DSG Outerwear stands for Doing Something Great! What's great is breaking the mold for fashionable and functional hunting clothes for women, a niche market where female clothing is typically an afterthought. Read more.

In 2015, Wisconsin became the first state to introduce a bill to make blaze pink a legal hunting color. Traditionally, gun deer hunters during Wisconsin’s very popular fall hunting season have been required to wear at least 50% bright or blaze orange to be highly visible to other hunters nearby. The bill passed and many other states with similar hunting regulations have followed, allowing blaze pink hunting apparel as an additional option for female and male hunters. Luckily, DSG was ready and had true blaze pink outerwear styles ready to go to market nationwide.

Our women's hunting clothes were developed from scratch by designers and production specialists with 40 years of experience in the apparel industry and the sport of hunting. The same designers who made DSG's first clothing line in 2012 for snow are now making all-weather options. Our first priority is fit made with women specifically in mind. DSG specializes in making women's hunting clothes in sizes XS-5XL. To make this size range work for all, fit models are brought in for each size and are meticulously measured during the sample process to ensure that the final product has an excellent fit. Added features like adjustable inseams on all women's hunting pants help refine comfort.

In addition to properly fitted hunting apparel, it’s important to be dressed for the weather you will be hunting in. DSG uses technical, high-quality, and brand name materials which give confidence via the strong warranty offered. In addition to outerwear like our amazing women's camo hunting jackets, DSG makes base layers, mid-layers, casual clothing, and other hunting gear to prepare you for any hunting season. 

Moving forward, DSG will strive to make the best women's hunting gear and apparel with multiple camouflage options and colors options for all weather climates, all while doing something great!

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