If you are a snowmobile enthusiast looking for women’s snowmobile apparel that is warm, comfortable, fashionable and functional, you are in the right place! DSG Outerwear has been designing and manufacturing female exclusive snowmobile outerwear, apparel and accessories since 2010. Read more.

That was the year that Wendy Gavinski, the company president, had had enough trying to find an outfit to go snowmobiling with her family in Northern Wisconsin. She found that the women’s segment in powersports was undervalued and that the current companies were not focusing on women’s outerwear at all. Most of the outfits she found were a slightly modified men’s suit with some bright pink colors on it. To avoid the frustration of not being able to find suitable outerwear and to help other women out in the same situation, Wendy decided to start DSG Outerwear to focus on snowmobile apparel that is fashionable and functional. In doing so, she is Doing Something Great!

One of the biggest reasons for the success of the brand is due to our focus on fit. DSG offers a size range on our women's snow bibs and outerwear from XS-5XL and brings in fit models for each size, from petite to plus. This ensures a proper fitting garment and allows plus size women-who typically have a hard time finding their size-a chance to feel great! Quality is just as important in apparel as fit, so branded materials like Sympatex, Cordura, 3M Thinsulate Insulation, Hipora and Reissa waterproof and breathable materials are used to manufacture the clothing. All DSG Outerwear is backed by an unconditional 2-year manufacturer's warranty!

Finally, although DSG was started in the Midwest where trail riding dominates, the product offering is suitable for any type of snowmobile riding. The new Prizm Technical Outerwear is perfect for active riding in the mountains where just a shell is needed and waterproofing is very important. The Divine III and Craze Outerwear is an excellent choice for staying very warm and cozy on the trails. The Verge Outerwear is a perfect crossover piece for the trail or the mountain with removable insulation. To complete the outfit, DSG offers base layers, helmets, goggles and more to give a female snowmobiler options! Shop for snow gear for women below.

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