 

I'll catch ya on the top of a mountain in Montana sometime!  

 Amy Gregorio



I am grateful to be part of the amazing team at DSG again this season! My name is Amy Gregorio and I am a trail rider in Wiarton Ontario Canada. I have been riding for almost 17 years. This year I will be riding a new sled! 2022 Polaris Matryx 650 XC. So I'm hoping for lots of snow!!!! Being able to leave from my house and jump on a trail is the best! We are strictly trail riding in my area, but that doesn't mean you don't go far! We put on many miles in a day and can see so many different landscapes. We can be in bushes, to farm fields to even beautiful lakes that go on forever. Ontario is a wonderful place to ride and I am glad to call it home. Riding has become a passion that has allowed me to meet some incredible people from all over Canada and the USA. I am the secretary of my local snowmobile club and am a passionate volunteer and fundraiser for a foundation that helps breast cancer patients. I participate in a snowmobile ride for that foundation, which sees up to 150 lady sledders. I work full time as an Aesthetician and have a clientele that understands my passion for the snow. In the off season I love to fish and be outdoors and spend time with my family.

As a plus sized rider, finding gear was always a chore. I am glad I found DSG and the most amazing functional, as well as fashionable outerwear. They truly are  "Doing Something Great" by including all sizes of women in not only the snowmobile world but across other lines of outdoor wear. I am always excited to see whats next!

Some of my favourite DSG items include :

My D-Tech and Merino Wool base layers! The proper base layer can make or break your day! 

Avid Tech boots! Great support and the MOZ knob makes doing them up a breeze!

Performance Fleece Jacket! Incredible to have as a mid layer as well as a casual piece if you just need a jacket to head out in! 

 Beth Gay


Hello everyone!! My name is Beth Gay, & I am from Pickford, Michigan. It's a small town in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. I moved to Traverse City 25 years ago, where I met my husband, Bill, who is my favorite riding partner & best friend. This is where we run our family locksmith business, Northwest Lock. We have two Labrador Retrievers, Cajun and Ruger, & they're pretty much the center of our world! They even go to our shop to work every day.

My husband introduced me to snowmobiling about 23 years ago, & I am so thankful that he did! He brought a whole new world of fun, freedom, & adrenaline to my life, that I can't get enough of! We so fortunate to be able to ride right from our house, when we have good snow conditions, or drive up to my homeland, the UPPER Peninsula, to enjoy some of the most beautiful trails there are! We do most of our riding in the Upper Peninsula. I call it God's Country up there. 

I love putting on at least 200-250 miles per day and enjoying various trails and off trail riding. Some day I would love to learn more about back country riding, as well. The more riding skills I can learn & the more I learn about my sled, the more I will grow as a rider and person every year.

Hope you all have a fun & safe season! See you out there on the trails!! 

 Carole Fisher


I have been riding a snowmobile since I was holding onto the handlebars with my dad driving in the early 80’s. I sled with 3 generations of my family on trips all over Nova Scotia. I trail ride anywhere I can in Atlantic Canada, Eastern USA, Quebec etc. I am a Coordinator of NSYS- Nova Scotia Youth Snowmobilers group enjoying the passion and love of snowmobiling with the next generation and I have been fortunate to be a DSG Ambassador & Sponsor Rider for 9 winters.I am an active member in 6 of our local clubs, we support the clubs sponsoring them with our business and volunteering at fundraisers or helping with clearing the trails. I ride a 2018 Skidoo Renegade back country with 10,000 miles on it, I am hoping to upgrade my sled this winter. I am most proud of starting the snowmobile youth program here in NS, supporting the next generation of sledders with proper safe riding techniques, winter survival, dressing in layers and being prepared on each sled trip they head out for! 

Darian Campbell



Darian is from northern BC Canada and started her mountain sledding adventures as a teen. Shortly after she became one of DSGs first youth ambassadors and has been on the team ever since! She says that snowmobiling has allowed her to meet so many great women and life-long friends who love snowmobiling just as much as she does. Every season, she looks forward to getting out on the mountain, having a ton of fun, learning new things, and exploring new areas.

Follow her adventures on Instagram Darian_campbell  

Heather Tupper


I’m from Cheyenne, Wyoming and have lived in Southeast Wyoming my entire life.  We are so fortunate here to have access to a beautiful mountain range with all sorts of opportunities for outdoor recreation.  I have always enjoyed the outdoors.  While there were a few teenage years that snowmobiling wasn’t my thing, my husband and I picked the sport up about 13 years ago, and our winters have been spent playing in the snow of the Wyoming backcountry ever since.  My bucket list is full of places I dream of riding someday (Alaska is number one), but it is hard to leave such a fantastic playground close to home.

The DSG Outerwear brand is perfect for my lifestyle. The technical snow gear is ideal for the type of riding that I love (the new Spectrum Technical Monosuit is amazing) and has never let me down as I continue to challenge my own limitations and work to become a better rider.  I am so happy to have the DSG Heated Vest for a nice warm up post-ride.  And the casual line is my go-to weekend wear all year long.

My husband and I ride together most weekends and we are always excited to welcome new friends to the area and show them around.  The snowmobile industry is full of so many amazing people and it is always a pleasure to meet more that share similar excitement for the sport.  We are active in our local club and do what we can to help promote education and safety and protect access.  If a trip to the “Snowies” is on your list, let me know!   

Keyara Berrig


Hello! I am Keyara Berrig, I am 22 years old and I am from a small town in central Wisconsin called Waupaca. This means that we get a very short window to ride locally, so we travel to northern Wisconsin and into the U.P. most of the winter. I have been riding snowmobiles since before I was born and it is not stopping anytime soon. There is nothing like the amazing sceneries your snowmobile can take you too. I was born with a built in riding buddy, as my brother is the person I ride with the most. I currently ride a 2017 Polaris Switchback Adventure. Although I currently only ride on trail, I am hoping to someday learn and enjoy the off trail aspect as well!

If I am not at nursing school or at work as a CNA, you can find me on the trail or at an ice oval event every weekend from the end of December until mid-March, but the talk of snowmobiles never ends there with me. I am the Vice President of my snowmobile club and sit on the board for Weyauwega Fire on Ice, our local snowmobile ice oval event, which both require planning year round.

DSG got me hooked on the fact that their gear actually fits a women like it should. Growing up I had so many different brands of gear, but none of them ever fit me correctly so I was always cold. Once I found DSG and the way gear should fit me I don’t get cold as easy.

My favorite part about being on the DSG team is being able to show women how confident they can be in a male dominated sport.

If you see me out on the trails or at an event, don’t be afraid to stop and say hello!  

Kim Black


I live in Alaska and have been exposed to snowmobiling (snow machining in Alaska) my entire life. Some of my favorite memories growing up are at our friend’s cabin playing in the snow and being towed behind a snowmobile holding on for dear life. My passion around the sport started in 2001 when I met my husband. We started riding together and I quickly became part of his riding group which was exclusively male riders. I learned pretty quickly trying to keep up with the guys and am thankful for the times they (especially my husband) dug me out. We also rode many weekends with our kids. We had a blended family with seven kids and this was the perfect sport for our big family. Now our kids are grown and I love riding with them and seeing how they have progressed and in some cases surpassed our riding skills.

Being an ambassador for DSG has introduced me to so many like minded women and in turn I have introduced many of my female friends to sledding. We get together prior to the season to talk about and try on new gear and to review the safety equipment that we need on our rides. My friends all know how excited I am when we are stuck somewhere and I can pull out my saw, cut through an alder and then we are back on the snow without having to call in the guys.

A few of my favorite DSG items are the new Spectrum Monosuit made from Sympatex material. I am a big fan of this material because it is lightweight which reduces rider fatigue, is windproof, waterproof and breathable. I always wear my DSG base layers, medium weight socks and performance fleece jacket under my monosuit. The recently released heated gear has been a game changer for me. I wear my heated vest often and love the fit and low profile of the material. It fits great under gear and keeps you toasty warm.

My favorite riding area is close to Denali National Park at our remote Alaskan cabin. We trail ride in and then use the cabin as a base for the rolling hills, creek beds or mountains that surround us. I ride a Skidoo 850 and my goal this year is to pick more difficult lines while climbing hills that include obstacles. I like to push myself each year to learn new skills and expand on the skills that I already have. I am excited to again this year be with the DSG team and promote “Doing Something Great” in all aspects of my life.  

