Ice Fishing Pro Staff FAQs


Before asking any questions of DSG, always refer to your "Pro Staff Agreement" or this page FIRST! If this page doesn’t answer your questions please post to the DSG private Facebook page (DSG Ice Fishing Pro Staff), as one of your fellow staffers likely knows the answer.  This is a secret Facebook page, so if clicking on the link doesn't work, please contact Jen Beckett to add you to the group. Be sure to watch the Facebook page carefully for new information, discounts and new partners.

  • Why haven’t I received my gear package shipment?

    • If you haven’t received your gear package, please double check you’ve completed and submitted all required information on your signed DSG Contract (which includes your agreement, photography release form, Confidentiality agreement, and your gear selection). If you have done all of the above and still have not received your order, please email Jen* at for an update. *Jen works part time, so please give her up to 48 business hours to reply.
  • I only received part of my order, what do I do?

    • At times DSG may partially ship from separate warehouses. If you have only received a partial order, please login to your DSG Outerwear on-line account and check the status of your order.  If you have any questions after logging in to check the status, please reach out to Jen at
  • How do I receive my discount on DSG products I'd like to purchase?

    • You simply login to your DSG Outerwear on-line account, with the credentials you provided DSG when you filled out your DSG Pro Staff contract, and your discount will automatically populate.  You can test this by logging out and refreshing any product page. You will then see standard retail prices.  

  • Can I use a promotional coupon or discount code when ordering?

    • You may not use a discount or promotional coupon code through this program.

  • Can I use my discount towards snow or hunting products?

    • YES!!

  • Can I get duplicates of the same product through this program?

    • You may purchase duplicates to be used by yourself only, but they must be of a different colorway. If you need a duplicate (your original one was lost, stolen, etc.), please let us know first.

  • Can I use this program towards products for people other than myself?

    • No, the program is to only be used for yourself. However, you may share privately the DSG "Friends and Family" discount code you were provided in your agreement. There will also be opportunities occasionally for further promotions you may share with friends and family throughout the year.

  • Can I re-sell products I received through this program?

    • You are expected to use and promote the product during it's full life cycle. You are only allowed to re-sell the DSG apparel that you received through the program once that particular product has been discontinued.

  • How do I know if a product has been discontinued?

    • You will know a product has been discontinued when it is listed for sale in the clearance section on the DSG website - ***Clearance
  • I have product feedback or an issue with a product, how do I let DSG know?

  • I have a product idea or a product I’d love to see in the line, who do I tell?

    • Get DSG’s attention by being involved in the ice fishing community, fish hard and often, keep your social media pages clean and classy, and don’t forget to promote and tag DSG often!  
  • Will DSG have a booth at any shows in my area?

    • Please check out our Events/Tradeshow page to see where we will have booths set up.
  • I will be at an upcoming show and would love to help at the DSG booth, who do I contact?

    • Please reach out to Jen at with what dates and hours you will be available to help.
  • I am helping DSG at an upcoming show/event, what should I expect?

    • Come prepared to talk to consumers, try to gauge interest of any potential customers walking by, talk about your favorite products and features, help them choose sizes and try on garments, and tell them what you love about DSG.  Be prepared to potentially put in a little physical activity with set up or tear down.  Be sure to wear a DSG shirt, clean jeans and footwear.   
  • I would love to write a blog for DSG, how do I submit one?

    • Please write up a detailed blog of tips, an ice fishing adventure or can be anything you think would be neat to see on our blog.  Be sure to include what DSG product you were using during the adventure, if any.  Send your blog with photos to, we will review your blog and if selected will post to DSG’s blog.  Your blog may also be featured in DSG’s monthly newsletter!  
  • I am helping with “XYZ organization” and we are looking for donations/SWAG/raffle items/silent auction items for an upcoming event, will DSG donate?

    • DSG does NOT donate monetarily toward events.  DSG does, however, contribute product toward silent auctions or raffles.  Product is of DSG’s choosing.  If you have an upcoming event, please email with the following details and an event flyer if available:  1) Name and date of the event, 2) What the items will be used for, 3) If there’s a preference on the types of items, 4) Address to ship the items to and due date, 5) Website link to the event page, if available. We need at least 1 month to prepare.
  • I just received a package with a new DSG product in the mail and am not sure why?

    • Congrats, we just shipped you a new product because we trust that you will:  TEST, GIVE FEEDBACK, and PROMOTE the new product on SOCIAL!
  • How am I supposed to tag DSG in my social media posts?

    • Please be sure to tag us @dsgfish and also hash tag #dsgfish and #doingsomethinggreat in your photos on Instagram. Please also tag DSG Outerwear-Women's Fishing Apparel on Facebook.


DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, SHARE THESE DISCOUNT CODES! All codes are monitored with each purchase. If companies feel they are being taken advantage of, they will pull our codes from us. Please don’t ruin it for others by taking advantage. Enter all codes in at checkout. If you do not know by now if you are pro staff or field staff, please ask.

  • Up North Sports -

    • You can get 20% off anything under the ice fishing category excluding the apparel category. This is for you only, and not to be shared with anyone else.

    • Please tag UpNorthSports on Instagram and Facebook in posts related to product that you have purchased through UpNorthSports.

    • All Up North Sports related questions must be directed to Up North Sports at 1-866-335-8500 (Mitch is the Manager).

    • Online Ordering Instructions: Up North Sports has a very specific way in which you must place your sponsorship order. Please follow all steps:

      1. Add all ice fishing items to your cart online at (excludes clothing and other non-ice fishing items).

      2. At checkout you MUST enter this into the NOTES field to receive your sponsorship discount “20% off DSG Ice Team per Mitch”
      3. You will then check out completely at FULL RETAIL just as if you are a normal customer. At this point your card will be pre-authorized at full retail but not charged.
      4. Your order will then go into pending status. Please note, your card WILL NOT be charged until Up North Sports approves your order on the back end of their website (they will apply the 20% discount at that time then charge your card at the discounted amount).
    • Phone Ordering Instructions: You may also call and speak to Mitch directly to place your sponsorship order at 1-866-335-8500.
  • Mobile Warming -

    • Contact Jen to get your personal code to get 50% off 1 product on the website. This excludes gloves and mitts since you need to wear DSG.