DSG Outerwear Hunting Press Release

Posted by DSG Outerwear on Aug 11th 2017

Like a little kid with ice cream or an adult waiting for their favorite band to come to town, that is the feeling of anticipation we have at DSG Outerwear right now! All of this excitement is due to the launch of our brand new, female-specific hunting outerwear line! Although the hunting line is new, we aren’t new to women’s outerwear. DSG has been around since 2010, when we launched our business in the niche market of snowmobiling. Back then, no one was putting an emphasis on women’s apparel that fit well or that was both attractive and functional. “This was wildly obvious to me when shopping for myself,” said Wendy Gavinski, President and Founder of DSG Outerwear. “I have been an active outdoor enthusiast since I was a little girl on my family farm in Southwestern Wisconsin. As I grew in to adulthood, I could not believe the poor fit of the apparel I was trying to buy and knew that I needed to start my own line to fix this issue!” Since starting in 2010, our snowmobile outerwear line has rapidly grown both domestically and internationally. We had always planned to get into hunting outerwear because we found the same fit and fashion issues in existence. Since it’s another sport we are passionate about, we felt that now is the perfect time to launch a new segment.

The hunting apparel line follows the same concept of being highly functional, with an emphasis on a true feminine and fashionable fit (including plus sizes). Obviously, the function of outerwear is very important to a hunter in order to stay warm and dry. That’s why DSG only uses quality materials and components built by designers and production specialists with over 40 years of experience in making quality outerwear.

Within the all-new DSG Outerwear hunting line, you will find everything from highly functional performance layering pieces to insulated jackets that are perfect for all types of hunting. We are also proud to feature the newest kid on the block: blaze pink outerwear (for those states in which it is a legal option to wear)! Along with the blaze pink are the more traditional blaze orange and Realtree camo print options. Outerwear, layering and gloves are a necessity for your hunt, but in addition we offer a full line of casual apparel as a fashionable option for after the hunt. Please visit our company website and social media pages to stay connected and learn more about the release of our hunting brand, events we will be attending, and the list of our hunting Ambassadors and Pro Staffers who will help us develop and grow as a premier hunting outerwear line. Available this fall at, and select Scheels Outdoors Stores.