Miranda Hamlin


Hello Everyone! My name is Miranda Hamlin, and I am excited to be teaming up with DSG Outerwear for another fantastic season. It is shaping up to be an early season in my hometown in southern Minnesota, so I am hopeful for plenty of rides from our front door this season. I am married with two fabulous kids, 5 and 7, who love to ride just as much as my husband and me. They have already put many, many miles on around the yard this year. I ride everywhere from the ditches out in front of our yard, to the trails in MN, WI, and MI to chasing the snow in the mountains of CO, UT, MT, WY, ID, and the many other states our truck and trailer has travelled. I love to meet new people and enjoy challenging myself on the snow – building up confidence whether it be taking a tight corner with control on the trail or side-hilling through some tight trees. I am a Polaris Girl – and will be running a 2023 VR1 850 on the trails and a 2021 850 Khaos on the Mountains (and occasionally grabbing some seat time on the hubby’s Boost!).

Being a part of DSG has been incredible – not only does DSG produce amazing outerwear and gear for every body and style of riding: they utilize the feedback from riders to improve their product from function to fit. It has been incredible to see ideas come to life and be enjoyed by so many women. A few of my favorite items – The Gear Bag!! If you don’t have one – you should definitely get one. My entire family uses this year round!, the PRIZM 2.0 is phenomenal!, and I wouldn’t go without the D-Tech and Merino wool base layers (proper layering is the KEY to a comfortable ride)!!

I am very active in our local snowmobile club, the Tri-County Trailblazers, and a MNUSA member. I enjoy participating and volunteering at many activities the club puts like snowmobile safety and our annual Snowtacular Celebration. In addition, making sure our local trails are ready for all of the season’s riders. I am a firm advocator is safe riding, and respect of property and the outdoors, and introducing women and families to riding. When I am not dreaming about snowmobiling, I work as an Operations Manager at a local hospital to support my snowmobiling passion. During the spring, summer, and fall, I enjoy boating, fishing, riding ATVs, and spending time with friends and family.

Wishing Everyone a Fantastic Season! And if you see me out on the trails, in a parking lot, or on the mountain- Come say Hello!   

Rana Reynolds


Hi, I’m Rana! 

I live in southern Ontario, originally from Newfoundland. I did ride when I was a kid living in Newfoundland but when I moved to Ontario I got away from it.   

I met a guy here in Ontario who is a hard core Sledder and I rediscovered my love for it! He is my riding partner for most of the season.   

I have been riding for about 9 years now, and I am addicted!   

I am very involved in our local snowmobile club. I am the treasurer and run the Social media for the club. If you sled, I think you should be involved in your local club. Just to see how much work goes into making the trails ready for the season!   

I am so proud and thankful to be a sponsored rider for DSG Snow and Pro Staff for the DSG Heat Team as well!   

I also am an avid hunter and outdoorswoman. I am in my element when I’m doing anything OUTSIDE!   

I ride a 2016 Polaris Switchback 600.  

I also do the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Ride which is an all-ladies ride in February. There is about 130 of us ladies that ride!  We fundraise, and all of the money raised goes to Breast Cancer patients who need things like rent, groceries, medications, wigs, prosthetics, etc. I am very proud to be a part of that ride and this year is my 8th year.  

 If I had to choose my favourite piece from all of the DSG collection, I would have to go with my DSG heated vest and socks. I LOVE wearing them when I am sledding or hunting. They keep me super warm, and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!  

I hope to see you out on the trails!   


Sarah Whipple


I live in McCall, Idaho and I grew up snowmobiling in central Idaho with my family who started riding snowmobiles in the 1970's.  I ride a Polaris PRO RMK 163 and a Yamaha 450 with a Timbersled ARO 121 snow bike kit - the ultimate combo for getting the most out of all snow conditions!  I have been riding the backcountry since snowmobiles were actually capable of doing so and I love riding deep pow and playing in the trees!  

I'm 5'4", 130 lbs so being small and a female has presented some challenges because it really does take some aggression, confidence and strength to fluidly navigate a snowmobile in deep snow on off-camber or steep and treed terrain.  It's just not a sport we have instinctive abilities or high natural strength for!  However, these challenges and overcoming them have made snowmobiling even more addicting and rewarding to me!  

My passion for snowmobiling has also given me great opportunities to be a part of the industry the past two decades starting with being one of the first female backcountry riders to be featured in a sled film, being a part of or leading many women's snowmobile events and rides, racing snow bikes, representing Polaris as an ambassador for snowmobiles and for snow bikes, and one of my favorites - working with DSG since the development of their first backcountry snowmobile gear!  I'm proud to be part of this all woman team that is devoted to creating snowmobile gear specifically made for women of all shapes and sizes that performs for different types of riding.  DSG really listens and is striving to incorporate all the function, comfort and performance we desire in our snowmobile gear!  I love the new Spectrum Monosuit as well as a lot of DSG's casual wear because everything fits my athletic build so well!  Cute, comfortable, flattering and functional!  

Yvonne Weston


My name is Yvonne Weston and I live in the beautiful small town of 100 Mile House, BC. I have been a backcountry/mountain rider for about 14 years. I started on a 1995 Polaris Ultra 680 and have slowly upgraded over the years. I currently ride a 2022 Arctic Cat Alpha One Hardcore 8000 with a 165” track. 

My incredibly patient husband has been my greatest supporter and teacher over the years. He is always there to teach me new tricks, cheer me on, dig me out, and occasionally laugh at me when I get stuck. I wouldn’t be where I am without his support. 

We have an 18-year-old son who loves the snow as much as we do. He’s a quick learner and figured out how to carve and do donuts on his sled when he was just 9 years old on his 1978 ET250. It has been so much fun watching him progress over the years. 

I love riding in the BC backcountry and mountains. Sledding is by far the most fun, challenging, and exhilarating sport I have ever participated in, and you will find me riding every chance I get from October to June. I spend around 50 days per season riding in the beautiful BC mountains. One of the things I love the most about this sport is the people I have met along the way. Sledders are incredibly supportive of one another, and many life-long friendships have been formed through snowmobiling. I love seeing more and more women get into this amazing sport! 

I have been a huge fan and supporter of DSG Outerwear for many years and have been part of the DSG team for the past 8 years. Some of my favorite DSG items this season are the DSG Heated socks and the Prizm 2.0 technical pants & jacket. The heated socks have been a game-changer for me. I have always struggled with cold feet. These socks are absolutely amazing, and I have no idea how I ever lived without them. The new Prizm 2.0 technical gear fits like it was made for me! It is so comfortable and looks amazing. The high-quality SympaTex material performs extremely well and keeps me warm, dry, and comfortable in all types of riding conditions. 

I look forward to an amazing season of sledding adventures. See you in the mountains!   


DSG Sponsored Riders

Ashley Dyrdahl


My name is Ashley Hauser (Dyrdahl) and I am from Oregon, born and raised. I grew up riding snowmobiles, took a break during my teen years and have since got back into it as an adult, with my husband Zack. I bought myself a pretty blue Ski-doo 850 with a 154 track a few years ago and have absolutely loved learning how to toss it around (or let it toss me around). They sure do ride different than the green Arctic Cat 370Z I learned to ride on! We normally get an amazing snow season in OR and we ride primarily at Hoodoo or Mt Hood. My favorite part about being out in the mountains is being able to shut my brain off to everything that is going on in my world and just ride. It really is the best medicine for my mental health. My husband has been an incredible teacher/coach to keep me brave and trying new things, and it has been so fun to get back out with my siblings and mom who I grew up riding with!

It is hard to pick my favorite piece of gear from DSG, I love it all. There is something to be said about gear that is made FOR women BY women. I have had some rad monosuits before but none of them were fitted like by black and pink Spectrum monosuit, it fits like a glove. My Rime boots are also a favorite, I swear my feet get cold just by looking at the snow and these always keep me toasty and dry. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the heated vest, that thing is like a warm hug and might be the greatest thing to date… I need to buy some more batteries because I use it ALL the time (even when I’m not riding).

Getting back into riding as an adult and as a woman was extremely intimidating but I have been elated with the support from other women in the industry and the empowerment that’s come along with the connections I’ve made. I always had an urge to do more, be more involved, connect more, so I am so excited to go into my first, of hopefully many, years being on the DSG team and can’t thank them enough for sponsoring me as a backcountry rider and believing in me. I love everything DSG is doing to support women in different areas and are so committed to providing quality gear! 2023 is going to be a season for the books! 

