The Lost Art of Foraging and How To Start

The Lost Art of Foraging and How To Start

Posted by Beka Garris on Sep 6th 2022

The splash of orange glowed brightly against the darkness of the early morning forest, the color standing out against the black bark of a rotting tree that lay about one hundred yards to my left. I … read more
Blaze Orange Hunting Requirements, by State (USA)

Blaze Orange Hunting Requirements, by State (USA)

Posted by Samantha Simma on Mar 30th 2021

Blaze pink may slowly be stepping on the hunting scene, but as it stands, hunter orange is still the king. Rules differ from state-to-state on the minimum hunter orange requirements, so we've conde … read more

Realtree Gives DSG Outerwear Love

Posted by Stephanie Mallory - PR Coordinator for Realtree on Jan 25th 2018

After the ATA Trade Show, Stephanie Mallory from Realtree wrote this blog and it was too good not to share! We had an amazing experience at this year's show and especially enjoyed meeting the whole cr … read more

The Next Generation of Hunters

Posted by Savannah Halstead on Aug 11th 2017

Every now and then we run across an article that we just love, and this article posted by Savannah Halstead is one of them!  We wanted to share because it is female-oriented and a number of us at … read more

DSG Outerwear Hunting Press Release

Posted by DSG Outerwear on Aug 11th 2017

Like a little kid with ice cream or an adult waiting for their favorite band to come to town, that is the feeling of anticipation we have at DSG Outerwear right now! All of this excitement is due … read more