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Working in cold temperatures requires cold weather hunting jackets that will stand up to extreme temperatures, keeping you warm and dry no matter how much time you spend on the tree stand. DSG Outerwear's collection of winter hunting jackets is specifically designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes comfortably, providing you with the durability you need in cold weather and the colors you want, including Blaze Pink, Realtree Xtra Camo and Blaze Orange. Read more.

Our Addie Hunting Jacket for winter wear features an adjustable, removable hood; large center front zipper with wind flap to keep cold air out; and large hand warmer cargo pockets. The Kylie 3-in-1 Hunting Jacket also provides you with the versatility of a removable knitted fleece liner that can also be worn separately. And both of these ladies’ winter hunting jackets are available in traditional Blaze Orange and Realtree Xtra Camo, as well as new Blaze Pink, legal in states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Choose your women's cold weather jacket today for comfortable winter hunting this season.

Ladies Winter Hunting Jacket FAQs

Q: What do hunters typically wear?

A: Depending on the climate and hunting regulations, hunters male and female wear a variety of clothing options. The thought process used at DSG Outerwear is this:

  1. Determine what the temperature will be and decide if you need warm weather or cold weather hunting gear. This is important so you know if you will need base layers, insulated jackets and pants, etc.
  2. Study the local regulations and see if you need a specific color like Blaze Pink, Blaze Orange, or if you can wear a camouflage to blend in with your surroundings. This varies by the type of hunting you’re doing as well. Waterfowl hunters usually wear as much camo as possible, and deer hunters are required to wear blaze colors.
  3. Determine if you will need rugged clothing with material like rip-stop for walking through a lot of brush, or soft, quiet material typically found on deer hunting jackets where the hunter is sitting still and needs to be quiet.
  4. Know your hunting discipline for the best success. By this we mean are you hunting an animal like a turkey where you need to be 100% camouflaged, or are you hunting deer that care more about smell than site? By knowing this, it also helps you choose the right hunting clothing.

Q: Who makes the best hunting clothing?

A: To find the best hunting clothing, you should pay attention to the brand-name materials used to make that clothing. At DSG Outerwear, we use branded materials like 3M Thinsulate for insulation and waterproofing. 3M has major test facilities for their materials and has strict quality control guidelines in place. Buying hunting apparel with branded materials is a safe bet.

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