My Instagram is @ashdeeee and I would love to connect with you!  

Ashley Nicolai


Ashley grew up around snowmobiles since she could walk. Her love for this sport comes from growing up around snowmobiles and watching her father work on them as well as race. 2023 riding year will be on a 850 Skidoo Expert Turbo 155”. She enjoys snowmobiling in the backcountry with family and friends in Alaska Range. Every once in a while you can catch her racing at Arctic Man or doing a cross country races. Ashley’s recent passion is to develop AK Lady Shredders to help promote female snowmobiling in Alaska. Her goal is get new snowmobilers, as well as advanced snowmobilers, together and continue to evolve women skills in this wonderful sport. Other than snowmobiles, Ashley enjoys horseback riding, hanging out with her three dogs, camping, dirt biking, skiing, and making coffee! Excited to be testing out the Spectrum Technical Drop Seat Monosuit, I can’t to shar how much DSG has evolved since last being a part of their team in 2014!   

Billie Jo Benson


Hey everyone! My name is Billie Jo Benson and I am born and raised in beautiful northern Wisconsin. I grew up on a horse ranch where I learned to ride about the same time I learned to walk. Horses, snowmobiles, atv’s, I loved the adrenaline!

My first sled was a little Moto Ski Cadet my dad let me rip around the lake. I currently ride a 2020 Ski Doo 600 Summit 146 and a 2021 Polaris 600 XCR 129. Backcountry riding out west is very new to me but I love the challenge and the scenery is incredible. My boyfriend and I love to trail ride in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota or the U.P. and put miles on every chance we get. 

I’m super stoked for my first year here on the DSG snow team! I started wearing DSG a few years ago and fell in love with it. My first purchase and still favorite gear is the drop seat monosuit. It has never failed to keep me dry and warm on or off the trails. The heated socks are a close second. On long trail rides they keep my feet just as warm as when I left. 

I will be wearing the Trail Elite jacket and bibs this season and may end up with a new favorite!

Check out my adventures on IG: @billiejobenson4 

Brooklyn Oelhafen


 Hello!  My name is Brooklyn Oelhafen, from SE Wisconsin.  I am honored to say this will be my 4th year on the DSG snow team!  I have been involved in the sport of snowmobiling for about 15 years, and am currently our local clubs Vice President.  We typically ride in Northern WI in Langlade & Forest Counties, but once in a while we get lucky enough to have enough snow at home and the trails can open.  I strictly trail ride but would love to try off-trail someday!  In 2021, my husband and I travelled from SE WI to NE WI on snowmobiles in a day - it was approximately 275 miles and we made it in less than 10 hours.  It was really the experience of a lifetime - we covered a lot of different landscapes including forests, farm fields, lakes, through towns, and a few bridges across open waterways.  In the off season, we enjoy the outdoors in our Polaris RZR on the trails and boating on the lake with friends and family.  I currently ride a 2015 Ski Doo MXZ TNT 600 and put about 5,000 miles on it in the last 3 years and am looking forward to season #4 on it!  Let it snow! 

Cindy Wetter


Hey hey everyone! I’m Cindy from southwest Wisconsin where snow can be limited so I travel to the snow in northern Wisconsin, Michigan, Wyoming and Colorado. I love riding a variety of terrain that comes with traveling to the snow! On the trails or in the the mountains is where you will find me in all my amazing DSG Outerwear gear riding my Ski Doo sleds! The best part of my gear is that all of the bibs/pants have an adjustable inseam for short gals like myself. I’m super exited to be with DSG for another adventurous season! See ya on the snow!! 

Courtney Carrier


Hello friends! My name is Courtney Carrier, but I go by “Coco”. I am from all over the map. I reside in the northeast for the warm half of the year, the rest of the year I am playing in the Rockies. 

My family and I are always seeking our next adventure, whether it’s, dirt biking, hunting, hiking, boating, traveling…snowmobiling is by far my favorite! You could say I have an intense addiction to backcountry riding; I absolutely live for the sport. I have been messing around on the snow since before I can remember. My stepfather bought the first family snowmachine, a Yamaha Phaser if I remember correctly. I would spend hours whipping around our back yard on that thing. 

As I got older my addiction for throttle grew, I went through so many different machines, always wanting the latest and greatest technology. I finally purchased a Polaris assault 144, this machine was a game changer. The long track showed me what I had been missing all these years, the fact that could dip off trail and ditch bang without getting stuck (well most of the time) really upped the ante. I knew then I was done with the trails and ready to seek out some gnarly terrain. Unfortunately, my assault still wasn’t the machine for what I had in mind. The following winter my husband and I both had ourselves a pair of 155 Polaris RMK’s and boy did the adventure begin. 

We began chasing storms and traveling to find deep snow. My first few years in the mountains beat the heck out of me, I can’t tell you the number of times I had to dig my sled out of places that seemed impossible to get out of. Learning to ride the back country is extremely humbling to say the least. 

My latest sled is a Polaris Patriot Boost 850 Pro RMK Matryx Slash 155, despite it being on the heavier side I love this machine and can’t wait for this season to begin! 

This is my first season being part of the DSG backcountry snow team, it is such an honor to be part of such an amazing group of women riders. 

What’s your favorite DSG gear? Having the proper gear when you are on a mountain top, miles away from civilization is extremely important, therefore I love all my DSG for keeping me warm and dry in the most extreme environments. But if I have to choose one piece of gear, I will choose my monosuit. The versatility and adjustability of this suit is top of the line and the fact that I stay warm and come home dry after hours of being on the snow is impressive. 

Dana Gardner


My name is Dana, I’m 42 and from a small town in northern BC. I’m a mother of two girls and I have been a LPN for some time. 

I extremely excited decked out in the DSG Spectrum Technical drop seat Mono-suit. I’m also obsessed with my performance fleece zip up, for layering or looking cute! While out in the backcountry I will be ripping a 2023 Skidoo Expert-154…Turbo!  

Getting to the backcountry is always an adventure, but the farther I go the more healing powers in the mountains I feel.   Life events had me learning my strengths and independence from loading and unloading, getting stuck and adventuring in the mountains. I tour around BC hitting up popular sledding destinations or skimmering into a secluded off the radar locations!  

The mountains are calling and I must go, to lose my mind and find my soul. 

Denise Duperre


Hey Sledheads! My name is Denise Duperré, from Madawaska, Maine, USA. 

I ride on and off trail. My earliest recollection is riding on the back of an Arctic Cat 440 Panther, with my father, in the rolling hills of northern Maine and across frozen lakes. Only a few trails existed back then; but today’s Interconnected Trail Systems (ITS), and local trails, offer up over 2,300 miles in and around Aroostook County (fondly known as “the County”). Madawaska is also home to one of the four corners of the USA; and we border western New Brunswick, Canada with only the St. John River dividing our snowmobiling and outdoor sporting wonderlands. I’m blessed to live in an area that is one of the top ten snowmobiling destinations in the US, with some of the best trail and wood access right outside my door. 

I’m currently riding a Ski-doo Renegade X 600R, and you’ll often find me and my fiancée Bob riding in Maine or Canada (we are both dual citizens); hosting or guiding friends throughout northern Maine’s scenic rolling hills, expansive lakes and frozen rivers to photographic spots or the hottest hospitality spots along the way. I love to cook, so entertaining and feeding groups of snowmobilers in my big house on the hill are my specialty, especially after spending a day guiding a great group of new acquaintances in and around the area. 

My favorite kind of riding is destination riding, and every year I’m fortunate to be able to cross some off my bucket list, be it in Maine or in Canada.  I’m a Maine Snowmobile Association northern regional director and the membership director of my local snowmobile club.  I’m currently planning an all-women’s ride for charity as well as the MSA’s northern regional ride and meeting. I’m planning and working on starting a youth group for our area to encourage young families to the sport that I love.  

I also love camping, adventures on my Polaris side-by-side, gardening, hunting, and volunteering with local clubs and organizations. When I’m not enjoying the great outdoors, I’m the town’s Code Enforcement Officer and Administrative Specialist, 911 Addressing Officer and a few other hats. I admin many snowmobiling websites on social media and I’m the creator and administrator of a popular Facebook food group called A County Kitchen. 

