Bexley 3.0 Ripstop Tech Pant - Mossy Oak® Obsession

Early Season ☀️

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Our latest version of Bexley, Bexley 3.0, is made of a lightweight and breathable Ripstop material that is water repellent in light rain. Bexley 3.0 is made specifically for warmer climates and is excellent at wicking moisture and keeping you as cool as possible in warm temperatures while still being completely covered. These pants are a true to size fit. 

Bexley 3.0 also comes in Realtree Edge®, Realtree Timber®, and Realtree Excape®! 

  • Ripstop fabric with water repellent exterior
  • Moisture wicking, lightweight and breathable 
  • Cargo pocket with snap closure 
  • Adjustable inseam: 33.5” to 29.5”
  • Realtree Edge® Camo, Realtree Timber® Camo, Realtree Excape® Camo, and Mossy Oak® Obsession Camo
  • Available in sizes XXS-5XL



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