Beginner Snowmobiling: 10 Thing I Wish I Knew

Posted by Tonya Brooks on Sep 21st 2017

I wish that when I started snowmobiling there was a “how to” or “snowmobiling for dummies” book. I wish there was a supportive group of women or men to offer helpful snowmobile riding tips about … read more

The Next Generation of Hunters

Posted by Savannah Halstead on Aug 11th 2017

Every now and then we run across an article that we just love, and this article posted by Savannah Halstead is one of them!  We wanted to share because it is female-oriented and a number of us at … read more

DSG Outerwear Hunting Press Release

Posted by DSG Outerwear on Aug 11th 2017

Like a little kid with ice cream or an adult waiting for their favorite band to come to town, that is the feeling of anticipation we have at DSG Outerwear right now! All of this excitement is due … read more

Your Complete Snowmobiling Checklist

Posted by Travis Mayne on Aug 1st 2017

Are you new to the sport of snowmobiling and need a guide for the essential items to bring along on your first snowmobile ride? Or maybe you’ve traveled for hours, unloaded your snowmobile and only … read more

6 Steps for Choosing Snowmobile Clothing

Posted by Travis Mayne on Jun 23rd 2017

Ever since I was young, I’ve always thought playing in the snow was an absolute blast, but I never put much thought into what I wore. Well, little did I know I wasn’t doing myself any favors in te … read more

Blaze Pink for Hunting

Posted by Travis Mayne on Apr 27th 2017

Back in 2015 at the DSG Outerwear office, we reached out to the Wisconsin state aide that represented state Representatives Nick Milroy, Joel Kleefisch and David Steffen about a new proposal to m … read more

Visiting the International Snowmobile Festival

Posted by Carole Fisher on Apr 18th 2017

After a seven-year hiatus, the Acadia of Lands and Forests region brought back the International Snowmobilers’ Festival, and I had the good fortune of attending the three-day event in Edmundston, Ne … read more

DSG Clinic: Learning to Snowmobile the Right Way

Posted by Tonya Brooks on Mar 1st 2017

When you've been snowmobiling for years, you can get set in your ways. After all, you've spent hours on the mountain doing what you love. But what if:What you thought you knew, you did not?Your founda … read more

DSG Adds Four Top Athletes to its Roster

Posted by DSG on Sep 19th 2016

The number four is really famous if you look at it in terms of Super Bowl winning quarterback Brett Favre, the greatest motocross racer of all time Ricky Carmichael, Nascar Sprint Cup series driver Ke … read more

Yvonne’s DSG Backcountry Clinic Experience

Posted by Yvonne Weston on Aug 15th 2016

If you follow our blog, you have seen the story about Yvonne’s Epic Ride from December 2015. As a DSG Ambassador, she always has epic stories. Here is another one from her words of the DSG Backcount … read more