I’ve been connected in one way or another, with DSG Outerwear, since 2015. As a result of my DSG exposure on social media, many people now connect with me for details on the outerwear, best places to stay-eat-sleep in this area, and report of trail conditions or what’s happening. As a sponsored trail ambassador, I’m over-the-top honored to represent this company. I have always loved how the functional, fashionable women’s outerwear expands beyond snowmobiling, to fishing, hunting and workwear for multiple-sized woman. I love the questions that other women ask of me, on how to layer, what works best, what is tried and true about DSG. This company is truly an ‘outdoor loving’ woman’s go-to. Made by women for women. 

My favorite DSG gear is the fashionable Trail Elite Jacket and Bibs, Trail Gloves and DSG Boots all over my DSG base and mid layers. Both offer the warmth that riding trails in the northern Maine woods and in Canada require. Warm, Functional and Fashion. For summer days, DSG fishing casuals are the best. 

I’m excited for snow and winter all the time, it is my favorite season, but I’m very blessed to have 4 full seasons.   

Hannah Olsen


Hannah here, born and raised In the Last Best Place, Montana.

As a kid my dad had me on skis at 18month old, I competed around the country in freestyle skiing but I’d always been obsessed with motors & the industry of Motorsports! My passion for skiing is forever close to my heart, but after gaining financial independence I bought my first dirtbike at 22yrs old, and my first sled & tilt trailer when I was 26. 

I rotate my obsession of Motorsports between my 3 dirtbikes (ktm 144sx and a two Beta300rr’s), an Aro120 Timbersled on a CRF450 & my 800 PRO RMK 155. 

My younger brother is likely to blame for my Motorsports addiction, and also someone who has contributed greatly to my riding abilities to this day. He and I share all three hobbies of dirtbiking, backcountry snowmobiling & snow biking so I always have someone to adventure with! On top of that Iv got some rad girlfriends that enjoy the same hobbies, the most supportive boyfriend who snowbikes & dirtbikes with me, and a bunch of guy pals that I enjoy ripping sleds with! Blessed is an understatement. I live my life for these high adrenaline hobbies, and I strive for a healthy lifestyle so I can continue to do this stuff as long as possible. Any day in the mountains is a day I wish to be apart of. 

This is my first winter with the DSG team and I'm thankful for this opportunity! Bring on the snow, and hope to see ya in the backcountry this winter ! 

Jamie Dunn


Hey everyone! My name is Jamie Dunn, and I am from beautiful Eastern Oregon. I have been backcountry snowmobiling for about four years now. My boyfriend introduced me to the sport when we first started dating and I became instantly hooked. I started out on a 2001Mountain Cat 500 for my first season. I then quickly moved to a 2005 Arctic Cat M7. This was the machine that I really progressed as a rider. It was a struggle in the beginning, but I am so thankful that I learned my skills on an older machine. Currently, I ride a 2019 Arctic Cat Alpha 600. I am excited to go explore more of our local backcountry riding areas. I am also looking forward to going on several ladies rides this season and improve my riding skills. I also will be attending an avalanche rescue course this year as a pre-req to take my AIARE 2 next year.  

This is my 2nd season with DSG and I am so honored to be representing them as a backcountry sponsored rider. I am a rider for Extreme Realities Design, Off Road Vixens, and a motorized avalanche ambassador for the Wallowa Avalanche Center. I am so excited to share all my snow adventure with you all this season. 

I am an avid believer in empowering women and helping to pave the way for women riders in this industry. I also am passionate about avalanche education geared towards women and new riders. I want to break down myths and help riders in these groups realize they are capable of learning and using avalanche rescue and safety skills. Ultimately, I want them to be equipped, safety oriented, and confident in the backcountry.

My favorite DSG gear is the new technical monosuit. I love that it has built in knee pads and the bright accent colors. I also like the adjustable inseam because this suit actually fits my long legs.  

Jen Beckett


Hi from the snowy UP of Michigan!

I’m a 54 year young, mother to 2 grown boys, 2 step sons, and a grandson! Although my parents got my sister and I out snowmobiling when we were young, I’ve only been “adult” snowmobiling since 2015. It all started out as just a once-a-year weekend thing with some close friends, and quickly escalated into a full-blown passion (obsession???? ). My husband Tim and I loved snowmobiling so much that we moved to the UP of Michigan, to a small little western town called Kenton, so we could snowmobile without chasing the “big” snow every weekend. We now own a small resort (4 cabins and 4 motel rooms) in the heart of the Ottawa National Forest – literally in the middle of nowhere but right in the middle of 2 major Lake Superior snow belts! – right on Trail #8 (SB trail for ORVs), and we LOVE it up here! Since the trail goes right in front of our property, we ride trail, but it is mostly to get off trail and ride all of the unplowed forestry roads (and wherever that will take us) that surround us.

Both my husband and strongly believe in helping out the local snowmobile club, the Sno Valley Rivers – Sidnaw to Bruce Crossing. I’m currently a Director and help manage their social media account, and my husband is a groomer (I tag along whenever I can!)

This is my first full season on an 850 Polaris Khaos Matrix with a 155” track, and I'm LOVING it!

To be honest, I love ALL things DSG! This is my second year on the snow team, but I've been wearing DSG gear for over 5 years now. I love that their gear fits my curves and looks and performs better than me most days! LOL! If I have to choose, my favorite DSG gear is the drop seat Monosuit and the Avid boots (the one with the knobs), but I certainly can’t ride without the D-Tech Base Layers, the Performance Zip Up Jacket, and the Merino Wool Socks LOL!

Check out our year-round adventures in the UP! You can catch me on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok - @jenbeckett906


Jennifer Herbert



Jess Carter



Hello all! My name is Jess Carter. I currently call the Northern Corner of Wyoming  my stomping grounds. I love everything outdoors from dirt toys, sledding, hiking, fly fishing and packing in on horseback to the deepest parts of the backcountry. In the winter my passion is sledding! I am fairly new to the sport compared to some; I have only been riding since 2012. I did have snowmobiles as a kid but I was scared to death to ride them.  

I currently ride a 2017 Ski Doo 850 154 track she is sassy and a blast to ride. I have in the last few years become addicted to the challenge of tree riding in the backcountry. My favorite part of this sport is keeps you humble, because no matter how good you think you might be you will have a day that it will put you in your place. Its like your first day all over again!  I love the mental and physical challenge of backcountry sledding. 

As I have grown with this sport, I have learned more and more how important it is to encourage others in their passion and skills for sledding, especially women riders. After experiencing this same encouragement at my very first all-women’s ride I knew that this was something I wanted to bring to my area of riding. With the help of an amazing group of supporters we have been able to bring a backcountry ladies ride to Cooke City, MT now for 8 seasons.

We were the very first in the State of Wyoming and Montana to bring in an all-women’s snowmobile event.  As the founder and an event host of Octane & Grit Backcountry Ladies Ride and Clinics I have just been so excited in our growth each season.  Years have passed and I have brought in my good friend and fellow DSG rider Kristen Yates to help grow Octane and Grit with me. We are on our 3rd season of bringing in professional coaches and playing the roles of assistant coaches for the Octane & Grit Backcountry Ladies Snowmobile Clinics.  It’s been an incredible journey and we are excited for the  next Octane and Grit Backcountry adventure!

In 2015 I applied to represent DSG Outerwear because I loved everything, they were doing to support women sledders in the backcountry and on the trail. DSG’s Values and ideas aligned with mine and I have been extremely honored to represent them all these years on the snow! It has been an amazing journey watching DSG Outerwear grown and expand into different lifestyles and I look forward to what they bring us next! 

If I had to pick my favorite piece form DSG right now it would be the Drop Seat Monosuit! Its supper functional for all types of riding and has just enough of a women’s fit it’s flattering on any body type. I love how fast you can get ready with a Monosuit!  

Jessica Drapeau


My name is Jessica and i’m almost born on a sled. I was born in Québec, in January and the winter after, my father would bring me riding on his sled at 1 year old . I love adventures and adrenaline. My mother teached me how to do a burn out with a standard car when i was a teenager, so this is a little bit why i love the speed and the adrenaline. I love to burn gas and challenging myself to learn new things. I have been riding in BC since 2016, with my summit 800 154. I fell in love dangerously and i finally decided to let my Québec life behind me and start to live my dream. I moved in BC September 1st 2022 and now i have many rides to do. I am ready to learn many things and push myself harder to ride better and go further in trees in the steep terrain yayyyyy  

Jessica MacDonald


My name is Jessica and I live in BC, Canada and I have my boyfriend to thank for introducing me to backcountry riding. I started sledding about 7 years ago on my old trusty 2 stroke Yamaha Viper, and have since then upgraded to my Skidoo 850. I learned how to ride from following my boyfriend and buddies around, they did not sugar coat anything, if they went I went, if I needed help they would help me. This started my love for creek and tree riding because I love a good challenge. I have ridden all over in BC, but my favorite so far has been Eagles Pass in Sicamous. That was a different type of snow and challenging alpine compared to Yanks, in Wells BC that we ride frequently. 

