Choosing Women’s Hunting Pants: Key Factors for Consideration

Choosing Women’s Hunting Pants: Key Factors for Consideration

Mar 20th 2023

You might sift through ten or more options before you pick a hunting jacket or vest to be your companion for the fall deer or spring gobbler season.

Why don’t we give the same attention to pants?

Sure, a jacket will keep your core warm, but it’s your lower half that does all the leg work (excuse the pun) getting you into and out of your stand.

And, given that, it’s your legs that take the greatest amount of abuse wading through thorns and briars (or wet brush) when you’re pushing a field for upland game.

In short, you should spend some equal time evaluating women’s hunting pants, weighing features like the following.

Fabric Weight and Insulation

It’s easy to stay warm in heavy wool pants, and it’s easy to stay cool in light nylon pants. That’s a given.

The trick is finding a pair of women’s hunting pants that will keep you comfortable based on the conditions you expect.

Do you spend a lot of time dove hunting in the late summer and early fall? If so, pick a lightweight pair of hunting pants that’s vented and designed to keep you cool.

A pair of lightweight hunting pants like our Bexley 3.0 Ripstop Tech Pants are ideal for warmer climates and are water-repellent in a light rain. They can keep you concealed and comfortable in the heat.

On the flipside, if you do more late fall and winter hunting (specifically stand hunting for deer or ducks) prioritize weight and warmth.

A pair of midweight pants like our Ella 3.0 Hunting Pants, which have a warm yet breathable membrane and which feature windproof 3-layer laminate construction, might be a better pick. (Just a note, the Ella fits a half-size too small, so order up half a size.)

In the cold, it is also important to keep in mind that one layer won’t do it all. Please consult our previous blog on dressing for extreme cold and layering for more information.

Depending on the season you hunt, if it’s really cold, consider wearing insulated hunting bibs instead of pants, as bibs rise higher on your waist and eliminate the seam between your jacket and pants that lets cold air in.


                     women’s hunting pants

Durability is another key consideration to make for women’s hunting pants. You wouldn’t accept cheap quality in a hunting jacket, so don’t accept it in pants.

That said, there are different considerations to make with women’s hunting pants, primarily based on what your preferred target species is.

For upland hunters, tough hunting pants are paramount to success and comfort. Only the toughest of the tough pants should accompany you on your quest for rabbits and pheasants.

Anytime you push a field, expect to come across briars and brambles that will make mincemeat of your outer layer. Pants that are lined with abrasion-resistant panels and even firehose-like material are best here.

For stand hunters, such as those hunting turkeys, deer, and ducks, durability is less of a concern. Still, you need to choose a pair of pants that’s tough enough to get you in and out of your stand, through downed timber, high grass, thorns, and other obstacles.

Waterproof/Water-Repellent Finishes

This can’t be stressed enough - your outer layer, of which your hunting pants are a part - should be either completely waterproof or finished with a water-repellent finish.

A bluebird day can turn around really quickly, especially in the spring, and if your ten or five miles or even just one mile from your truck, getting back will be a slog.

That is, if you even call it. And sitting in a stand or hunting in the rain when your pants are soaked through is a recipe for misery and hypothermia.

By the way, waterproof pants are a must in all seasons, at all times, even if it isn’t raining, because the morning dews in the fall and spring lay heavy on tall grass. If you push through them, even with a clear sky overhead, in just a few strides your pants will be soaked.

So go waterproof, or water-repellent at the bare minimum.

Camo Pattern/Concealment

While concealment is less of a concern for most upland hunters, it is still a consideration you need to make if you’re hunting waterfowl, deer, turkeys, predators, doves, crows, or other similar game.

What’s also important is to wear a camo pattern that is compatible with the season and environment. Don’t choose a predominantly brown or gray pattern for early season hunting in the woods; similarly, don’t choose an overly green pattern in the late season when the ground and backdrop is either bare or snow covered.

We carry women’s hunting pants in Mossy Oak Obsession, and Realtree Max-7, Excape, Timber, and Edge - among other patterns that represent a diverse set of options that can be matched to the season, conditions, and overall environment.

One more tip: make sure you match (or at least try to match) your pants or bibs with your jacket, gloves, hat, gaiter, pack, and any other exposed parts of your outerwear.



For stand hunters, noise is also a consideration. Some of our women’s hunting pants are made with soft, quiet, brushed Tricot fabric.

Some hunting pants are also made with silent pulls, zippers, or other fasteners that keep noise to a minimum when you’re trying to remain undetected

Storage/Pocket Configurations

If you hunt with a pack or vest, the storage your pants offer might not be that big of a deal - but if not, a nice value add is to choose a pair of pants with some extra pockets, preferably zippered so nothing can fall out (or in).

But that is secondary to the other considerations mentioned here.

Creature Comforts

Other nice features in women’s hunting pants include handwarmer pockets, built-in belts, and scent control and wicking fabrics.

A drop seat design is also a nice feature (common on some hunting bibs) as it makes it easier to relieve yourself in the woods.

Fit: Designed for Women, by Women

Last but certainly not least, fit is critical in a pair of women’s hunting pants, as a proper fit will afford superior comfort, support, and protection.

Pants that are too tight are uncomfortable, can chafe, and will shed heat in the cold; pants that are too baggy will snag on brush and won’t support you adequately.

That’s why it’s important to shop for women’s hunting clothes (in your size) that were designed by women, for women - like what we offer here at DSG Outwear.

Check out our collection and get in touch with us at if you have any questions about any of hunting apparel.