Snow Sponsorship Programs

DSG Outerwear Snow Sponsorship Programs

DSG Outerwear is an established brand that started in the niche market of snowmobiling and is now accepting applications for its sponsorship programs.  DSG is rapidly gaining market share specifically for women snowmobilers, and we work endless hours to create quality, functional, and fashionable apparel for women.  Because we are so passionate about our brand and our fans and followers share the same passion, we want to pay it forward!   We are implementing a sponsorship program and seek partners to help us promote, grow, and innovate our brand.  There are three different levels to the program as highlighted below:

1. DSG Outerwear Race Sponsorship – These sponsored riders help DSG Outerwear by being the eyes and ears of our brand.  They are weekend warriors that demand functionality from their gear while participating in their favorite snow discipline.  They help DSG gain recognition and secure opportunities to sell product in all regions across the country.    

  • You will communicate with DSG directly, sharing photos and stories about your weekend adventures
  • Your photos and videos will be featured on DSG’s social media channels and/or newsletters
  • You will receive a discount code to purchase DSG Outerwear
  • You are encouraged to attend local events and help DSG with brand recognition
  • You will receive promotional items to help DSG get exposure in your local market

2. DSG Snow Professional Sponsorship – Professional sponsored riders are an integral part of the DSG Outerwear team. These avid riders are influential in the most popular riding areas and are grinding constantly to find the next thrilling excursion! They are also heavily involved in local associations, clubs, and riding groups.  Perhaps they work at a local store and visit daily with potential customers of DSG Outerwear.  This is a truly unique group of passionate female riders from all across the country--from the West to East coasts.

  • Includes all the benefits of the Race Sponsorship, plus;
  • You will provide your input on the brand direction and new product ideas
  • Your photos and videos will be featured on DSG’s social media channels and/or newsletter, new product packaging, or other advertising and marketing materials
  • You will be provided a budget to receive DSG Outerwear and exclusive discount

3. DSG Snow Ambassador – Ambassadors are elite or professional riders with years of experience and, perhaps, with their own dedicated social media following to influence.  Benefits to our ambassador community include:

  • You will be considered a valued partner in our business and play an essential role in the direction of our line through an organized focus group
  • You will have access to a private, member’s-only Ambassador Facebook group to communicate directly to DSG decision-makers and other ambassadors
  • We will provide insight on new products before they ever hit the market and ask for your feedback and field testing results
  • You will be provided a budget for DSG Outerwear, marketing of the brand, and attend events on behalf of DSG Outerwear
  • DSG Ambassador discounts for yourself, friends, and family
  • You will receive one-off and pre-production designs that only DSG ambassadors have access to

After becoming a part of DSG’s program, full cooperation is expected due to the amount of resources put into making this a successful program.  DSG Pro Staff responsibilities are as follows:

  • Social Media by becoming a fan of our Facebook page and sharing your experiences with our products to our followers.  Share your photos and videos using our Instagram hash tag and our YouTube channel
  • Event appearances to help promote our brand at your local events and to share our story and brand message 
  • Product reviews and feedback
  • Testing of our products in order for DSG to innovate and improve our products year after year
  • Wear our products exclusively while making public appearances at events and in social media 
  • Confidentiality and photo release agreement required
  • Show gratitude and be respectful at all times of the riding areas in which we value

DSG encourages all interested individuals to submit our questionnaire for approval into one of our programs.

Please fill out our online application for sponsorship and hit submit.  Photos can be no larger than 2MB.  Thank you and good luck!  Please only click submit once.  It may take up to 15 seconds for your application to process.  Once you see a thank you message, your form has been submitted. 

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