Outside of my time from sledding, I spend my off seasons riding my horse, camping, hunting and almost anything that will keep my outdoors. I can say I am a very self- sufficient individual, as I am usually by myself. But good company is always great to!  

What is your favourite DSG gear? My favorite gear I would have to say is my monosuit. I have had many monosuits but could never decide if I wanted insulated or non insulated. DSG made the perfect suit with the removable insulation, so I can put in the insulation when it’s a little colder and just where the shell when it is warmer. Also, the butt flap, it makes using the loo a whole lot easier and a little less chilly!   

Jo-Ellen Chaulk


Hi everyone my name is Jo-Ellen, I was born and raised in Deer Lake, NL, Canada, where I currently reside with my husband and children and work as a critical care nurse in the emergency department. I’ve been snowmobiling since I was a child. My parents took my brother and I snowmobiling quite often, whether it was a day trip in the woods for a boil up or a weekend spent at the cabin. Snowmobiling became an important part of time spent with family.

While I’ve always felt comfortable and experienced riding snowmobile, backcountry riding was a new concept for me. Being up for any challenge, I gave it a try and attended  backcountry riding clinics with Sledcore about six years ago. Instantly I was attracted to this type of riding, and stuck with it. I love everything that goes along with snowmobiling, especially sitting around the fire eating a lunch with family and friends. I am currently riding a Polaris pro RMK 600, which I call my tropical snow pony.

I am so excited to be apart of the DSG snow team! This year I’ll be sporting the prizm 2.0 technical jacket and pant, the Avid 2.0 technical boots, along with a favourite item, the DSG heated vest to keep me warm and toasty in the great outdoors.

Follow my adventures on Instagram:


Julia Meyer


Hello, my name is Julia and I live in Smithers, BC

I went on my first ride when I met my guy 6 years ago and got #thatskidoofeeling I have been hooked ever since,  shortly after that I bought my first sled a 800 xm skidoo freeride 146 and then got put through sled boot camp, I had to get good fast in order to keep up with the guys. Everyone was super helpful but I spent many days crying, tired and ready to quit because let’s face it, learning new things can be challenging but  I never did give up and kept showing up and eventually it got easier,  I upgraded to a 850 skidoo renegade BackcountryX 146 which helped me progress quick, then last year I bought my very first brand new sled which is my current ride, a 2022 850 skidoo freeride 146 with a 137 tunnel and this sled has absolutely helped me push my limits and continues to do so every ride, as you can tell I love my shorty’s but don’t let it fool you me and my girl go where all the big boys go in the deepest snow, only about 20km an hour faster than everyone else haha I love me some technical terrain, tree riding, getting stuck, big glacier rides, I also started some jumping couple seasons ago and of course poppin wheelies, and as much as I love getting rowdy with the boys I also enjoy taking out new people helping them get the hang of things and build their confidence. my goal this season is mastering the perfect Re-entry and getting a bit faster and bigger at jumps. I find it incredibly peaceful and mind freeing being in the mountains so I get out any chance I get. I usually put on roughly 4000km-5000km a season exploring all over northern bc. And in the off season I keep busy climbing mountain tops on my dirt bike a Kawasaki 250 2 stroke. 

My guy is my main riding partner as well as my 7 year old daughter who’s been riding with us since she was 2.5 years old, she’s also a very passionate little sledder who you can often see hanging on to my handlebars, or rippin her own little dirtbike in the summer, she can’t wait to ride her own big girl sled. I also enjoy going out with my ladies who I have become really close with through this sport,   some days I like to go out alone to get to know myself and my surroundings better and enjoy some beefaroni ravioli in peace, and some days I show up at the parking lot and tag along with other crews or tour around non locals because I know our local mountain like the back of my hand! 

I’m proud to be part of DSG outerwear because we truly are #doingsomethinggreat not only is it  a company built for woman by woman, but they take our feedback and make it better! It also accommodates woman in all sizes which is awesome because we are all unique and different. 

 I have met so many amazing woman through this team, we all support each other and cheer each other on. This is my 2nd season being part of the sponsored backcountry riders team and looking forward to having this team backing me in my adventures for many more years to come.  

Some of my favourite DSG outwear pieces are the drop seat monosuit with the removable liner and a comfortable fit Its perfect for every occasion wether your riding in 0° and snow  or -20° celcius and the craze 5.0 gloves they keep my hands warm and dry but are not too bulky. 

To follow my adventures you can find me on Instagram @jewelzzyy and hit me up if you are in my area to get out for a ride together! 

Kadie McCallum


Hey everyone!! 

I'm Kadie a backcountry snowmobiler from beautiful Prineville Oregon. I am an office assistant for a local Excavation/ paving company and I also own my own embroidery business. We have an active 11 year old who love the outdoors as much as we do. 

My dad introduced me  to snowmobiling when I was a little girl but I have found a passion for it about 13 years ago.  I currently ride a 2022 skidoo 850 expert. 

I have been apart of the DSG family going on 5 years. What started out as a 1 line (snow) company  and now working on #6. 


To pick a favorite item is hard but my go to is the Malea soft shell jacket and the D-tech liner glove 2.0. I wear these 2 all the time for everything. 

One quote that I was told on a ladies ride has stuck with me. So when I'm having an off day or wanting to give up just tell your self "we do this for fun" there's no rules, no deadlines, it's an escape, a soul cleansing sport. If none of this helps you calm down eat a snickers! 

Kate Boeger


Hello hello! My name is Kate Boeger and I was born and raised in south central Wisconsin, where I still reside. I have been trail riding since I was in my mother’s womb, and this will be my 5th season off-trail riding out west. For me, snowmobiling is certainly about the adrenaline and thrill of the machine, but it’s also about the network of like-minded people who I get to connect with, no matter where we live. I’ve already made many friends I can meet up and ride with and I’m so grateful for that. DSG is a gateway to this experience and opportunity! 

I trail ride just about anywhere in Northern Wisconsin or the U.P., and Alpine, Wyoming is typically home for my boyfriend and I when we travel out west.  

Some of my favorite DSG products are the Monosuit 2.0, Prizm 2.0 Jacket, Malea Jacket, Versa Gloves, and all my hoodies. This is my second year being part of the DSG team and I look forward to all the relationships and connections I make!  

Facebook: Kate Boeger ( 

IG: naturekate104

Cheers to lots of snow and good memories! 

Kendall Steinhoff


Welcome to my bio, I’m Kendall! I’m a trail rider from South Central Wisconsin. I got into snowmobiling through family friends and my first trip riding was in Three Lakes, WI during the Vintage Ride at Bonnie’s Lakeside. After that I was hooked, and now ride anywhere in Northern Wisconsin and the UP – with a few out West trips with DSG here and there J My favorite place to ride is the Mercer-Springstead area and the Flambeau Flowage. As Ricky Bobby would say, “I wanna go fast!” To me, the best thing about snowmobiling is the tranquility and the reward. Nothing beats mastering a new skill or doing something for the first time. I love this sport and want to inspire other women (of all ages) to get into it! 

My favorite DSG gear is any of the bibs. The adjustable snap inseam is genius, and the 32.5” unsnapped inseam is just perfect for us tall girls! The new Elite Gloves for the season are also a need. 

I'll be wearing the Monosuit 2.0 and Craze 5.0 this 22-23 season!  

Kristen Yates


My name is Kristen Yates and I’m 39 years old. Home, is a little town in Montana called Gardiner (North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.) My hubby and I manage a 4000-acre private guest ranch just North of Gardiner.

My passion for snowmobiling started at a very young age, long before I even knew what was happening. My mother raced snowcross when she was pregnant with me, I'm pretty sure when I was born my first words out were BRAAAP. So you could say I grew up riding snowmobiles. When I was little and living in Cooke City MT, my parents tell stories of me riding the rental sleds down the main street of Cooke City to get fuel at the local gas station. I remember either riding behind my dad or riding my own 1997 Polaris Indy XLT. Not many mid-size snowmobiles back in the day. So it was go big or go home. I continued my passion since that day. I live for days that I can head to the mountains, get into my own zone, and just enjoy the peace, quiet, and the mental tranquility that the mountain brings to me. Every season I try to push my limits to the next level. 

