Caring for Your Technical Gear

Caring for Your Technical Gear

Posted by Samantha Simma on May 14th 2019

As outdoor enthusiasts, we depend on our gear in a multitude of conditions. At its worst, the weather can pose bitterly cold and soaking wet conditions. We rely on our gear to not only be comfort … read more
"Summer-ize" Your Snowmobile

"Summer-ize" Your Snowmobile

Posted by Samantha Simma on Apr 4th 2019

It’s a sad day when it’s time to put the sled away. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who are still surrounded by mountains of snow, but the majority is seeing those snow piles quickly receding. The … read more
Basic Snowmobile Etiquette

Basic Snowmobile Etiquette

Posted by Samantha Simma on Mar 21st 2019

So much of any outdoor recreational activity is about respect—respect for the outdoors, your equipment, fellow enthusiasts and others. There’s no shortage of a need for respect when it comes to sno … read more
Easy Snowmobile Wrap Application

Easy Snowmobile Wrap Application

Posted by Samantha Simma on Feb 27th 2019

You’ve invested valuable time and money into designing and purchasing your sled wrap. Those shiny sheets of vinyl stickers have arrived so don’t let your excitement for fully personalizing your sled … read more
Fight Goggle Fog

Fight Goggle Fog

Posted by Samantha Simma on Feb 11th 2019

When it comes to snowmobiling (or any activity), your vision is one of your greatest assets. So when something interferes with your ability to see, it’s not only frustrating, but potentially dangero … read more

Beginner Snowmobiling: 10 Thing I Wish I Knew

Posted by Tonya Brooks on Sep 21st 2017

I wish that when I started snowmobiling there was a “how to” or “snowmobiling for dummies” book. I wish there was a supportive group of women or men to offer helpful snowmobile riding tips about … read more

Your Complete Snowmobiling Checklist

Posted by Travis Mayne on Aug 1st 2017

Are you new to the sport and need a guide for essential snowmobiling gear to bring along on your first snowmobile ride? Or maybe you’ve traveled for hours, unloaded your snowmobile and only then … read more

Visiting the International Snowmobile Festival

Posted by Carole Fisher on Apr 18th 2017

After a seven-year hiatus, the Acadia of Lands and Forests region brought back the International Snowmobilers’ Festival, and I had the good fortune of attending the three-day event in Edmundston, Ne … read more

DSG Clinic: Learning to Snowmobile the Right Way

Posted by Tonya Brooks on Mar 1st 2017

When you've been snowmobiling for years, you can get set in your ways. After all, you've spent hours on the mountain doing what you love. But what if: What you thought you knew, you did not?Your foun … read more
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