Kristina Fishing Glove - Realtree Fishing® Pattern or Realtree Wav3® Pattern - Salmon, Navy or Aqua - UPF 50+ - Canada Only

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The new Kristina UPF fishing gloves are the perfect blend of function and fashion. They are lightweight, flexible, and UPF 50+. Choose from 6 stunning colorways for your gloves with sun protection: Realtree Fishing® Salmon, Realtree Fishing® Navy, Realtree Fishing® Aqua, Realtree Wav3® Salmon, Realtree Wav3® Navy, and Realtree Wav3® Aqua.


  • Our lightweight ½ finger gloves using stretch performance fabric with synthetic suede palm overlays
  • Finger loop to aide in taking off the glove and a cuff tab with our DSG printed fish logo to aide in pull it on your hand
  • DSG Fishing logo on back of hand
  • Long length for added sun protection on wrist area
  • Available in sizes XS-XL
  • UPF 50+