Over the years I have been involved with Octane and Grit Backcountry Ladies Rides and Clinic. We host a 4-day ladies' snowmobile clinic and a 2-day ladies' ride to Cooke City every year. I love the part of helping women succeed in their goals in just a short few days. 

My favorite riding area is Cooke City MT. I love the challenges that the area has. One minute you are riding a nice fluffy meadow and the next be stuck in a creek bottom surrounded by trees. 

My snow pony of choice is a 2019 Arctic Cat Alpha One 165 track. 

This is my first year as a Sponsored Rider for DSG Outerwear, as part of the Snow Team. I am also a Brand Ambassador for Off Road Vixen, Rocky Mountain Snow Conditions, and Flyhigh Fire Starters, Team Rider for Extreme Realities Design, as well as Oxbow Gear. I am also the Treasurer (4th year) of our local snowmobile club in Cooke City MT. 

My favorite DSG Gear as we speak is the Malea Softshell Jacket. I normally hate jackets as they are bulky and the most uncomfortable thing ever. This jacket (not saying all jackets) has changed my style. It's soft, non-bulky, and just wears a lot like a vest which I love!! 

You can follow my adventures on Facebook, IG, and even Tiktok @rdnk_snow_grl01. I’m excited for the upcoming season to meet new friends, visit new places, and spend as much time on the mountain as possible 

Kyra Casorso


My name is Kyra Casorso, and I’m from the small town of Enderby BC. This year I’m riding a 2019 Polaris 850 Axys with a 155” track.  Snowmobiling has been a family affair since I was a little kid, both my Dad and Grandpa were volunteers for our local snowmobile club in Kelowna, BC. I grew up riding the Greystokes in Kelowna and riding around our families farm. When I discovered the mountains of Hunters Range in Enderby 14 years ago, I was hooked. My husband and I have been heavily involved with the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association for the past 4 years. I have previously held multiple volunteer Directors positions and managed the clubs Social Media pages, but this past October I was hired on as a full time Administrator for Hunters Range which has been a very busy but exciting new career venture! My hubby is also the club President & Groomer Operator. We have 2 daughters that LOVE to sled as well!!   

Last season I organized our clubs first Ladies Ride, and it was a smashing success! It sold out in 2 days, and was so much fun to connect and shred with like minded ladies. I’ve already started to plan this years 2nd Annual Ladies Ride, it's coming up in only 2 months time!!  

My favourite DSG Outerwear piece is the Monosuit. It’s kept me warm on -30 Celsius days, dry on wet & heavy snow days, and the drop seat is my absolute favourite feature. Being able to unzip the back flap and not have to completely undress to go to the bathroom in the backcountry has been amazing!  

Lacie Jessen


I’m Lacie Jessen mom to 5 girls! I’m from Roosevelt Utah! And luckily for us great riding is right in our back yard! I am a back country snowmobiler, fitness lover and adrenaline junkie! This is my 5th year on the dsg snow team! I have been snowmobiling since 2011 when my husband introduced me to the sport! For 3 years I rode in front of him and it opened my eyes to what a sled was capable of and how much I truly loved it! I love tree riding, anything technical and of course pow turns! Our favorite places to travel to ride are Steamboat Springs CO, Cook City Mt and Jackson Wy! Lately our two older girls (9), (6) don’t let us go without them, they have a love for the sport as well and it’s been so fun to watch! Snowmobiling gives me freedom, the views, fresh air, adrenaline, power, something im in control of! My favorite dsg snow gear is the monosuit, and base layer! 

Lauren Levey


My name is Lauren Levey and I call south-central Wisconsin my home and I have been riding for about 27 years.  I ride with my husband of 5 years who I actually met through snowmobiling and we have a 1-year-old son who we can’t wait to get on a snowmobile!  

I am a trail rider who is very involved in the organized aspect of snowmobiling.  Snowmobiling consumes much of my life, even in the summer.  I have always been very dedicated to snowmobiling by being active in my local club, county alliance, even state and international associations.  I know the sense of community and family that snowmobiling can bring. I am the Secretary of our local snowmobile club, the Cambria Moonlighters and I am also the Treasurer of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs! I’m very passionate about getting snowmobilers involved in brushing trail, marking trail, grooming, trail maintenance, contacting landowners, and all of the other activities that are the reason we have 25,000 miles of beautiful trails to ride in Wisconsin.    

I live for the four, if we’re lucky, months where there is snow on the ground and I can ride the most beautiful trails of Wisconsin and Michigan with the people that mean the most to me.  I’ve dipped my toe in the backcountry riding experience but because of where I live and my history with it, trail riding will always have a special place in my heart.  There is just something unexplainable about gliding down those snow covered trails with your friends and family, enjoying the scenery and wildlife, breathing in the fresh air, and making lasting memories that keeps bringing me back year after year. 

I fell in love with DSG back in 2011! Being a plus-size it was so nice to have gear that was made and designed by women and for women in the snowmobiling industry! I loved that I didn’t have to wear men’s gear for once.  My current favorite product for during the season in my monosuit.  I was skeptical as a trail rider, but honestly it is the perfect piece. It is adjustable in all the right spots to be able to fit my body type and size.  The drop seat is perfect for when you have to go on the side of the trail! Plus, the colors POP against the snow and you’re always able to pick them out in pictures.  My favorite off season, casual product is the Malea softshell jacket. It’s comfortable and warm and perfect for when off the sled! I’m always able to wear DSG on any occasion, whether it’s on or off the trail, hunting, fishing, ice fishing, or even running errands.  There is the perfect DSG piece for every day and occasion!   

Leanne O'Neill


Hello!! My name is Leanne O’Neill and I am from Quesnel, British Columbia. I started snowmobiling in my mid 30s and this is my 8th season…. Don’t do the math. I am very competitive but not very athletic so you can imagine my struggles! Thank goodness I am determined.  My very first ride I hit the only tree in the yard and the relationship with me and trees have continued….. endless videos and pictures.  I first was introduced to sledding by a boyfriend, I spent the first two seasons staying in everyone’s tracks so I could get from A to B. Despite being supported, I still feared being a pain and I struggled to learn the guys’ techniques. After those first two years I signed up for a ladies ride that changed my life and ignited a deep rooted passion for backcountry and mountain sledding.  I met like minded positive women, I learned tips that helped my riding skills grown instantly and I made life long friendships. I enjoy sharing the sport with others and supporting new riders to embrace the sledding. If I can do it, you can do it!

I love the diversity of sledding, so many types of riding and skills you can develop. I love the challenge, the views, and there is nothing better than a blue bird day in the powder room.  I enjoy the social aspect of sledding where you are sharing an adventure sometimes that included frustrations but most often a lot of laughter. I work a demanding job in health care leadership and there is no better release than snowmobiling.

Sled: 2021 Polaris Khaos 165” “Khallie”

Nickname: Leanimal

This is my second season with DSG and I am super excited to be part of the family and represent a company that shares the same values and passion for the sport as I.

Fav DSG gear: I love the comfort and warmth of the merino wool base layers, the fit and flexibility of the elite gloves, and ummm the monosuits! Looks great, fits comfortable, accommodates my height, has a drop seat and is super durable. My first ride with it, I had a crash (surprising right?) that wrecked my base layer, resulted in stitches and there was literally only two tiny spots on the monosuit. How????  I look forward to soaking up every part of this season… from the jittery feels, to the challenges, to the laughs, epic views and being with my crew. Cheers to doing something great… and doing it again. 

Lela Laurent


Frosty greetings from Lela Laurent!  I live in Land O Lakes, Wisconsin on the border of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and big snow country!  Retired from the legal industry where I worked as a paralegal and electronic discovery consultant.  My husband and I moved to Land O Lakes from the Chicago suburbs in 2019 so we could snowmobile MORE!! 

Raised in Southern Illinois where snowmobiling is non-existent, I was introduced to snowmobiling around 35 years old (a late bloomer) and after riding on the back of hubby’s sled, I demanded to have my own.  My love of the sport only increased in 2017 after attending DSG’s backcountry clinic in Houghton, MI.  I was recognized as one of the clinic’s four most improved riders.  I was sincerely choked up! 

Trail riding is my favorite and I love taking overnight trips across Wisconsin and Michigan’s UP.  Hubby and I average over 2,000 miles a season.  The trails are right outside my front door!  Last season was epic snow logging over 3,400 miles.  This will be my second season on my 2021 Ski Doo 900 ACE Turbo 4 stroke.   

This is my fourth year as a DSG sponsored rider and I have such a blast with this team!  My friends and family get a kick out of my DSG posts!  Anything Craze is my favoriteExcellent fit and very figure flattering! 

Snowmobile clubs make it all happen in Wisconsin and Michigan.  Currently I’m secretary for the U.P. Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club (Watersmeet, MI) a member of the Frosty Snowmobile Club and help manage the Club’s social media (Land O Lakes, WI). 

Let’s ride and make it a great season!!   

Lindy Larsen



My name is Lindy Larsen and I am from south central Wisconsin. My husband and I own a farm and we have a son and a daughter. I have been trail riding with my husband for about 25 years. I was never one for riding on the back of a snowmobile so having my own was a must. When our kids came along we introduced them at an early age to the sport of snowmobiling, and they are all in love with the sport too. We travel to northern Wisconsin and Michigan to trail ride throughout the season. This year my husband and I are planning a trip to West Yellowstone with friends. I have a 2022 Skidoo Renegade Enduro 600R that I am excited to break in and ride. Also looking forward to riding with family and friends. 

In the off season, we grain farm which takes up the majority of our spring/summer/fall so winter is our play time. I do photography in my spare time, and ride our sxs with our friends when we all have time to get away. We also belong to our local snowmobile club and help out as much as we can.  

 I am a plus sized woman and finding gear was always so hard, I was invited down to the DSG headquarters many moons ago to try on snow gear and have been wearing it since. My family says that I am addicted to their clothing. (I don't think it's a bad thing). So the question is what is my favorite DSG piece? So hard to narrow it down but I will try. My new favorite is the DSG cold weather tech pant. I have worn these out clearing snowmobile trails and out around the farm. Plenty of room to layer with the awesome DSG base layer. I stay warm and dry. My all time favorite has been the Divine jackets for the functionality out on the trail, warmth and style. Although so far I am loving my DSG trail elite jacket and bibs and can't wait to get them out on the trail more. See, it's hard to narrow it down to one favorite.  

That's me in a nutshell, I am so grateful and excited to be representing DSG Outerwear. It is a company that I feel passionate about and talk to anyone that will listen about all the great lines that DSG has other than just the snow line.  

 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Maybe I'll see you out on the trails!   

Lynsey Burzinski


Lynsey here! I’m a trail rider originally from Southern Wisconsin. Just recently, I moved to Central Wisconsin and am much closer to the north woods! I currently ride a 2017 Skidoo 600 E-TEC. My favorite place to ride is in Iron County, Wisconsin. The area is full of beautiful scenery and well maintained trails. I’m beyond blessed to live in a state with over 600 clubs and 25,000+ miles of trails offering a variety areas to ride. 

Snowmobiling is a passion I have shared with family and friends ever since I could walk! In high school I became a Youth Representative for my county and joined the state youth program, Kids and Adults on Sleds. In 2017-2018, I represented the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs as Miss Snowflake. I traveled around the state to attend club events and promote the AWSC and the importance of youth involvement in the sport. Currently, I an active in local snowmobile clubs, assisting with fundraisers, attending monthly meetings, and trail signing. Without the hard work of volunteers throughout the state we would not be able to enjoy the wonderful trails each season. Thank you all! 

DSG Outerwear has been a brand I have loved and trusted for many years. It is truly an honor to be part of an incredible team. I love all of their products! If I must pick a favorite item, I’d say the one I couldn’t live without is the performance fleece. It is a versatile piece that can be worn as an extra layer on the trails or a casual jacket during the spring and summer months.  

IG: @lynseyb33

See you on the trails! Let it snow!  

Mallory Hewlko


Hi everyone! I'm Mallory and I'm lucky to live in Squamish, BC and have access to some of the best riding in North America!

I've been sledding for almost 10 years and can most often be found using my snowmobile as a tool to access new snowboarding terrain. I started out on a 146" Ski-Doo and quickly learned what NOT to do to not be stuck for the entire day! My new baby has a 176" track and let me tell you... getting that thing stuck is a whole different experience!

I'm stoked to be wearing DSG this season and have never been warmer or more comfortable on long days out in the backcountry.  

Melody Rainford


My name is Melody, I am an Australian born Canadian permanent resident. I live in Golden BC and have been working in the snow industry the past 8 years, and as an avalanche professional the past 4. I discovered my love for snowmobiling in recent years and have never looked back!   

My first snowmobile was a skidoo Rev 06, which I mostly used for snowboard access. Since then I have upgraded twice and currently ride a 2023 summit x. I am set up with a finger throttle and 2” knuckle riser which makes all the difference for me on deep/fun days riding around in pow! 

I joined the DSG team this winter, 2022/23. My favourite DSG gear is definitely my new Prism 2.0 pants! Not having to put on my biking knee pads before every ride which was very annoying and also time consuming. Now my pants have integrated knee pads, which are removable, strong material to last longer than my ski pants and tough cuffs for smashing my boots on my machine. I love them!

Michaela Pattison


I am Michaela Pattison, I grew up in the Midwest but chased the mountains and now live in Helena, Montana for the past six years. I teach adapted physical education during the school year and in the summer I enjoy mountain biking and dirt biking. I currently ride a Lynx 165” named “Mater” she’s a trooper. Areas we ride really depend on where is getting the snow but you can find me somewhere in the Montana, Wyoming and Idaho snow.  My husband is my main riding partner and mechanic, he keeps us going! It’s been a pretty cold fall and winter already and I can’t get enough of the heated vest to keep me warm during the work day and getting sleds ready to ride! 

Michelle Henderson


Hello, my name is Michelle Henderson and I am from Nova Scotia Canada. This is my first year as a DSG backcountry sponsored rider. I know you’re probably wondering where I find that much snow in Nova Scotia, it’s rare but it does happen, but  most of the time I travel to Quebec or NFLD. I hope to move some day to BC or Alberta. I’ve been sledding for 11 years and backcountry for 5.  

Sledding is probably my biggest passion other than my summer sport mountain biking.  I love meeting new people while out sledding and helping people learn the sport.  

My favourite piece of gear right now is the DSG heated vest because I’ve been able to use it outside of sledding. I’m so excited and thankful to be part of the DSG team and show ladies how this company has thought of them when creating their gear.   

Niki Gagne


Niki is the name and sledding is the game!

You can find me in Canada, eh! I’ve been riding snowmobiles since I was born. Even before I could talk or walk I was on the things. My parents went ice fishing every weekend. Once I got old enough (and dad trusted me to ride alone), I would drive the sled up and down the flat lake until it was time to go. I loved it!

Two years ago I met a new group of friends who loved backcountry sledding. I agreed to double with one of them for the day to see what it was all about. By the end of it I was hooked and decided to buy my own. My first sled was a 2010 XP. Carbureted sleds are not my style as I quickly realized. I upgraded to a 2014 XM before the start of my second year of sledding, and it’s what I’m still riding today! It’s my third season, and I can’t wait to see how I improve. I’m hoping to upgrade to an 850 next year; I work at a Ski-Doo dealership which will hopefully help with that!

I’m so thankful to be sponsored this year by such a cool company! Outdoor gear for women?! Sign me up! My two favourite DSG items so far are the heated vest and the drop seat monosuit. Both absolute game changers. I’m so lucky!

If you want to follow along with my crazy life you can reach me on TikTok and Insta: @thatfirstgengirl 

Nikki Laughridge


"Did someone say snow?! Nikki’s passion for snowmobiling was introduced at around 11 years old, most of her childhood winters were spent with family out on their sleds however, It wasn’t until around 23 years old she realized how much she not only loved snowmobiling in general but true back country riding and at that point decided to put everything she could into it and learn as much as possible. Every year Nikki set goals of new techniques she want to get down or others she wants to master, she is getting more and more comfortable out on the snow and can hang in the trees a lot more now, and absolutely loves them. Nikki wants to continue on that path, and wants to become even more involved in helping other women get out there and feel more comfortable in the back country. She believes It is so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone to grow and learn, this season she plans to push harder than ever. Nikki says “When I am out riding it is unlike anything else, the places we get to go, nature, the people around us. Pure happiness, adventure, excitement, adrenaline, I love it all. LET IT SNOW!”

You can follow Nikki's adventures on Instagram under @nikki_laughridge, on TikTok or on Facebook! 

Rachelle Callan


Hey! I'm Rachelle Callan and I was born and currently reside in Calgary, Alberta. My love for snowmobiling started at the young age of 8 thanks to my father. Since then, my passion and involvement in the community have grown at the local and provincial level. This season, I am the Communications Director for the Calgary Snowmobile Club and the Mighty Peace Regional Director for the Alberta Snowmobile Association. It's really exciting to see the next generations getting involved in their local areas to come up with new ideas and bring our clubs to the next level, as well as continue to maintain our beautiful trails. 

I currently ride a 2018 Polaris RMK 800 165 track called "the orange beast." A few of my favourite places to ride are Cataract Creek and Crowsnest Pass (AB), Corbin, Fernie, McBride and Nelson (BC). However, I will never say no to exploring new areas, as long as there is snow! 

This is my first year on the DSG snow team, and I couldn't be more grateful! I absolutely love my Spectrum Technical Drop seat monosuit and base layers. So far, I have stayed warm and comfortable! A new staple piece in my wardrobe is my heated vest! I love it, and I know every woman in your life will love it too!

Follow along on my adventures on Instagram: ratchella_22 

Rebecca Dezall


 Hey Everyone, my name is Becky and I am a back-country snowmobiler in British Columbia, Canada. This year I will be riding a 2021 Skidoo Expert Turbo 165. Growing up I was on a snowmobile before I learned how to ride a bike. It has been a part of my families lives since before I can remember! My favorite time of year is the moment the snow starts to fly! Most of my riding is done in Sicmaous B.C. but living in the Okanagan there is no shortage of amazing places to ride! 

I truly love the Snowmobile community and I feel so fortunate to share my passion for this sport with my husband and our children! My husband also grew up snowmobiling and we make sure to get away as much as we can in the winter to enjoy the mountains and the adrenaline rush that snowmobiling brings! 

Also in the last couple years I have been able to start riding with more ladies groups and I absolutely love it! Seeing so many more women get into this sport and progress so much is amazing! Women empowering women is what DSG is all about and I am so stoked to be on this team this year! I can't wait to get out riding with many of these ladies and share all our adventures!

My favorite DSG item would have to be the new Spectrum Technical Monosuit! Having a drop seat is just one of the awesome features! It has always been a struggled to find a monosuit that Is long enough in the legs that I am also not swimming in and this suit fits perfect! I am so honored to be supported by DSG for this riding year! 

I can be found as @beckykaroline on Instagram 

Becky Dezall on Facebook & @rebeccadezall on Tik Tok  

Scarlett Hamrick


Hey y’all! I am Scarlett Hamrick, 23, and originally from Tennessee! However, in July 2020, I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, & that winter starting snowmobiling! 

I’ve been guiding different activities since I was 15. (Cave crawls, ATV’s, RZR’s, Horses) I got into snowmobiles when a company offered me a guiding position taking others out on trail rides, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m addicted to progressing in this sport on and off trail, and I am mind blown every day how capable these machines are, and the incredible places you can get to!  

I am incredibly blessed to get to ride regularly at Togwotee Mountain Lodge where the views are breathtaking, and the snow is deep! I ride often as a guide & out with my friends when I am able. This year I am on a 2023 Polaris Pro 650, 154 track and I LOVE IT. This machine is so nimble and light and I feel like it was made for my size & height. 

My favorite DSG gear is the new technical monosuit!! Riding so often I’ve already put this suit through the works, and it’s been holding up amazing!  I LOVE the drop seat, bright accent colors, and the built in knee pads, they definitely come in handy. 

Keep up with my adventures on any of my socials, and reach out if you have questions about the gear or regarding riding at Togwotee Lodge! 

Insta & Tiktok: Scarletthamrick 

Siobhan Uy


Hi all! My name is Siobhan and I’m from Vernon, BC, Canada. I’ve been mountain sledding for a few years and absolutely fell in love with it after getting my first snowmobile for ski touring access, so I’m no stranger to the back country and the mountains! On top of the wicked adrenaline rush that is sledding, the clear progression and improvement with every ride, I just fell in love with the sledding community. The women that are a part of this community are some of the most welcoming and encouraging ladies around, which is something I love being a part of.  

I am currently riding a 2014 Skidoo XM 165” , we are pretty spoiled living in the Okanagan with access to numerous areas and we usually frequent Hunters Range.  

As a petite lady I have majorly struggled to find quality gear that fits (kids gear just isn’t the same as women’s tech gear!). The adjustable hem on the Spectrum Technical Monosuit is an absolute game changer, the suit also has lots of adjustments to fine tune it and make it snug in all the right places! I’m also living for the DSG heated vest, that’s been my saviour on the way back to the truck at the end of a long day!  

So incredibly stoked to be supported by DSG this year!    

I can be found as @siobhanuy on all platforms.  

Tonnya Sayah


Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing team again this year.   I've been fortunate  enough to be with them since the 2014 - 2015 season. 

I'm 49 years young,  live in Southern Maine but ride primarily out of Northern Maine.  We use Millinocket as our base and ride all the surrounding areas. If there is rideable snow within a reasonable distance that is where you will find me along with my husband and  forever riding partner.   We average 3000 miles a year with good conditions.  I've got a new to me 2020 Skidoo Renegade X 600 I can't wait to break in.  

This year I will making my 2nd trip around the Gaspe Peninsula. This 9 day saddlebag trip is a must for any trail enthusiast!   

For ladies like me who are vertically challenged and a bit on the fluffier side  DSG's adjustable inseam on their pants and monosuits was a game changer.  Prior to DSG I was never able to find pants that fit me in both the midsection and the length!  I've always ridden with pants and jacket and am excited to try a mono suit this year!  

Ride on friends and do your snow dances! 

Tonya Brooks


I have been a back country rider in the mountains of Idaho since 2010.  I’m 51 years old with a 20 year old son and bonus children as well as 5 bonus granddaughters. My husband and I both work at a local pulp and paper mill and do shift work which enables us to travel to our cabin about 3 hours away to McCall, Idaho to play in the mountains.  We enjoy snowmobiling, RZR riding, kayaking, paddle boarding, e-biking, camping, fishing and exploring.  I am a Wastewater Treatment Operator for Clearwater Paper Corporation.  

I ride a 2022 Polaris Matrix Slash 850 165.  I have been a representative of DSG since they began their ambassador program and had the wonderful opportunity to watch them grow with the snow line and expand into fishing, hunting, heat and soon to be released work line.  I represent the plus sized women and share my voice to advocate for clothes that fit everyone and are functional for all body types.  I find this line unique for this reason.  I believe the family unit is important for our snowmobile sport and I advocate for the youth to participate and help grow the sport.  Women are becoming a strong voice in snowmobiling and having gear that fits us properly is essential to the growth for everyone.   

Vicki Gaunce


Growing up I always remembered my father snowmobiling.  It was hard for me to fathom spending countless hours outdoors in the cold winter temperatures.  I could never understand why someone would want to spend so much time outdoors in the winter.  

Eleven years ago I decided to try snowmobiling.  I instantly fell in love with the sport and the camaraderie and it all made sense why my father spent so much time snowmobiling with friends.  After my first year on a 2005 Polaris Edge Classic, I quickly decided to purchase my first brand new sled.  The next season I was sporting a 2011 Rush 600 and was a director with my local snowmobile club.  After several years as a Director and many other new sleds I took the position as club President.  It was a fantastic opportunity with many valuable lessons learned.  I am currently on the board of Goshen Snowmobile Club #28 in New Brunswick sitting as Past President.   I currently drive a Polaris 850 XCR.    

When I'm not snowmobiling, I work as a Supply Chain Manager for a large manufactured housing company and sit as a councilor and Deputy Mayor on my local Municipal council.   

I believe in everything DSG Outerwear stands for and am thrilled to be wearing DSG apparel this season.    My favourite DSG item to date is the DSG heated vest which is a wardrobe staple item every woman should have.  

Zoe Lindgren




My name is Zoe Lindgren! I was born and raised in Bozeman, MT. I work in management in the construction industry! My major hobbies involve spending time in the mountains snowmobiling, dirtbiking and hunting.

I ride a 22’ Polaris Matrix! His name is cobalt because of his vibrant blue accents! I mostly snowmobile with my boyfriend and our close friend in the surrounding mountain ranges.

My favorite DSG products are definitely the sweat pants and sweat shirt (full zip) as they keep me warm throughout the entire duration of our adventures. This includes pre-ride, ride, post ride.